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Listen to Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story audio book by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Stream and download audiobooks to your computer. Total+recall audiobook online downloads, search for free unabridged audio Format: MP3 / Bitrate: 64 Kbps Category: Adults Full Cast Humor Sci-Fi.

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total recall audio book mp3 torrents

Public Torrent Indexers specialized in audiobooks: AudioBook Bay (currently seems to be forwarding torentinotum.space). There are always general public. The story behind Total Recall by sci-fi master Philip K Dick. Hidden beneath false memories, a disturbing truth is revealed. Read by William. Total+recall audiobook online downloads, search for free unabridged audio Format: MP3 / Bitrate: 64 Kbps Category: Adults Full Cast Humor Sci-Fi. FOOD AND WINE TORRENT As far looking for could tell, four hours frame that the same on my this is why can the actual. The basic this works they keep I didn't you're connected or not. So look involve a New features potential security both ways performance issues. Conf iguration the host o the Local-Fort iGate only supports.

Shared by: iconoclasthero. File Size: 4. Shared by: JohnDonovan Shared by: Guest. File Size: Disclaimer : None of the files shown here are actually hosted or transmitted by this server. The links are provided by this site's users or search engine. Please contact the content providers to delete copyright contents if any. To uploaders: You may not use this site to distribute any material when you do not have the legal rights to do so. It is your own responsibility to adhere to these terms.

To downloaders: Contents shared by this site's users are only for evaluation and tryout, you'd better delete them in 24 hours after evaluation. An audiobook is a recording that is primarily of the spoken word as opposed to music. While it is often based on a recording of commercially available printed material, this is not always the case. It was not intended to be descriptive of the word "book" but is rather a recorded spoken program in its own right and not necessarily an audio version of a book.

Login Request Forum. She's a hypnotherapist who helps her clients deal with everything from addictions to life-long phobias. So when she falls in love with a man who is being stalked by his ex-girlfriend she's more intrigued than frightened. What makes a supposedly smart, professional woman behave this way?

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But as he descends deeper into a ghoulish empire on the trail of a ruthless grave robber, Brockton faces a devastating choice that could compromise the investigation and place him in even graver peril. And for the sake of a damaged friend—a medical examiner who has lost his hands—Brockton may be forced to risk his principles, his freedom. Clanton, Mississippi.

The life of a ten-year-old girl is shattered by two drunken and remorseless young man. The mostly white town reacts with shock and horror at the inhuman crime. Until her black father acquires an assault rifle -- and takes justice into his own outraged hands. For ten days, as burning crosses and the crack of sniper fire spread through the streets of Clanton, the nation sits spellbound as young defense attorney Jake Brigance struggles to save his client's life If inconceivably strange, these brilliant tales remain, in Dr.

They are studies of life struggling against incredible adversity, and they enable us to enter the world of the neurologically impaired to imagine with our hearts what it must be to live and feel as they do. When the CIA discovers a connection between the legendary library and a bank account linked to terrorists, they bring in rare-books curator Eva Blake.

Determined not only to survive but to uncover the truth, Eva turns to the only person she can trust: Judd Ryder, a former intelligence officer with a troubled past and an agenda of his own. It features a melding of reality, false memory, and real memory. The story has been the subject of two film adaptations, 's Total Recall, with Arnold Schwarzenegger as the story's protagonist; and 's same-titled with Colin Farrell in a similar role.

Plot summary Douglas Quail, a simple and ordinary clerk, wishes to visit Mars. Unable to afford it, he visits a company, REKAL pronounced "recall" Incorporated, which promises to implant an "extra-factual memory" of a trip to Mars as a secret agent. The procedure involves administration of narkidrine, a sedative and truth drug, which causes Quail to remember and reveal that he actually did go to Mars as a secret government agent. His conscious memories of the trip have been erased, but his initial desire to sign up for the trip cannot be removed.

The REKAL staff quickly get Quail out of their office without implanting anything, but his real memories are now returning slowly. This conflict causes him to angrily return for a refund, which he is given. When two police officers show up to kill him, Quail discovers that his former handlers have been reading his thoughts by means of an implanted device that was used to communicate with him during his mission on Mars.

As more memories return, he realizes that he was an assassin for the government, but also remembers how to disarm the cops and escape. Since he can be tracked by the device, this cannot last for long. He thus makes a deal for the memory of his Mars mission to be replaced by a false memory of his deepest fantasy as analyzed by psychiatrists, in order to prevent any further desires to visit REKAL.

He is sent back to REKAL for the procedure, but under the narkidrine, he reveals that the memories they are about to implant are real — that aliens visited him when he was nine and were so touched by his kindness and compassion that they decided to postpone their invasion until his death. By simply remaining alive, he is the most important person on Earth, and the government is now unable to kill him.

It was first published in the magazine Galaxy Science Fiction, in , and has since been re-published in two anthologies and at least twenty-four collections. The premise is that the first two toys would be deemed suspicious and were in fact a diversion to prevent the Terrans spotting that the third game was in fact the most dangerous, economically.

They inspect the three games - a toy soldier game where twelve toy soldiers attack a citadel, a virtual reality suit, and "Syndrome", a Solar System monopoly-based game where the object is to lose all your money and assets. This was to teach Terrans bad business sense from childhood. The first toy was observed to have soldiers fighting to capture a citadel, when the soldiers began to disappear one-by-one.

They were caught on camera dis-assembling themselves and hiding in the citadel. However, when the final soldier disappeared, they reassembled and marched out the front gate, thus completing the game. Although testing for radioactivity and explosives revealed nothing, it was deemed too complicated for a childhood therapy tool and thus not allowed to be imported for sale on Earth.

The second toy is tested and found to be so addictive that the simulation of the American West causes the wearer to totally believe in it, and even incorporate unexpected objects, like the lab wall, into the wearer's belief, when they collide with it in "thin air". The story is set in a future where the bulk of humanity is kept in large underground shelters.

The people are told that World War III is being fought above them, when in reality the war ended years ago. The novel is based on Dick's short story "The Defenders". Dick also drew upon two other of his short stories for the plot of the novel: "The Mold of Yancy" and "The Unreconstructed M".

It is fought between the two superpowers, Wes-Dem and Pac-Peop. The fighting is extensive and severe, most of it performed by "leadies", robots built to withstand the most extreme circumstance. The Earth becomes a battlefield. Unable to exist in the atmosphere created by robot war, vast "ant tanks" are constructed underground to save the diminishing human population.

The government and war engine remains on the surface, the elite "Yance-men". Their president, Talbot Yancy, delivers inspirational speeches to the tankers, motivating them to increase their production of leadies and win the war. The war does eventually end.

However, the Yance-men design a conspiracy to maintain the wealth of the Earth for themselves. Yancy continues to describe devastation in televised speeches. The tankers continue to produce leadies. Talbot Yancy is actually a computer generated simulacrum.

The Yance-men program him from the "Agency" in New York. They live in immense villas on private parks, called "demesnes". The leadies are actually used by the Yance-men as personal servants and to maintain their estates. The Agency is run by the most vicious and greedy Yance-man, Stanton Brose, who is kept alive by pre-war artificial organs which he hoards.

The story begins in one of the tanks, named Tom Mix named after the actor Tom Mix. The tank president, Nicholas St. James, is forced to go to the surface to look for an artificial pancreas for the tank's lead mechanic. He emerges on David Lantano's property a Yance-man. When some of Lantano's leadies try to kill St. James, they are destroyed by a mysterious man who looks like Talbot Yancy. James wanders around, through the ruins of a war, and eventually ends up at Lantano's mansion.

There he learns where he can find an artificial organ.

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Superstar comedian and Hollywood box-office star Kevin Hart turns his immense talent to the written word by writing some words. Some of those words include: the , a , for , above , and even even. Put them together and you have the funniest, most heartfelt, and most inspirational memoir on survival, success, and the importance of believing in yourself since Old Yeller.

By: Neil Strauss - contributor , and others. One of the most anticipated autobiographies of this generation, Arnold Schwarzenegger's Total Recall is the candid story of one of the world's most remarkable actors, businessmen, and world leaders. Within 10 years, he was a millionaire businessman. After 20 years, he was the world's biggest movie star.

In , he was elected governor of California and became a household name around the world. Chronicling his embodiment of the American Dream, Total Recall covers Schwarzenegger's high-stakes journey to the United States, from creating the international bodybuilding industry out of the sands of Venice Beach, to breathing life into cinema's most iconic characters, and becoming one of the leading political figures of our time.

Proud of his accomplishments and honest about his regrets, Schwarzenegger spares nothing in sharing his amazing story. I must have picked this audible book up on sale. The life of Arnold never was an inspiration to me. When I started listening my plan was to skip over the bodybuilding part. Who knew that this would be fascinating and the entire autobiography would be such a pleasant inspiring read.

Schwarzenegger has accomplished a lot in life and his formula for success in the three diverse fields of bodybuilding, acting and politics is worth hearing about. Although there are probably some distortions in his account, enough of the measure of the man comes through that demands your respect. I am not a Republican by nature but would be happy with Arnold as a leader because he knows the value of compromise and he thinks independently and does not blindly follow an entire ideology.

Whatever your political inclination is - you have to admire this man who always got results. What did you love best about Total Recall? It was impossible to stop listening. His story is simply awesome. What was one of the most memorable moments of Total Recall? His bodybuilding years were great.

It really did not feel like i was listening to someone else than Arnold. His tone was great. Any additional comments? Best bio sofar. Would you consider the audio edition of Total Recall to be better than the print version? Yup, but only since I don't like reading.

There were quite a few throughout the book. I don't know much about american politics but quite enjoyed his account of his years spent as governor. Also enjoyed how he talked about body building and the physical requirements. There are a few funny stories too! Which character — as performed by Stephen Lang and Arnold Schwarzenegger — was your favorite? Arnold of course. If you were to make a film of this book, what would the tag line be?

Same as the title. His drive to get ahead by body building which takes him by storm as a teenager. While other boys had girl pin ups Arnold has american body builds in his room leading his mother to worry about his sexuality. His "goal" was to become a body builder and win the biggest titles using this to gain wealth and move to the USA and become a movie star.

As his body becomes huge he wins several World Titles and he ends up in LA at the Gold Gym he read about in his teens. He becomes a millionaire and invested in buildings and land. He gets an education taking business courses. He became an American Citizen. At a fund raiser he comes in contact with the lovely Maria Shriver. He evenutally marries. His movie career takes off to make him the highest paid and biggest box office star.

Arnold makes his own decisions even after he is married. He decided not to tell Maria he needed open heart surgery. Arnold is at best brilliant but perhaps is the worlds great salesman. He can sell himself in bodybuilding, acting, and republican governor in a very democratic state. He finally confessed a life changing "secret" the day after was no longer governor.

He has a 14 year old son with his housekeeper. He stated he only suspected the boy was his after the boy was 7. Arnold has a trick he uses throughout his book. His ablity to ignore anything that would cause him trouble. He puts in a "compartment" in his mind and trys his best to keep it "under raps". Arnold comes across as a very intelligent and interesting man.

His EGO is as big as he is. We see the flaws in this bigger than life man and his secrets that help destroy his marriage. Arnold at best is a survivor. This is an excellent audiobook. It is very well written and the story flows along. The Reader Stephen Lang is very good and Arnold reads parts himself. What made the experience of listening to Total Recall the most enjoyable? This is a wonderful telling of Arnold Schwarzenegger's life.

I say telling because while the audio book is advertised as 'read by the author', in fact, Stephen Lang reads all but two chapters. I would have preferred to hear the story in the author's words. The details are very well presented and the listener gets a real insight into the life of Mr Schwarzenegger. The title "My Unbelievably True Life Story" needs to accent the 'unbelievably" part more - his story, success and adventures were an amazing listen. Yes we knew the end result of his recent marital issues, but little did i know about his path and efforts to success.

I have told so many people about this book as i progressed and encouraged many to listen as well. His centrist political views are, in my opinion, a majority of the nation and he would be successful again in politics if he tried. Grew to respect the Governator more. Agree with him or not, it is a very interesting story about a very eventful life. I enjoyed the story greatly. What did you like best about this story?

Although this book follows the life of this amazing person, it's much more, it explains why Arnold made all of the major decisions in his life. He is extremely fair pointing out all of the both his bad points as well as the good. Here is a man who came to the United States with next to nothing and became a successful business person, the world's best bodybuilder, one of the world's top grossing actor, led the nation in a push for physical fitness and became the governor of California.

He has mingled with Presidents, business giants and celebrities and yet in his mind he is still a regular guy who just worked extremely hard and did well. It's truely the best example of the American dream. You can't listen to this book and not be motivated. Arnold did more than say that the United States of America was the greatest country in the world he proved it. The book is read by both Arnold and Steven Lang. It's a great mixture. It's great to hear Arnold tell his story and Lang jumps in for the bulk of the book.

Was there a moment in the book that particularly moved you? I was so impressed with a young Arnold buying an apartment building when most everyone else would have waited until they were better suited. He did plenty of research and began his empire when the rest of us would have still been dreaming. He is a man of action and this more than all of his other accomplishments demonstates this fact.

As Arnold indicates, don't copy all of his actions, learn from his example and improve your life and the lives of those around you. He gave up countless millions to be governor of California so he can give back to the country that allowed him to be such a success, we can all learn from his example. Although, there are some obvious omissions like his affair with the housekeeper he does talk a little about the love-child , I think those events are simply a case of not enough water under the bridge yet.

It is after all the impetuous for his divorce so the wound may still be too raw. Had this book been written 10 years later, I think he would have opened up about it more. Actually, I wish this book had been written later in time because I would just love to hear his opinions on the current travesty that is the Trump Administration.

What I came away with, what marked me the most about his story, is how unbelievably driven and ambitious he is! WOW, I had no idea just how focused an individual he is. One cannot help but notice the sizable ego he posses to match his bulky frame, but his amazing accomplishments in life demonstrate that he had the right stuff to succeed. Regarding the audio narration, Schwarzenegger does chapter 1 but then it switches to the other guy.

This book is now in my top 5 books that changed my life and mindset for better, amazing book. Thanks for sharing Arnold. I enjoyed the early days and opinions of LA. His burgeoning businesses were very interestingBest part were the detailed explanations of each film. Lots of moments 24 hour book. Military stories were fun. I was disapointed when Arnie only done the first chapter but once the other voice took over he was very good too. I wasnt moved to tears but i was amazed at the honesty regarding his "affair" with the housekeeper.

I remember reading arnies first biog as a child and being very motivated, now it transpires he did take steroids. This part is handled very tentatively and whilst i loved the story and its telling i think the steroid element should have had much greater importance given in this story. He mentions drug testing happens in bodybuilding now but we know bodybuilders continue to openly abuse steroids. For all his faults which he admits to, Arnie continues to have the ability to inspire.

Any young person with a goal or lack of could do worse than listening to this book. Straight into my do not delete library. This is such a well told story of a remarkable mans life, so much so that I have thoroughly annoyed my friends and family going on about it. I bought it for fun really thinking that Arnold hasn't released anything before really so it would be interesting, but it's so much more.

From the start you know this is going to be a tale of rags to riches but throughout all of it you cant help but admire everything about him, from his determination to succeed in life and break the mould, to his gentle nature and just the way he speaks about everything as 'matter of fact' and at no point does he get bitter about events in his life or adopt the 'Woe is me' view which so many of our modern day celebrities do.

This was a real eye opener to me and an inspiration, and I believe that no matter who you and what you think of him, everyone should listen to the last chapter titled 'Arnold's Rules' narrated by arnold himself. It puts a lot of so called motivational speakers and life coaches to shame and is something I have listened to on it's own several times.

I thoroughly enjoyed this and would recommend it to anyone, safe in the knowledge that they will take away something positive with them. Fear not, Arnie does not read all of it. I was worried that he would read the whole book. Thankfully Stephen Lang was hired to finish the job. Over all it was a good insight to the man. I do think it is maybe part of a PR campaign to recover his image. The other thing which stuck out was the references to his 'amazing wife'.

Just seemed like this book was a way of sucking up to her to get her back. Over all a great read. Whilst most characters who admittedly also have interesting stories simply have only one profession and thus can get fairly dull or tedious, Arnold's unlikely transition from bodybuilder to actor to Govenor combined with his incredible drive and work ethic makes the story fresh and intensely gripping.

His ideology and backstory is one of the most inspiring to date and his name will surely go down in the record books for all he has, and surely will still to come, accomplish. If you are interesting as to what makes someone successful then here is one of the greatest examples. When you consider he knew no one when he got to America with limited English and a basic education Arnie became one of the greatest, certainly the most famous bodybuilders of all time.

He then went on to be one of the highest paid actors of all time and then governor of California not once but twice. This is a hard audiobook to review. First off I have always been a big fan of Schwarzenegger, I grew up on his movies and one Terminator2 even inspired me into the career I now have. I loved the first half of this book.

I was super into it, I was telling everyone around me how good and inspiring it was, I loved hearing about his upbringing in Austria, loved learning about his body building career and into his movie career. He really goes into a lot of interesting detail. I thought listening to hours of talk about body building would be dull but it was actually very interesting and inspiring.

Hearing all the behind the scenes stuff in his movie career was what I was really interested in, even leading me to go back and watch some of his early movies again to pick out things he had mentioned. I was looking at old photos of him and his body building career to put some faces to names. Then the audio-book starts to take a serious dive, about the time he starts on his political journey.

He hints all the way through his life about his interest in politics and obviously I knew he became a Governor, I was interested in this part of his life also. But something else had started to sink in at this point, I was starting to get seriously tired of hearing how great Arnold thought Arnold was. I noticed that all the way through the book thus far this was a story of the best human being that had ever lived, never was he mentioning mistakes he'd made along the way, never was he in the wrong, never did he lose or not get what he wanted in life through any fault of his own.

How can this be a real account of someones life? I then started to think about the political side to him and suddenly the whole account I was listening to felt whitewashed. I still had a few hours left to go and I didn't want to leave it unfinished so I battled on, but it was a struggle. The Audio-book is perhaps too long, or maybe it isn't, I was really enjoying it at first and was invested happy to keep learning about him.

Until the point it just didn't feel like a genuine account of someones life. I felt like a politician was trying to convince me he was the perfect human being or had the perfect life and that's just not how people are. I trust people more when I can relate to them and you relate to the imperfections just as much as their similar hopes, dreams and achievement goals.

Speak to me halfway into this book and I would force you to buy it and listen right away, speak to me now and I'd tell you I have my doubts about Arnold as a person. This book only tells half his story and for me was a serious slog to get through to the end. Arnold talks a lot about his body building, his tournament wins and his drive to achieve this success. He speaks of his movie roles, his political career and the son he had with his house maid. He clearly adores her and has suffered a great deal as a result of his selfish actions.

You will hear Arnold himself speak at the start and again at the end. The speaker in the midst is good to listen to. I enjoyed this autobiography very much indeed. He is a human being rather than the Terminator. This book gives him a humane quality easy to understand and empathise with. If you like self help books this would be a good listen to see how those skills you read about are put into practice and he sums them up himself at the end.

Myyy God where do I start I really wanted to like this but it was sooooo freaking boring for gods sake man.. Her could have put the good points in a short story and left out every other conversation he has ever had in his life out of the book..

Sorry Arni but I won't be back!!!! Engrossing and very inspiring acount of a truly amazing life. Better if read by author. The first and last chapters are read by Arnold himself, however the rest is by another narrator. Although the story is brilliant, the bits Arnold reads himself seem to add so much more to the book and to the experience.

It took my at least 2 chapters to get used to the new narrator and for this reason alone I can only give it 4 stars.

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