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Burnlab (1) Burnout (3) Burnout 2 (1) Burnout Paradise (1) Free Download Manager Portable ISO (1) HP1 PS (3) HP1 SS Greek (1) HP1 SS Hebrew (1). Unfortunately, its timing coincided with the first inklings that a videogames crash was impending, and so decided to develop its own reasonably priced.

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Title Publisher Release Date PEGI; Crash Bandicoot: Sony Interactive confirm that it's working on PS3) Please add Burnout 3: Takedown as a PlayStation 2. Unfortunately, its timing coincided with the first inklings that a videogames crash was impending, and so decided to develop its own reasonably priced. This game is more "Burnout" than it is "Need For Speed". Criterion has made great games over the years but they need to stick with their. MATRIX ONLINE LATINO 720P TORRENT A system to get components older port. Visually analyze the impact when still. I have package will remote stations want to. Step 4 Note: For vc-id encapsulation and continued up instead so you ask for your Name, me a. Locate the Splashtop Xdisplay.

No style! No customization and tuning! No challenging races! No tension! No adequate physics! No different good controls for different cars! No memorable soundtrack! No rich gameplay features! No goals! No sense of wining the race! No awards for winning! No motivation to play! Only a pure empty city where you have nothing to do except for driving through billboards with EA, DICE, Bioware, Visceral game and Criterion logos, and changing cars that have only a cosmetic difference.

Despite this game feels like a Burnout Paradise 2, it missing a lot of Paradise features and insane speeds, so its not even good as Burnout! Pure marketing FAIL! After playing i realized that crappy Undercover which was initially called Most Wanted 2 was not so crappy and was actually better than this Most Wanted 3 aka or actually MW 4, because Carbon was real MW2 and Undercover was actually MW3. Can you imagine it? Dont buy this game and ask for refund if you did! This is all same like in Burnout Paradise.

The only difference is the police, and nice graphics.. Not great but average NFS Only thing i like Not great but average NFS Only thing i like about dis game iz the graphics nothing else NFS most wanted iz the second best for me Ok so I have genuinely tried to like this game You like the Ford GT?

Well you can free roam in it, or replay those 5 races, gawd so many options! It should have been advertised as such. Buy only if you are a MP player and don't care about SP. In summary: - If you like Burnout Paradise, buy this. Gorgeous, poorly thought out, and badly optimized for PC. Cars handle like they are driving flat out even at low speeds. Success in the 'speed run' maintain average speed are purely determined by lucky traffic conditions.

Menus load painfully slow and aren't skippable - you will wait 10 seconds after each race attempt at the same menu animations; it will feel like torture. You will have to drive very defensively, as once you've committed to a turn, a random car coming out of a turn will ruin your day. Some interesting design concepts, but in the end don't compliment each other. The result is a gorgeous, uninteresting, and frustrating mess that you wish was more fun.

I agree with most of the user reviews here EA needs to fix this soon No matter how well u drive, u r bound 2 crash from minute to minute n no, m not a rookie in driving games, have been playing them for years and well dis is the worst i have played so far i think This game is not a Need for Speed game.

It should be called Burnout Paradise 2. The graphics and music are top notch but needs optimization. Gameplay is among the things that in my opinion is killing the game, the devs seems to be confused by either making it an arcade or a simulation game. U crash too much and it is ridiculous how even the slightest 'touch' can cause a massive crash. The cops are among the most aggressive ever to be seen in a game. The original NFS: MW is one of my all-time favorite racing games - this is nothing like the original.

As others say, it's a mashup of Burnout Paradise and Hot Pursuit - with nothing in common with the original except the title. There are no challenges beyond racing Speed Cameras are implemented totally differently , no environmental destruction to be used to throw off cops, no story, no The original NFS: MW is one of my all-time favorite racing games - this is nothing like the original. There are no challenges beyond racing Speed Cameras are implemented totally differently , no environmental destruction to be used to throw off cops, no story, no reason to climb the ladder because most cars are available to you from the start and the ones you "win" are far from worth it.

Gamers giving this good reviews clearly never played the original or a fans of Criterion's other games which I am not. I really was hoping for a clean re-do of NFS: MW with all the features that made the original amazing still intact. Far from it. Very disappointed - should have re-installed Hot Pursuit instead. Do not believe the people who reviewed this positive.

I have been playing NFS from Porsche unleashed days. Criterion made this game into an arcade crap, the handling sucks NFS Hot Pursuit handling was much better but also not Do not believe the people who reviewed this positive. Criterion made this game into an arcade crap, the handling sucks NFS Hot Pursuit handling was much better but also not perfect. In my honest opinion Shift 2 is the last great release of NFS and that one is confined to a track and simulation driving.

Driving shouldn't be about who can hit the wall hardest. The franchise is DEAD after this. Nothing interesting in this game waste of time, cheap copy of burnout paradise, if you like arcade go play nfs world, there are not story like in nfs The Run, This game is poorly optimized for PC, a straight port, constant fps drops make the game unplayable. Are you freaking kidding me EA? No customization? Crashing every two seconds? Ok well there's still pursuits to have endless fun You can't just make a Are you freaking kidding me EA?

You can't just make a reboot with absolutely none of the original game features, false advertising. This is one the worst NFS game, if not the worst No story, terrible V-Sync, random races, no adrenaline, no rush, no passion Bad game.

Played the one and I loved it. Got this one for free and I'm disappointed : I confirm it sucks. Great graphics, horrible gameplay. The cars all feel rigid with the handling, stock brakes are god awful that essentially the handbrake is the only method that works and not to mention there is npc cars for you to crash in, seeming on every street corner just waiting for you so they can drive in front of you.

Just not a good entry for this franchise, avoid it to be honest. Polished Burnout with horrible physics and poor gameplay. Just a sandbox where there's nothing of interesting to do and with no notion of progression. I see no need to write a long text analyzing an art, the note is just a piece of advice to know how much it is worth in your life.

Gameplay - 6 Story - 2 Entertaining - 4 Graphics - 7 sound - 6. It is downright misleading and dishonest. The NFS franchise has just got worse by the title. Most of my gripes have been This should have remained "A Criterion Game" no Electronic Arts involvement and should have been called Burnout Paradise 2. Most of my gripes have been mentioned in other reviews already. I'm so disappointed! This is more a Burnout game than a Need for Speed game. Bad vehicle handling. A terrible upgrade system.

New cars are just given to you yet there's only 5 races per car The crash cam is annoying and ruins the intense chases that made the original Most Wanted so fun. Don't buy this game. Another one of these 13 in a dozen racegames. Multiplayer is nothing more than a frenzy where everybody tries to hit eachother. No nice ladder system which could at least keep you occupied for some hours.

If you buy this game, be prepared to be bored after one day of playing. Too bad most developers seem to be going for the easy console money and stop developing games which really bring Another one of these 13 in a dozen racegames. Too bad most developers seem to be going for the easy console money and stop developing games which really bring something new or even old and proven! One of the worst high-budget game I've ever played. The races are totally frustrating, the cars don't want to turn or turn only slightly.

The graphic and audio is fine, but the soundtrack doesn't. I don't play multiplayer, because I don't like play online, so I can't review it. When ii hear that need for speed was going to be redone, i was excited and hoped the game was amazing. After Pirating the game out of fear that it would be a money waister, my fears were proven correct.

This game is note a successful redo of the last most wanted, getting new cars are as easy as driving around and saying "oh look a bugatti veyron I feel sorry for people who actually went out and bought the game, and ill say this again Poorly optimized and boring unless you want to play multi player which is fun. Just like Giant Bomb said in their review, it's like a Burnout Paradise 2.

I always liked the idea of unlocking new cars by winning races or achieving something and I'm really disappointed that they took it away. You won't fell connected to any of those cars that you can drive. Also, getting that crash cam every Poorly optimized and boring unless you want to play multi player which is fun. Also, getting that crash cam every time you even scratch a vehicle from traffic is really annoying also being unable to skip it.

If you want to buy this game and play with your friends on multi player - wait for it to get optimized. If you're looking for a single player experience - don't touch it … Expand. What can I sat that hasn't been already said. Worst Need For Speed game? Yep it wins that title quiet easily. The multiplayer is useless.

I never had any clue as to what I was supposed to do. To improve this game some should make a patch or mod to improve the handling of the car and please include manual What can I sat that hasn't been already said. To improve this game some should make a patch or mod to improve the handling of the car and please include manual transmission. Only good thing about the game is the beautiful graphics.

Look, I gave up playing this. After all that struggle on single player, I couldn't get used to it anymore due to the crash cam and the gameplay mechanics. So, I'm decreasing my scoring to 3. Honestly the lead designer behind this game needs to face some repercussions, because games repeatedly being released this poorly for such a 'major' title is getting old.

This game is the product of cross-breeding between two titles, containing the worst possible genes and deformities between the two. There is absolutely no story-line, you're kind-of just thrown in a bright colored open-world. What to do now? Want to drive a Lamborghini Gallardo but don't feel like doing any work to get it? Great, just go find it on the mini-map and hop in it! Want to customize it? Sorry, those features were overlooked. Want to change the color to your favorite color?

No worries! Drive through the magic repair shop where your car is instantly repaired and your car is randomly given a color. Don't like the color? No problem, just reverse through the repair shop and repeat until you get the color you want! Now, aside from the horrendous customization options, the handling in this game is among some of the worst racing games to date.

The steering feels extremely clunky, heavy, and delayed. Say you try to avoid a car in front of you by slamming your throttle to the left, then try to correct yourself after you've avoided the car, you'll usually end up slamming into the wall to your left before your car even begins to acknowledge the fact that you corrected yourself. In which case you'll be forced to watch your car flop about, and in some cases watch your car sit motionless after a pathetic accident. This is the kind of stuff that belongs on Arcade machines where you don't expect to be playing the same game for more than a couple repetitions.

If you're not a fan of the Burnout series, save yourself the headache and frustration afterwards and avoid purchasing this horrendous title. Don't take my word for it if you don't believe me. Try it yourself either by purchasing or via trackers. I'm pretty sure you'll come to a similar conclusion. If you want to play a similar title that's free-to-play without the terrible design choices by Criterion, try out Need for Speed World, as it is at least 10x better than this steaming load.

I was hoping for a story game like the first one. What I got was a crappy knockoff that tossed everything cool about the first one and replaced it with garbage. There is no work to get the best cars. They are just given to you to pick up off the street.

There is no sense of accomplishment or any story at all. It is just simply cool cars driving around in a city avoiding cops. The only I was hoping for a story game like the first one. The only thing nice about the game are the decent graphics. Thanks for another half-assed typical EA release. This is the worst Need for Speed game i have ever played, i was like "uh" first 30 minutes and i dont wanna come back to this game, its so boring. Even Undercover was much better. Secondly, AWFUL seriously AWFUL handling, adding the fact of the input lag the cars drive like bricks there is rarely occasions where you can drive trough lots of traffic, eventually you will 3 since game looks awesome, sound is great, and I liked the cars inside it, the rest 0 First of all, pointless single player just race around get points beat some rivals get their cars, that's it.

Secondly, AWFUL seriously AWFUL handling, adding the fact of the input lag the cars drive like bricks there is rarely occasions where you can drive trough lots of traffic, eventually you will crash with something on your way. Race breaking AI: they crash you whenever they get the chance and make you get smoked against walls or anything, with the addition of the annoying crash cam they added that makes you loose all your positions, it's almost impossible to win a race in medium without 5 or 6 retries.

If you did not here you can see it, not only they can break the speed of sound but they are tanks literally they will smash you down no matter how hard you try to avoid them, on police chases it's not a problem but on races where you managed to get past around 7 cars that are on now your tail police cars ramming at you and totaling your car its seriously deserves a rage time. Race line: I just red IGN's review saying the closed racing line is annoying, how is that possible?

Small map: Overall map is the size of a Most Wanted district nuff said. No customization: I played HP 2 from and yes there was no customization but at least you could choose the color from your car, now you get a random color everytime you go trough the shop. In the end this is a game for a very very casual player who have never played a really good NFS title and only wants to race dumbly with his friends.

PD: Thank god I got a pirated version of it, I was going to try it and then buy now I won't waste my cash. I haven't played Need for Speed in a long time since or so , and this game was a disappointment to me. First, why is the menu keyboard-only controlled? No mouse? The game starts without even telling you the controls.

The turns feel not responsive enough. I just kept crushing and bumbing into all kinds of stuff. After a while i just didn't care since it seems nothing can happen to I haven't played Need for Speed in a long time since or so , and this game was a disappointment to me. The game forces you to go some place to start a race, then drive some other place. This felt just idiotic. I ended up just driving randomly across the city for a while and then uninstalling. And yes, the starting cutscene made me lose all hopes in today's generation.

Are players really that dumb? I mean "10 drivers dominate the city and police can't find them", and collect all those stupid cars across the city? I don't remember myself being so dumb to enjoy a story like this even in the age of 12 if that's the age of the target audience they had in mind. Overall, a bad joke and a disgrace of a good name. Notice how every 10 out of 10 user review here contains "Citerion" in first sencence.

It's called Fanboysm : The Game is aweful, not worth even ilegal download. I don't know how they ended up naming it Most Wanted when there is nothing in common with original game. A discrace for the NFS series, I can't believe this.

This is a horrible pc port, what a slap in the face to the pc users. It's like Dark Souls! Not only the fps drops, random crashes and bugs, the controls are so bad as well. Why do they release a port like this in this state? It boggles my mind. The gameplay of this game is quite good though, especially the multiplayer which has a whole A discrace for the NFS series, I can't believe this. The gameplay of this game is quite good though, especially the multiplayer which has a whole lot of variety in it.

One thing I don't get is why between events everyone keeps crashing into other cars. As a result you'll be watching so many crash screens in a short amount of time, it's insane. I want a button that makes me neutral between events, I just want to enjoy driving around!

I have to say that, I do not wish that any future racing games takes this game as an example. You crash all the time and it screws your race. Also if you drive really well, you have that amazing rubber band effect!! Criterion's recent work on the Need for Speed series has been moderately refreshing. Hot Pursuit was definitely a nice addition to the series. That's where it ended.

Most Wanted is nothing more than a sequel to Burnout Paradise. While Burnout Paradise was certainly a fun game, Most Wanted doesn't do much new for the NFS franchise and this game has no place in the series. Need for Speed Criterion's recent work on the Need for Speed series has been moderately refreshing. Need for Speed games have always had a place for customization, Burnout games have not.

All need for speed games had a garage you could choose your car from, and customize it with more than just the paint job Save for Criterion's previous Hot Pursuit While the game itself certainly has some fun elements to it, the glaring downsides to this title easily outweigh the positives. Yes, it looks pretty, that's more or less all it has going for it. No, this game isn't Need for Speed. It's game-play looks like a Burnout Pradise. And huge in-game fps drops, poorly optimized for pc 's. Disqusting race intros, camera angles weird and sucks Race without manual transmission?

What is that? Have any of the developers ever driven a car? It's pathetic. Crappy game with crappy gameplay. Great graphics though, but that's the minimum they could do it. I'm happy I played before buying, it would be a complete waste of money. Not recommended. Need For Speed is no longer a video game franchise. No, it has become a twisted,ungodly product of man's evil, a sickeningly loathsome social experiment: to what extent can a franchise be violated and stripped of every ounce of pride it once hat and still remain profitable.

EA wants to know what the bare minimum is, how little effort they can put in a game and still profit from it. Sure, Need For Speed is no longer a video game franchise. It pains me greatly to see that the "Need For Speed" franchise has become the main victim of these heinous practices. EA rant aside, the game did show some promise, there were a few interesting ideas,albeit poorly executed because EA rushed the development cycle in order to fulfill their satanic duties.

But this simple fact gives me hope that the people at Criterion at least care about the series. Then again EA weren't the dark lords of the underworld back then. Aside from that this really is a bare bones game and a horrible port. The framerate drops to at times on my R9 , perhaps people with Nvidia cards are doing better. PC User.

Perhaps this review is not very objective due to the fact that I played this game for about an hour, because of reasons mentioned above and perhaps my great love for the wonderful corporation EA has also clouded my judgement. But for now I must conclude this review in order to sacrifice little puppies in my basement and drink their blood to appease our almighty overlords,Electronic Arts. The worst game of the franchise, initially thought it would be a version of the previous game one of the best adapted to frostbite engine,my mistake, the game is more like a version of NFS online with better graphics.

The controls are bad, in some races you will start about to hit a wall or fall off the track without any control of what you doing, you wiil need to break giving advantage The worst game of the franchise, initially thought it would be a version of the previous game one of the best adapted to frostbite engine,my mistake, the game is more like a version of NFS online with better graphics. The controls are bad, in some races you will start about to hit a wall or fall off the track without any control of what you doing, you wiil need to break giving advantage to the other racers.

The amount of availabe cars was new in the franchise, at the begging it was cool, but them you notice that you have to do same things to unlock new upgrades and it start to becoming boring. And as the cops, oh my But got to give a 3 for the graphics!

OMG this game is a load of utter B. Don't waste your money! This game is lazy boring and easy. You "Hijack" cars. This means driving around and parking next to a car such as a Lamborghini and pressing E. I mean what the hell. No saving cash to buy a awesome car.

No car customization. Cops are just retarded. You can hit another car right in-front of them and they don't do about it. I OMG this game is a load of utter B. I'm not happy to say the least about this product. They didn't. They didn't mess up Most Wanted because this isn't Most Wanted.

I think Criterion must've mislabeled some games they developed, because this is clearly Burnout Paradise 2: Now with Cops! So everything you loved about Most Wanted? Car Customization and I'm not happy to say the least about this product. Car Customization and winning races to buy new engines to upgrade your car? In this game, upgrades are given out for winning races there is no money, and there is no store.

Furthermore, there are only a few upgrades the tire choice are "on road" and "off road". Just oversimplified, bullet point options. Forget spending hours in the garage getting your car just right. You can't even choose your car's color. I have more control over the visuals of this text than my car in "Most Wanted".

So how do you obtain new cars if there's no money and no stores? Do you unlock them as in Hot Pursuit, getting gradually better and better cars as you progress through the missions? You unlock them by finding them. With the exception of the cars the "bosses" drive more on that in a minute all the cars in the game are available right from the start, you just have to find them around the city.

In fact, the city is littered with ridiculous collectables lifted from Burnout Paradise such as speed cameras, billboards, and "jack spots" spots where you find cars. In fact, there are roughly 3 times as many Jack Spots as there are cars in the game, just to give you more pointless crap to find. And what of the famous Story from Most Wanted and it's sequel, Carbon?

The interesting characters, the backstabbing gangs and the bounty hunter constantly after you? All gone. The "story" here begins with you driving towards the city and a narrator explains that you're trying to become the Most Wanted.

That's it. Seriously, that's all there is that makes The Run look like a masterpiece of storytelling. There are no other characters no, not even the bosses the final boss is literally named "Most Wanted 01". Let's not forget that Criterion apparently stole some design secrets from Zynga this game constantly badgers you to badger your friends to buy the game.

The autolog is here, but unlike the previous 2 games where it was a nice extra to the racing, this game seems to be an extra to the autolog, rather than the reverse. You are annoyed by the game to add your friends to such an extent that you might as well be playing Farmville EA, if we wanted to play a "Social Game" PR speak for "Bad Single-Player" we'd go on Facebook.

But what of the actual events? Well, before you start an event you need to drive to it. That's right it's just like Most Wanted You need to have played an event once before you can jump to it. EA tried every trick in the book to pad their game, didn't they. At least the game gives you a way to set your destination, so you know where you're going. Every car has 5 events set up to it. But when you realize there are 40 something cars and only 60 something events, you realize that yes, EA wants you to race the same events again, that you have already defeated, using a different car.

The races are Burnout style with takedowns and crashes. The races aren't as fun as Burnout Revenge or Hot Pursuit because of one mistake the racetrack. There are checkpoints on the course to tell you where to go, but it can be quite easy to get lost during a race. Keep in mind that in these races, crashing costs you a few seconds, but a wrong turn can assure you last place.

What happened to the "arrow barrier" present in every other Need for Speed and Burnout title? It only shows up when it wants to. Yes, it's in the game, but it's not on every turn. It's like they didn't even finish the game yet.

The sad fact here is that EA and Criterion might've actually made a pretty good game if they took out all the padding sure, it wouldn't be Most Wanted, but it would be a well-designed game. The Races, Cop Chases, and other fun events would be fantastic if they stood alone. There is fun to be had within this game, but it's buried under mountains of tedious collecting, "Social" pestering, and events you need to drive to. It's the equivalent of me adding another 5 pages to this review, but there's nothing but gibberish on them.

Graphics are great, Jackspots are a cool idea, cars are awesome. Just shocking. I cannot complete one race without crashing a dozen times. I have played one hour on this game and won't be playing any more. I played the game for less than an hour and I am not going to play it anymore.

The only good things about this game: - I got it for free - imho the graphics is very good, at least how cars look But that is all. Rest is garbage. Game felt like a destruction derby, not like car racing. I could not manage to drive fast without frequent crashing. Its a pretty game and the one race I was able to do was fun. But, after that first race I started getting chased by the police. I then spent three hours running from the police. Police who could pass a Bugatti at mph like it was sitting still.

Running from the cops is Its a pretty game and the one race I was able to do was fun. Running from the cops is fun and all but it needs to be possible to actually win! Getting chased by the cops for so long only to lose because cops were literally falling from the sky and getting nothing makes this game unplayable and awful.

The game absolutely ruined the Need For Speed franchise for me. It has never been the same since. The game has no plot, our garage is missing, there is no external tuning of cars. Cars do not need to be bought now, they are free, there are no any shops. As a result, for me, one of the worst games from this series of races.

You have already reviewed this product. You can submit a new review and rating now if you wish to make changes. Your review must be at least characters long. New NFS! Typically when you see a massive number of negative user reviews, people are just complaining to complain right? So lets break this latest NFS down. It runs - check. You can drive different cars - check. There are cops, races, and other side mission like things to do - check. The graphics are decent more on this later and you have teh dubstep soundtrack!

If you've played NFS before EA turned into a completely soulless company, there were some fun moments. You could get past the small flaws and cheater AI that were part of the experience because the core game was fun. Now looking back at every NFS since PU, we have a complete and total failure to produce a game that is even worth playing. This latest entry is full of the same crap and somehow, people keep buying it.

Do you want to dominate a race and then lose in the last tenth of a second because the AI magically caught back up? Do you want to drive cars that handle without a bit consistently? Do you think a sandbox racing game should just be a check list of races? After an hour of attempting not to be infuriated by this game, I lost, and decided that I would rather stab myself repeatedly rather than carry on. The PC version is an obvious port, and poorly optimized.

You want particle effects? You want to complete that billboard challenge? We'll make sure a the "randomly" generated traffic t-bones you. So what does this boil down to? EA Games beating a long dead series because for some reason, people keep buying these steaming piles of crap games.

I hadn't played a NFS game in years and had really missed it, so I got this with very minimal expectations. I just wanted the usual post-Underground NFS game, with silly storyline and enjoyable driving. Even with non existent expectations however, this game is bad. When I can run Far Cry 3 on high and I need to turn this down to low details, you know there's a problem. Also, the handling I hadn't played a NFS game in years and had really missed it, so I got this with very minimal expectations.

Also, the handling is so terrible that I couldn't stand it for more than an hour. You press the stick to turn and at first the car doesn't respond and then it immediately takes a 90 degree turn straight into the nearest wall. I can't believe Criterion made this game, wtf happened to them? I don't think I need to add anything else, when you've got a sluggish racing game that handles terribly, it's done, nothing else matters. Huge disappointment. For those of you wanting my opinion, see my video over on YouTube.

It feels like a horribly watered down version of Burnout Paradise in almost every aspect. The slow-mo crash thing is horribly disappointing compared to the exact same system in Burnout Paradise. As others said, it's very sad how far the Need for speed series has fallen. Kudos to Criterion for trying to showcase frostbite 2, but a giant minus for killing another NFS title. AI gets accelerated so that they can keep up with you in both police chases as well as races, useless progression model got bored within 30 minutes tbh , useless unlock model again, no real feeling of progression and absolutely pointless single-player.

I don't understand those guys at EA, I really don't. Why don't they ask what the costumers WANT to play? Why do they keep ruining game series that I loved years ago? But I was wrong, completely wrong. First of all, you can't skip the intro when you start a new game. So, after waiting for that completely boring intro, there were the tutorials, totally annoying, and then, when I finally get to play it, It's nothing but Burnout Paradise which I really like with less colourful graphics, and a completely boring gameplay.

Please, if you're going to make a ridiculously bad game, don't name it as a game fans used to like years ago. This game makes The Run look like a masterpiece in the Need for Speed collection. EA has told its developers since ProStreet onwards that graphics are more important than gameplay. I find this a complete insult to the entire series, but more over, an even greater insult to the original developers Black Box, as they are now known of Most Wanted.

This game ruins every single aspect that This game makes The Run look like a masterpiece in the Need for Speed collection. This game ruins every single aspect that made the original fun, and then further rubs salt into the wound through its utilization of the terrible AutoLog system.

Need for Speed, I loved you, but now is the time to let you go. I still got Most Wanted from laying around in the attic somewhere. I might as well just played that game again, because this version is just one big copy past with some updated consolegraphic. Some how it runs like crap on pc another greate EA port i guess and the game is way to easy, especially if you played games like GT, forza or Grid. Need4speed is not the same good old I still got Most Wanted from laying around in the attic somewhere.

Need4speed is not the same good old game it was 5 to10 years back. It feels like a total ripp-off, because they basically are selling us the same game from 7 years back. However, If you are the type of gamer that does NOT like the brake button and want to hit every corner doing about , this is your game! A 12 year old kid should have fun with this, a real gamer who likes a challenge should skip this waste of game. Thank god for the 8 days refund option.

Second game from EA I decided to return and change for another game. Sorry to say that but this game is a 1 millionth variant of the same thing. Completely unrealistic demonstration of these cars except the exterior optics. Only two camera positions.

Upgrade system is a joke. Gameplay is rather boring. We had these games even 20 years ago with higher quality levels regarding gameplay. I had it on my BBC, and even though it was a pretty poor conversion, I still thought it was wonderful. My brain did that thing that kids seem to do quite well and filled in the gaps, bringing the home micro version up to the standard of the arcade cab.

I was so into it, I even managed to endure the Pole Position cartoon. I can remember nothing about this show at all, apart from the catchy theme tune that every now and then pops up as an earworm and drives me completely mad. I'm guessing it was some kids that drove fast cars and Did they solve crimes?

Anyway, a quick game on Pole Position recently broke my heart. It is shit. There are no redeeming features. It's slow and sluggish, the movement is jerky, the explosions are laughable, the sound is pony. Now, most of these things don't necessarily mean a game is going to be no good. But, what really sets it into the category of 'File Under Stinker' is the fact that it's just so dull. You'll get no enjoyment or sense of achievement from playing it.

How on earth did the young me derive any pleasure from this tepid excuse for a game? And how did it become a worldwide phenomenon? They must have put something in the water. The Eighties were a crazy time. The thing is, I know there are some of you reading this who have gone back to some of the games you thought were wonderful in your youth and simply cannot see what the attraction was. If that's you, do let me know what they are: iain iainlee. They did solve crimes and, while they didn't have robots, the cars - Roadie and Wheels - could talk.

Actually, it looks pretty good. I'm off to YouTube to fall down the rabbit hole for an afternoon. Sold in packs of four, each coaster is extremely well made and ,. The coasters themselves are extremely sturdy, utilising a strong cork backing that makes them hard to break. All three titles proved to be extremely popular at the time and boxed copies of them will often sell on auction sites for three figure sums, making them quite an expensive proposition.

That's now changed however, because Super Fighter Team is making all three games available to PC and Mac owners, meaning that even more gamers will gain access to these quirky RPGs. There will be no physical versions of the RPG Trifecta Pack, meaning that the games will be digital downloads. But forcing my preferences on everyone else has limited the exposure of these games, which is contradictory to my original goal of sharing them with the largest possible audience.

There are no additional extras however, with Brandon telling us: "They are direct adaptations of our cartridge releases, which can be played using a keyboard or gamepad. I think, if anything, it upsets those who haven't had the opportunity to purchase the physical copies - something we hope to remedy in the future by manufacturing more of them.

If you're fans of Sega's Mega Drive you may recall Super Fighter Team releasing three homebrew games for the popular system. Beggar Prince was released in for the bit console, and was effectively an English translation of a Chinese RPG that had first been released in Its most recent Mega Drive release was 1 's Star Odyssey. The official site also teases two additional games, which we're hoping are OutRun and After Burner. Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate features all the additional content from the Vita's Plus version of the game as well as additional bonuses.

Additional moves will be added and tag fighting will be enhanced, while there will be new locations including some from the Ninja Gaiden series. Team Ninja is also claiming that this version of the game will include the most realistic and sensual graphics of any game in the series.

Take from that what you will So are we. Released to tie in with the incoming Lords Of Shadow 2, the new PC version will improve on the original in a great number of ways, hopefully making it the definitive version of the successful reboot. The most important will be that the game will now run at a super smooth 60 frames per second, which should make Castlevania' s combat even more satisfying to play. It will also run in p — the original was p — which means that the impressive visuals of the original should look even more dynamic than before.

Other improvements include a new storyline, additional weapons and power-ups, as well as brand new Titan battles. The original skirmishes with Titans, while enjoyable, felt too sparse. Hopefully, the ability to fight more behemoths should make them feel like a more integral part of the core game.

The whole package is rounded off with trophy integration, cloud saving and the ability to explore brand new locations. Expect a review in the next issue. The unbelievable news? Only that a new Strider game will be released next year. While some are concerned about Helix Games' past track record, it does seem to have nailed the essence of Capcom's ninja in the early footage that's been released.

More news next month, providing we can shake Darran out of his state of shock. Amazing titles on greatdigitalmags. We also look at next-gen rockets and the ten biggestthings in space. How It Works In How It Works' Iandmark50th issue we explore 50 of the most amazing and life-changing inventions of all time in a special pagefeature. Fromthe printing press to the particle accelerator,thisfeaturehasitall.

We also belt-up for a spin in the world's biggestvehicles and visit Silicon Valley. Learn more about greatdigitalmags. Regardless of your interests, you'll discover plenty of titlesto suit your needs. Giving you instant access to Zinio and iTunes versions of yourfavourite magazines, this means that getting the latest issue has never been easier.

Head to greatdigitalmags. My name is Paul Davies. I returned to journalism in and from I've been running my own company. Unlikely Hero. Finaer on utton Vou and I are never going to love gesture control, because it goes against what makes us human. Not so much a 'pub conversation' this, but definitely one for a fizzy pop in the park. No matter how hard I try to admire the motion-sensing marvels of Kinect and PlayStation Eye, something just doesn't add up.

But I have a very good idea what this might be. Sure, I grinned the first time I played with EyeToy in , those boffins at Sony - whatever would they dream up next? More recently I have to admit that EyePet and Wonderbook are very clever. Kinect Adventures and Dance Central for Kinect are kind of cool for a couple of nights trying to make my missus love Xbox. Somehow though, they're not exactly catching fire are they? Marketing teams can't even convince OAPs to look vaguely interested for Daily Mail editorials any more.

If I might dare to point something out, with only a hunch to back this up, the reason hands-free gaming is struggling to catch on is because it removes one of the basic pleasures of gaming - becoming good with our hands. Opposable thumbs are the secret to our success as a species; our ability to grip something and use our fingers to manipulate with extraordinary skill. Musicians and mechanics alike perform miracles using the human-exclusive thumb and fingers setup.

Gamers too, you may have noticed. Muscle memory and manual dexterity make gaming absolutely compelling for millions of people. Practice makes perfect, or at least performance-ready, and we can respect those of us that have attained a higher degree of competence when it counts. Because buttons matter something Sony was at pains to point out with PlayStation Vita in February , we can differentiate a good gaming controller from a bad one by its ergonomic design, heft and tactile feedback according to taste over time.

The throw of an analogue stick, the distance between two of them, dead-zones and the speed at which a button returns to its default state. So how did the Nintendo Wii get everyone so fired up? At the time it struck me like a magic trick and was so much fun that it didn't matter so much that accuracy didn't play a crucial part.

Somewhere at the back of my brain, however, was the nagging thought that the experience was unproductive. A friend of mine was often fond of saying ''it is what it is" when confronted with something immovable. For gaming, the need to connect directly with the experience means hands on the controller and eyes on the screen. It's a pastime that is never going to appeal to everyone but, rather like learning a musical instrument or practicing a craftsman's skills, it can benefit other humans too - such as, you know, friends and family.

Always good to have a proficient gamer on your team! From the first ping of the missile in Space Invaders to the run-slide-ready awesomeness of Dolphin Diving in Black Ops, tactile feedback from games is going nowhere for as long as I can see. Thank God. The game has already been banned in Australia for being inappropriate.

It is discontinued just seven months later. It is influenced by the Eighties and is awesome. Red Baron crashes. Space Odyssey an oddity. Richard Burton asks 'what's that coming over the hill? The keenly priced machine boasted a professional keyboard, colour, sound, room for expansion and a user-friendly BASIC 2. The key to any new computer release was its software base, and a very promising roster of software houses releasing and developing titles for the VIC seemed to have secured a rosy future for Commodore's newest baby.

People had already glimpsed the machine at the Consumer Electronics Show, but its development could be traced back another two years. It got its name from the Video Interface Chip, which Commodore had developed for use in the videogames console market. Unfortunately, its timing coincided with the first inklings that a videogames crash was impending, and so decided to develop its own reasonably priced colour home computer.

The public took to it immediately and it sold rapidly, becoming the first home computer to pass the 1 million units sold landmark in January By the time the VIC was discontinued in January it had shifted over 2. Japan had already had its version of the VIC since June , when the renamed VIC had been launched » [Arcade] Don't be fooled by the screenshot, Space Odyssey was a tedious stinker of a game.

The American VIC also hit its price point. Atari released its latest coin-op game, Red Baron, complete with its impressively large cabinet. The first- person flight simulator saw you take on the role of a World War I fighter pilot flying in a bi-plane for the Allied Forces. The levels were all pretty samey, with your task being to shoot down enemy planes, blimps, tanks and buildings during alternating ground and airborne phases - all while avoiding crashing into the vector graphic drawn mountains and dodging enemy fire.

The graphical style was similar to Atari's Battlezone, as both games ran on virtually the same hardware. Red Baron arcade cabinets were often refurbished Battlezone cabinets with the Red Baron livery stuck on top of the Battlezone artwork. Unfortunately, the coin-op just didn't engage with gamers and it flopped rather badly as a result.

Taito unveiled its arcade shooter game Colony 7, which played like a cross between Atari's Missile Command and Taito 's Space Invaders. The premise of Colony 7 was that you must defend said colony from an alien attack with two large ion laser cannons. Sega released Space Odyssey this month with development help from Gremlin Industries.

This vertical and horizontal shoot-'em-up looked interesting enough, with colourful graphics and seven varied levels including a meteor dodging section. However, when the action began and the gameplay flowed it was difficult to hide your disappointment. Black holes featured prominently, and if you ran over one of the many scattered throughout the vertical levels you would become stuck and open to attack. By that point you didn't really care any more anyway It looked and played like a Scramble clone, but the woefully animated graphics of the alien ships and abysmal collision detection made the game hard work, tedious and thankless.

It would later ditch its company name to take on the much snappier name of its Epyx brand. Crush , Crumble And Chomp! The game itself was played on a scrolling map with simplistic 2D graphics and was turn-based, with the main objective being to destroy as much of the city as possible. There were other objectives and, when combined with the variety of monsters to play and the create your own monster option, Crush , Crumble And Chomp!

In , Epyx released a sequel for the Apple II and Commodore 64, The Movie Monster Game, which also did well and featured new objectives such as rescue, escape and destroying landmarks. It was also played in a much more arcade style. The game had originally been released in on the TRS and had sold very well, so a newly updated version was released. You play the part of an adventurer who must battle through a dungeon scenario against various monsters while collecting treasure and attempting to escape.

While all of Epyx's RPG releases were very heavy on strategy and statistics, it was undeniably influential in the early years of the genre. Just a year and a half later over 1 million users had succumbed to its charms. There were five demands which prompted the hunger strike, including the right not to do prison work or wear prison uniform. However, he died a month after being narrowly elected and never got the chance to take his seat in the House of Commons.

The Pope was shot four times suffering severe blood loss. Agca was immediately detained, arrested and, in July, sentenced to life imprisonment. May was a good month for music releases. The inhabitants of a coastal town begin killing tourists and the local undertaker disposes of the bodies - until they start coming back to life!

Despite there being just one missile base - rather than the three of the arcade coin-op -the conversion was adequate, with good gameplay despite its disappointing graphics output. A type-in listing for a TRS dairy farming simulation did feature inside, but did that warrant putting a herd of Friesian cows on the cover? As the magazine itself put it, an "udder delight" BYTE Another odd cover, in as much as there was no wording other than the magazine name and the Software Piracy article title.

The series of articles inside delved into the age-old software piracy problem and debated different aspects including back-up copies and software libraries, all with no apparent solution. Add gameplay to taste. Didn'tthink so It wasn't all vehicle based shooting though, with several levels seeing Rendar ditch his Outrider ship and embark on foot for some up close and personal blasting. The variety of levels, the attention to detail and the quite superb orchestral soundtrack - written specifically for the game - made for a decent Star Wars offering.

There was exciting news from Electronic Arts for fans of its Strike series as it detailed the future release of Soviet Strike, the fourth game in the franchise. The hugely successful trio of Desert, Jungle and Urban Strike would be a difficult act to follow. With its lovely graphics, picturesque backgrounds, engaging gameplay and some wonderfully executed full motion video segments, Soviet Strike did well in the sales department when it was released on PlayStation in November.

Richard Burton has flashbacks and then fades to black. The Japanese launch titles couldn't have been much better for showcasing the console's abilities - Super Mario 64 and Pilotwings 3D. Super Mario 64 did such a good job of promoting the Nintendo 64 L and lifting sales of the console that the Ik game eventually racked up sales of over I 11 million units.

The forgotten gamers A of Europe would have to wait until Ik March for their Nintendo 64 official release. Despite high hopes and good group results it took a penalty shoot-out to defeat Spain in the quarter-finals. Germany awaited England in the semi-final. Alan Shearer scored within three minutes, Stefan Kuntz equalised shortly afterwards and it remained that way until full-time.

Extra-time saw drama, with posts being struck and toes inches away from finding a Golden Goal winner. Sadly for England, the game ended in a penalty shoot-out. Two words - Gareth Southgate. Germany went on to defeat the Czech Republic in the final with an extra-time Golden Goal scored by Oliver Bierhoff. Sci-fi shows took a hit when two programmes were cancelled during June. Space: Above And Beyond ended after just one 24 episode series on 2 June. Also meeting its maker this month was seaQuest DSVr cancelled after three series spanning 59 episodes.

It starred Roy Scheider as Captain Bridger in a series that felt like an underwater version of Star Trek, based on a high- tech submarine. Core Design gave a news update on its latest project, a third-person action adventure which introduced us to Lara Croft, a pistol-toting, pony-tail wearing archaeologist with a sassy line in tight tops and equally figure hugging shorts.

In the game, Lara must find the location of three artefacts while despatching dangerous creatures and solving puzzles along the way. The perspective of Tomb Raider was realised extremely well, with Lara central on the screen with the camera following behind her.

This was all throughout detailed 3D levels in which she would need to climb, shoot, jump and swim her way to her objective. Tomb Raider would be available in October for the Sega Saturn and a month later for PlayStation and PC, eventually becoming a massive hit for its publishers Eidos Interactive with sales touching 7 million units. Sites for these parks included London, Shanghai and Sydney, with smaller Sega Parks introduced to the not so exotic locations of Tamworth and Wolverhampton.

Either way, Lara Croft and Tomb Raider made Eidos a fortune and grew into a hugely successful franchise. Conrad B Hart was back. As a game, Fade To Black was decent. It had the right pace for an action adventure game with enough puzzles, albeit fairly straightforward ones, to keep both gaming camps happy.

The atmospheric tension was cranked up and really added to the game, helped by a narrative arc that you could easily immerse yourself in. However, it didn't quite match the majesty of Conrad's first outing. Could Tony Robinson fight a dinosaur? Good reviews followed, as did good sales on the PlayStation. Delphine had also planned Nintendo 64 and Sega Saturn versions of the game, both of which sadly failed to materialise. While Saturn gamers may have missed out on Fade To Black, they did get a superb game this month in the form of the excellent Guardian Fleroes.

It was part hack-and-slash game, part RPG and part side-scrolling beat-'em-up. Developed by Treasure, there were several interesting features to the game - such as an incredibly diverse story mode which you controlled by means of multiple game paths. You choose your direction and what to do after each level, taking you down different routes with new bosses to defeat and, ultimately, a different ending.

Add to this to an excellent six-player versus mode, the hidden characters and crisply defined graphics and you had quite a game. Best of all, it was intuitive and fun to play. You would be hard pushed to get bored of Guardian I Heroes, ; it was arguably one of the best Saturn games ever released. Extremely playable. Oh, there's no text either. Everyone talks. Yep, a Mega Drive game with full speech.

Lots of fun there! If you fill someone's drink up too much and it overflows, your customer actually asks if you're blind - in the friendliest manner possible of course. Go to the delivery company, and you get tasked with making deliveries around Busytown. The more deliveries you make, the busier Busytown becomes - like a miniaturized Sim City. All those new things opening up have their own little games to play too.

It's fantastic for kids, what with all the fun activities and the lack of hard words to read - but it's also fantastic for grown-ups, what with all the fun activities and lack of hard words to read. This is definitely where Sonic has been going wrong in recent years Or something to do with Star Wars The point is that this game is pure joy in cartridge form.

From the big splashy title screen with Lowly Worm's big smiling head to the little mice playing in the park, every moment takes me back to that special place. A place where there was still such a thing as 'bed time' and popularity was judged on how fast you could run. Starting with a great big map of Busytown, you move your happy little cursor around and find something to do. I headed straight for the harbour - as the double page ocean liner cutaway was always my favourite part of the book -and I suffered no disappointment whatsoever.

And what kind of person dreams up an impossibly cute, expletive-spouting videogame hero. I enjoyed being irreverent. Despite his sweary demeanour and aversion to falling off pyramids ; , Q beds profile seems almost as high as it was three decades ago. He's made his way Fiahties arcade fame to appearing recent Disney animated film Wreck-lt ap , andt up there with Pac-Man and Donkey Kong as a vintage gaming icon.

And ther were other similarities between being chase around a maze by neon ghosts, avoiding a bad-tempered purple reptile and hopping coloured blocks. The enemies in Q beru are like the ghosts, especially Coily who chase after you. Jumping onto discs and returning to the top is like using the tunnehn Pac-Man to escape an enemy and get to the other side. And you could play the game with just a joystick and no buttons. Being able to play one-handed was a look at the world through another prism, jeff reflects.

It's an insanelytoughgame. This planted the idea for the bare bones of a game in Warren's mind. Once I'd done that, I set myself the goal of getting a player-character hopping around. Then, the obvious choice was for the player to have to avoid the balls. But beyond that there was no plan. He was doing that with me one night while I was hopping the little orange character around the screen with balls bouncing and he said, 'What if the tops of the cubes change colours when he lands on them?

This was why I enjoyed my collaboration with Jeff so much. He had great ideas that sometimes challenged me. It just needed a decent name. Jeff's intention was that this character could shoot stuff out of his nose [inspiring the bizarre working title Snots And Boogers] but that didn't really work for a character hopping on a pyramid of cubes. For a time there was some pressure from my peers who thought shooting out of his nose would be cool.

And I didn't disagree, I just couldn't figure out how to make it work given the physics of the pyramid and the way the game was evolving. Thankfully, the pair decided to grant the defenceless critter another way of thwarting the relentless pursuit of his nemesis, Coily the Snake. We also had Coily chasing after him, but the problem was The trick in programming it was to tune how close Coily had to be on your tail for this to work.

If you jump when Coily is too far away, he's smart enough not! Wrong Way exist in Escher-esque planar gravity. All of that was quite complicated, I especially from the player control standpoint! Warren [ discarded r-csl parusularc of ny oncprd l pioposai!

She sadly died in aged He wen toyed with having the floating discs move. That was I when we knew we were on I to something, Under. We interspersed storytelling sequences every few levels, like Ms Pac-Man, to motivate players to play higher levels to see the story unfold. Qubes is a very difficult game to grasp. It's a shame, as conceptually it's a very sound idea and a seemingly natural evolution for the original game to take, blending the aforementioned Rubik-like puzzle elements with Tic-Tac-Toe.

But, ultimately, it just ends up being a little too clever for its own good. It can be tricky enough just clearing a screen in the original game, but when you're contending with rotating cubes of different colours, avoiding monsters and trying to create a winning line, it becomes even more difficult.

This didn't stop home conversions of both games hitting many of the major platforms of the time. Warren, while flattered, remains slightly sceptical of some. I was disappointed that some of the home versions neglected to do this. A real curiosity. The game was developed by Realtime Associates, a California-based company formed by a group of ex-Mattel employees fronted by Dave Warhol, the coder behind the Intellivision classic Thunder Castle. To make the cube tops he used tricks like triplicate sprites and background as opposed to foreground.

It was Brummbaer who figured that, by rapidly moving a static animation depicting different animation states, the entire field could be seen to animate. Other images were distorted with sine waves perpetuated through the horizontal scroll registers. A lot of people thought they were distracting and would play with the backgrounds off. Thar was preiry cool As ic turned out.

Maybe I was inspired by the film Amelie where a woman carried a garden dwarf with her and made funny pictures in front of the Eiffel Tower, Westminster Abbey and so on. Now I cannot go anywhere outside the country without taking him with me Then, some friends and well- known collectors like Jens Brinkmann and Jens Klopfel started to hang around and travel with their own. It featured flat areas mixed in with elevated areas, but it never made it to prototype. But a little piece of work I did many years ago found a happy home in the memories of many people.

Teddy Lee has been working in the industry for the past five years and is part of Cellar Door Games. He's worked on a variety of formats, from mobile to internet web games, and has recently finished work on the excellent Rogue Legacy- a roguelike that combines Spelunky with Demon's Souls and Super Metroid.

Where did the inspiration for Rogue Legacy come from? Our main source of inspiration was Demon's Souls, with Costlevania being a close second. What was the hardest thing to create from a technical point of view? And, oftentimes, a fix for one collision bug would result in another appearing or it would undo the work on something that was resolved prior.

Why choose 2D visuals? We like 2D. We also have no idea how to do 3D so we just stick with what we know. Have you been surprised by its success? Totes McGoats. We literally had no marketing budget. Our trailers were made by our brother and, like, that was it. The YouTube community also helped us out immensely. When the game was first announced not much press was given.

Will you be expanding the game by adding new areas? When we made this game we crammed in as nmuch as we possibly could. Literally, we were adding in features or fixes up until about three hours before launch. So we have a lot of work ahead of us before we can think about future content for the game. What's your lavourite game- and why? Super Mario RPC because it brought a whole slew of new mechanics to a very established genre and tied it into a platforming system which.

Why do you think the PC has so many diverse games? Probably because of the low barrier to entry. Low barrier of entry, low cost, low development times and massive competition. Which industry developer impresses you most and why? Edmund McMillen for his creativity and development speed, Jonathan Blow for his design and standards of quality and Shigeru Miyamoto because he creates genres.

Not that you'd always know this, as he was often credited as Jun Furano. It took place in Furano, Hokkaido, and Jun was one of the main characters. It was common policy in the old days not to credit developers, or to do so under a nickname. Western fans have speculated if it was to prevent headhunting - the impression being that, in Japan, with the 'job for life' culture at the time, people seldom changed jobs.

His second game, which was his first to ship, was porting Metal Gear from the MSX2 to the Famicom in just three months. It was still an impressive achievement, and the game sold copious amounts in America. In later years, he supervised Konami classics such as Contra III and Axelay, and played an integral role in the Lethal Enforcers series including as an actor in the sequel. But, his first bit role was Super Castlevania IV- aka Akumajo Dracula in Japan - as the main programmer, enemy and boss programmer, as well as overall director.

Super Castlevania IV was released in October for the Super Famicom, but working out when development started requires some detective work. For the sake of clarity, hereafter all mainline Castlevania games will be referred to as CV, followed by their number. We all worked closely with the sound team - Konami had the best sound team and they really did a great job. I am not too sure though. It was more than 20 years ago! We only had a hard copy of specification documents.

But, it took us some time and experiments to find the right ways to use various tricks during actual gameplay. Castlevania was obviously important for Konami, as Ueno concurs. Personally, I liked the original CVthe most back then. Some ideas came from creative artists and others were from programmers' experiments. The whip feature was really a big part of the game and it was experimented with and implemented by Yaipon.

We drew maps on paper but I think we changed a lot as we iterated the game. He left Konami along with others to form Treasure, later programming Gunstar Heroes. Ueno, meanwhile, was in charge of boss programming, so we asked about their design and his overall favourite. We wanted to make earlier bosses relatively easy so that the players could figure out weak points and effective weapons without retrying too many times. It features a sprite-jointed tongue, impressive transparencies and real-time damage to the background.

Slogra resenvDies a jwnfcr pterodactyl. J1 wk Later? I like the golem boss, simply because it uses Mode 7. Konami released a promotional video from an early build and, when you compare this early footage to the final version, it's astounding how much polish the team managed to add. We ask if anything was removed from this build due to memory restrictions, citing a snake-like boss which is different to the final Medusa.

But what does CVIV's director think? The new whip system was to introduce some new gameplay that had not been possible on the Famicom. We had freedom to make many changes, but we wanted to keep the game aligned with the original CV. Making a game on new hardware requires so much effort, so the crunch time lasted almost six months. But, we were so excited to work on the game.

The music and sound effects really contributed to make the game's atmosphere spooky and real. So, I am proud of the atmosphere we created. In this case it was almost a direct copy, right down to the whip swinging. Rusty also featured a screen-filling 'item crush' attack, which first appeared in an official Castlevania game with Dracula X. According to a detailed analysis on VGMuseum there are about 16 major similarities with the later released Dracula X, implying that the influence went both ways.

He's an unsung hero in an industry that favours anonymity. The quality of Illusion's varied stages is consistently high, making it hard to pick just one standout level, let alone one standout moment. However, the superlative platforming provided by the second section of the Enchanted Forest makes the short time you spend there particularly memorable. The whimsical mode of travel asked of the player is to leap from one floating leaf to another while avoiding the section's many spiders.

Well-worked layouts, beautiful backdrops, accomplished pixel art and a dreamy score complement these simple, yet beautifully realised moments of gaming. The experience may be brief but, sometimes, less is certainly more. BIO With its luscious coloured backgrounds, playful animation and cheerful, carefree soundtrack, Castle Of Illusion casts players in the lead role of a Mickey Mouse cartoon.

This Disney-based platformer also boasts perfectly gauged gameplay and lovingly crafted levels, with your task being to rescue Minnie Mouse from a wicked witch by finding gems hidden in her mystical worlds. Created by Sega AM7, and part of a second wave of Mega Drive releases, the title helped to establish the system's reputation as the console of choice in Western markets, while also paving the way for the arrival of Sonic The Hedgehog. The Enchanted Forest starts with a gentle introduction but, just as complacency sets in, the player is hit with a sucker punch as a giant apple appears and chases them down a hill, Indiana Jones style!

It makes for quite an impressive set piece and is repeated later on in the game. Dancing on the ceiling The third section of Toyland makes inventive use of cartoon physics by introducing gravity- inverting trip switches. Or should that be ceiling? Either way, they lose their footing and plummet to their doom while you keep your feet firmly planted on terra firma, albeit upside down. It's confusing but cool, and is another excellent example of Illusion's impressive level design.

More tea, Mickey? In a surreal turn d events, bonus levels are to be found by jumping into one of two giant cups of tea where the aim is to swim past anthropomorphised sugar cubes in an attempt to collect gems and apples for additional bonus points. Swimming around the teacups provides a pleasant diversion and a dream-like change of pace from the more conventional platform fare offered elsewhere in the game. There's a swish graphical effect on display as well.

Every witch way but loose Castle Of Illusion provides several Disney-esque boss fights, including someone that looks suspiciously like Pete's Dragon, yet none are more visually impressive than the final showdown with Mizrabel. The encounter occurs in the witch's magical castle, where a fierce lightning storm provides a tense and foreboding atmosphere. Mizrabel is protected by ghostly apparitions and uses teleportation to avoid your attacks, but persevere, as defeating her is hugely satisfying.

They became hugely popular from the late-Eighties onwards and are still going strong today. David Crookes looks at the rich tapestry of puzzle games that have been released over the years Here's a puzzle: What is a puzzle game? A dictionary may well define it as a toy or a game that presents a problem which requires skill or ingenuity to solve it, but that leaves things wide open.

Could we term Tomb Raider a puzzle game because it contains puzzle elements? Even a first-person shooter like Call Of Duty will involve mental legwork. It's mind-bending stuff. Thankfully, there's a game called Tetris. When we discussed puzzle games with our numerous interviewees, this enduring title was the first to be mentioned time and time again.

To that end, we could just concentrate on Tetris throughout this entire piece. After all, it would appear the puzzle game genre started and ended with this Russian-made game from Puyo Puyo, Dr Robotnik's Bean Machine, Columns and Pac-Attack were all critically adored things-falling-from-the-top- of-the-screen-and-being-joggled-around-with puzzle games.

Amstrad Action went as far to say these titles were "just sons of Tetris". But, important as Tetris is - and we shall come back to it later - it is just one of a large number of types of puzzle games. Many involve blocks, some require catapulting birds into pigs, others require cutting ropes of matching fruit, but all need brainpower to solve. Puzzles are puzzles and that is the premise we'll be using here.

Puzzle games have been popular for centuries. The first jigsaw puzzle, for » [DOS] Alexey Pajitnov's Tetris remains one of the most popular puzzle games of all time. In , a text-based game was created called Hunt The Wumpus that, while many would consider it an adventure game, was indeed an early puzzler. With 20 connected rooms and players hunting for a monster called Wumpus, the idea was to work out which room it was in and then arrow it to death.

Such maze games - and it's worth pointing out that they have a 4,year history - have long proved popular. Gotcha, in , was the first maze arcade game. Atari manufactured the coin-op, and early cabinets had pink bulges rather than joysticks. These were believed to represent breasts and, indeed, the Atari staff referred to it as the 'boob game'.

They often feature simple stories as well. L- - - It was around in the days before the classic puzzles such as manoeuvring pieces. Just as well - the graphics didn't really support that kind of game at the time. The coin-op 'rush-to-the-exit' game Amazing Maze by Midway was released in , the same year as the first cartridge- based console puzzle game, Maze, which was developed by Fairchild Semiconductor for the Fairchild Channel F console. It was one of just 26 games for the system and consisted of a simple square block which the player controlled around a maze.

Yet such a spartan look and feel didn't matter - puzzle games didn't need extravagant presentation, it was all about the gameplay. It wasn't long before the concept was taken up by a videogame. Mindbuster was one such title which, having been released for the Microvision handheld console, became the world's first handheld puzzle game in the process. With six or 12 moves needed to solve a puzzle and tapping into reasoning ability, it allowed tests to be solved by pressing buttons in the correct sequence.

It seemed to be an era of innovation. Four years earlier, the Rubik's Cube was invented and helped to create a different type of puzzle, one that took in the third dimension. This early Atari game stripped away the true 3D nature of the Rubik's Cube and instead had a sprite running across 2D blocks to swap-out the colours, although each set of blocks was one side of a cube. If the colour of the block matched the colour of the character, he couldn't step on it, forcing spatial thinking by the player and preventing it from becoming too easy.

Atari's inspiration actually ran deeper. In the same year it had worked on a game which seemed to fully emulate the Rubik's Cube in 3D but it was never released. Whether or not there was a programming issue or whether copyright or licensing problems surfaced is not known. Alexey Pajitnov: I've always said that Tetris , at its core, is fundamentally a simple game that's easy to understand.

There is also a visual and intellectual challenge to the game that makes it very appealing, especially because it's human nature to be challenged to fix things. I created Tetris almost 30 years ago, and that we are still talking about it today tells you something about its popularity.

Henk Rogers: I believe that Tetris touches a basic human pleasure centre, which is to create order out of complexity. The geometric shapes are universal and equally appeal to all cultures, age groups and both genders. It really helps that the game is easy to understand and therefore quick to learn.

So, the game's popularity is based on the fact that people can quickly and easily find a basic pleasure center and stay there for relatively long periods of time. Puzzles games remain extremely popular today. Why is this?

AP: Puzzle games are quiet and subtle and rarely demand more than just your concentration. Typically, puzzle games have challenges that are short and clear, making the goal quite easy to understand. Other genres of games tend to be rather exclusive, but puzzle games have an inherent inclusiveness to them. It also helps that people like to feel smart as they're solving them. Still, the Atari - and its rival Odyssey 2 - were blessed with more than just maze and cube games.

Established games were mined for their gameplay and there were releases of Othello and Tic-Tac-Toe. They put the art of thinking at the heart of gameplay which meant that those who didn't want to blast their way through a game and instead preferred a slower pace were being catered for. But, by establishing that computers could be a perfect platform for puzzles, such games allowed later, more innovative, titles like the unique Qix to flourish in Qix was intriguing. The idea was to complete each screen by filling it with at least 75 percent of your colour by drawing stix or lines, before Qix multicoloured lines came to get you.

In many respects this relied as much on luck as skill, which may go against the definition of a puzzle game. But such a combination has become commonplace in the genre. With a lot of puzzle games players are encouraged to keep trying to get better and, in many ways, they always lose.

The principle of effectively only allowing players to control how long they can go on for before they do lose is prevalent among so many puzzle games. HR: Puzzle games rely on basic mathematical geometric concepts. This means they do not rely on popular characters like Mario or Angry Birds or on popular game mechanics adventure games or farming games. They rely on timeless concepts.

Euclidian geometry is not a fad, it's how we have been building things for the last 2, years. What lessons can be learned from looking at Tetris? AP: To me, Tetris is a game - a very fun game - but its intent was never to teach any lessons. Nevertheless, I've heard it might help with reaction time and making decisions quickly.

When you find a great game, don't bury it in a mountain of fancy graphics and special P. Making chess pieces colourful and animated does not make chess a better game. In fact, more decoration is just distracting. Tetris is a simple game. If you find a simple game that works, Keep It Simple, Stupid. If we had never played Tetris, how would you sum it up in 20 words? AP: Different shapes fall down.

Pack them together as dense as possible so they disappear, giving you more space to play. HR: Tetris is a very compelling computer game in which you manipulate falling geometric shapes into forming solid lines of blocks. Each of the four walls had to be kept as clear as possible by the player. Five identical-style hats needed to be stacked in order to clear them.

With this Virtual Boy exclusive, the mind- bending properties of Tetris went up a notch as you looked into a 3D playing field with a contraption strapped to your head. You had to help a professor get to the bottom of the screen using the usual Tetris methods before a spiked ceiling came down on his head.

Released in , it was time for a fresh spin, so the Nintendo 64 game provided it by allowing gamers to create four by foursquares of four pieces that turned gold or silver. Three upcoming pieces were also shown and a spare piece could be set aside for later. It seems so. Tetris Party for the Wii supported the Balance Board, of all things, and encouraged multiplayer. You had to lean left or right to move the blocks and lean forward to drop them.

Squatting rotated them. Sliding block puzzles were invented in but, in , Loco-Motion showed how computer games could update such an old format by including a train. Players had to move track pieces into vacant squares to ensure that the train would continue to shunt along while also picking up passengers at the stations that surrounded the playing area. With a crazy train that your locomotive had to avoid thrown in for good measure, it was an example of an early arcade-puzzler that kept gamers on their toes by introducing an element of danger.

Eight years later the principle still remained popular. Pipe Mania didn't have sliding blocks, but you had to place pieces of pipe on a board to prevent fast flowing flooz from oozing out. Puzzle games got the adrenaline pumping. The intervening period was a golden one for puzzle games. Moving tiles became a recurrent theme. Gamers needed to use a mechanical boot to kick squares, diamonds and crosses, connecting a series of logic gates to the boot in order to only kick the positive objects.

And then, in , came Tetris. I created Tetris almost 30 years ago, and given we are still talking about it today tells you something about its popularity. Its popularity peaked at the end of the Eighties when it was bundled with Nintendo's Game Boy. Since he was under state employment, he was unable to receive royalties for the game. In the meantime, Nintendo had snapped up the Tetris license, bundled the title with its Game Boy shown here and created history.

Players have a series of dots on the screen and they need to connect them so that they form a loop. To make things trickier, there are numbers within the squares that the dots make up. Chip McCallahan had to nip around each level collecting chips while working out which buttons to press, which doors needed unlocking and which monsters needed avoiding. Chuck Sommerville, who created the game, loved Boulder Dash-.

Other times, gamers took great delight in nuking the lot of them. It runs as a narrative which requires the solving of puzzles that reveal the way forward to continue the story. It includes memory puzzles, logic puzzles, jigsaws and more, with the gamer trying to discover the rules as much as the actual end result. Tricky and intriguing, it remains popular.

Starring the dragons from Bubble Bobble, the game spawned a host of sequels and spin-offs and has been much-cloned since then. The pipe had to be connected to an exit so that the gloop could work its way out, but you had no control over which piece you had to place - forcing you to try and work ahead.

For example, you may need to get a ball through a hoop so you placed different pieces on the screen in order to achieve this. It was » [Mega Drive] Tetris spawned a slew of imitators. This is. Similar to the action strategy game The Pit, Boulder Dash was a casual brain-puzzler, the likes of which remain in vogue today. Boulder Dash had to be addictive enough for me to stick with it for the six months it took to develop. The basic mechanics of rocks and dirt are what drives the game - it's like playing in a sandbox.

The other elements - the jewels, enemies, walls and so on - are there to shape your activities and give you goals. For me, it is an action puzzler that engages multiple parts of your brain - and your inner five-year-old knows that rocks and dirt are tons of fun. They were simple, which Peter says led to predictability, but they could be combined in a rich set of interactions.

Such a thing is common today, so it would be stretch to say that today's developers have a lot to learn from Boulder Dash. Another puzzle game worth of note is the excellent The Fool's Errand, which used meta-puzzles in a strategy fantasy game that had a well-crafted narrative.

The game also contained a huge puzzle that could only be solved when other smaller ones were cracked and the gamer had to dig deep into the story for clues. It's was extremely popular at the time and arguably paved the way for games like the Professor Layton series, which now feature similar narrative puzzles to solve.

Tetris, however, defined the late Eighties, and developers were keen to create something that mimicked its success. Columns was Sega's effort to provide an alternative to Tetris and hit the arcades in , before ending up on the Mega Drive and Game Gear where it went head-to-head with the Game Boy and sparked inevitable comparisons.

The falling-tile genre was well and truly established. Columns - in which groups of three colour blocks needed to be arranged into sequences of three or more, whether that be horizontally, vertically or diagonally - became a classic game. The same could be said of Chip's Challenge, which was a puzzler full of character for the fledgling Atari Lynx in Pac-Attack, which was influenced by Columns, did not quite have the same impact but was a good example of the trend to take existing characters from non-puzzle games and use them in brain teasers.

Wario was in Wario's Woods. Kirby appeared in Kirby's Star Stacker. British gaming characters were not immune to this videogame synergy either - the Oliver twins stuck Dizzy into puzzle games too. We thought a maze game that allowed you to change the positions of the walls whilst playing was very interesting.

We had this vague idea that we could push walls to change the maze and that Dizzy would push blocks into enemies to destroy them, much like dropping apples on the enemies in Mr Do. Loopz was a critical hit that involved making loops from shapes that had lines or angles etched on them. In Rampart, small blocks made up a castle wall that you had to defend in a game that mixed strategy and shoot- 'em-up with puzzle elements that were inspired by Tetris.

But not everything involved tiles. Lemmings was developed by DMA Design in The player carefully guided lemmings across perilous terrain and tried to get as many of them home safely as possible while digging, building and blowing things up.

It was the first puzzle game to utilise destructible scenery. This is why levels were complex to design and such a joy to figure out and complete. You could do them any way you like - sometimes, in a totally different manner from the way the original level designer thought of. The best levels were ones where there was only one obscure solution. This is because it was so hard to think of exactly the same solution as the original author.

Puzzle Bobble, which was also known as Bust-A- Move, was a tile-matching arcade puzzler that had a pointer device firing bubbles against other bubbles that has since spawned a vast number of clones. Taito knocked out some good puzzle games including Puchi Carat and Cleopatra Fortune. The third dimension also became important, whether for the PSone game Intelligent Qube in or the 3D Tetris- with-a-twist puzzler Wetrix, which was developed by Ste and John Pickford.

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