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This isn't the main reason why she's depressed, but it's one of the bigger reasons. Flat and dull when sad, poofy and colorful when happy. Its currently flat and dull. Rosebud AU -Rosebud is the nickname I've given to the character this story mainly focuses on. It only works on the flower people though, like how Peach's crown only works on Toads. They're called Shapies and can work on anything that can eat. They would fight until the thing attacking was killed or they died.

Mochi AU -Mochi is the nickname I've given to the character this story mainly focuses on. Each man had to make provision for one month in the year. And there was one governor who was over the land. They ate and drank and were happy.

They brought tribute and served Solomon all the days of his life. And he had peace on all sides around him. They let nothing be lacking. He spoke also of beasts, and of birds, and of reptiles, and of fish. Arthur "Harpo" Marx born Adolph Marx; November 23, — September 28, was an American comedian, actor, mime artist, and musician, and the second-oldest of the Marx Brothers.

In contrast to the mainly verbal comedy of his brothers Groucho Marx and Chico Marx, Harpo's comic style was visual, being an example of both clown and pantomime traditions. He wore a curly reddish blond wig, and never spoke during performances he blew a horn or whistled to communicate.

He frequently used props such as a horn cane, made up of a pipe, tape, and a bulbhorn, and he played the harp in most of his films. Harpo was born on November 23, , in Manhattan. The turn-of-the-century tenement that Harpo later called in his autobiography Harpo Speaks! Just across the street were the oldest brownstones in the area, owned by people like David L.

Loew and William Orth. Minnie's brother was Al Shean. Marx's family was Jewish. His mother was from East Frisia in Germany, and his father was a native of Alsace in France and worked as a tailor. Harpo received little formal education and left grade school at age eight mainly due to bullying during his second attempt to pass the second grade. He began to work, gaining employment in numerous odd jobs alongside his brother Chico to contribute to the family income, including selling newspapers, working in a butcher shop, and as an errand office boy.

Multiple stories—most unsubstantiated—exist to explain Harpo's evolution as the "silent" character in the brothers' act. In his memoir, Groucho wrote that Harpo simply wasn't very good at memorizing dialogue, and thus was ideal for the role of the "dunce who couldn't speak", a common character in vaudeville acts of the time.

Harpo gained his stage name during a card game at the Orpheum Theatre in Galesburg, Illinois. The dealer Art Fisher called him "Harpo" because he played the harp. He learned how to hold it properly from a picture of an angel playing a harp that he saw in a five-and-dime. No one in town knew how to play the harp, so Harpo tuned it as best he could, starting with one basic note and tuning it from there.

Three years later he found out he had tuned it incorrectly, but he could not have tuned it properly; if he had, the strings would have broken each night. Harpo's method placed much less tension on the strings. They spent their time listening to him, fascinated by the way he played. The major exception was Mildred Dilling, a professional harpist who did teach Harpo the proper techniques of the instrument and collaborated with him regularly when he had difficulty with various compositions.

In the autobiography Harpo Speaks! Unlike Chico, Harpo could play only two songs on the piano, "Waltz Me Around Again, Willie" and "Love Me and the World Is Mine," but he adapted this small repertoire in different tempos to suit the action on the screen.

He was also seen playing a portion of Rachmaninoff's "Prelude in C minor" in A Day at the Races and chords on the piano in A Night at the Opera, in such a way that the piano sounded much like a harp, as a prelude to actually playing the harp in that scene. Harpo had changed his name from Adolph to Arthur by This was due primarily to his dislike for the name Adolph as a child, he was routinely called "Ahdie" instead.

The name change may have also happened because of the similarity between Harpo's name and Adolph Marks, a prominent show business attorney in Chicago. His first screen appearance was in the film Humor Risk , with his brothers, although according to Groucho, it was only screened once and then lost.

Four years later, Harpo appeared without his brothers in Too Many Kisses , four years before the brothers' first released film, The Cocoanuts In Too Many Kisses, Harpo spoke the only line he would ever speak on-camera in a movie: "You sure you can't move? Fittingly, it was a silent movie, and the audience saw only his lips move and the line on a title card. Harpo became known for prop-laden sight gags, in particular the seemingly infinite number of odd things stored in his topcoat's oversized pockets.

In the film Horse Feathers , Groucho, referring to an impossible situation, tells Harpo that he cannot "burn the candle at both ends. In the same film, a homeless man on the street asks Harpo for money for a cup of coffee, and he subsequently produces a steaming cup, complete with saucer, from inside his coat. Also in Horse Feathers, he has a fish and a sword, and when he wants to go to his speakeasy, he stabs the fish in its mouth with his sword to give the password, "Swordfish.

Harpo often used facial expressions and mime to get his point across. One of his facial expressions, which he used in every Marx Brothers film and stage play, beginning with Fun in Hi Skule, was known as "the Gookie. Gehrke, a New York tobacconist who would make a similar face while concentrating on rolling cigars.

Harpo further distinguished his character by wearing a "fright wig". Early in his career it was dyed pink, as evidenced by color film posters of the time and by allusions to it in films, with character names such as "Pinky" in Duck Soup. It tended to show as blond on-screen due to the black-and-white film stock at the time. Over time, he darkened the pink to more of a reddish color, again films alluded to it with character names such as "Rusty".

His non-speaking in his early films was occasionally referred to by the other Marx Brothers, who were careful to imply that his character's not speaking was a choice rather than a disability. They would make joking reference to this part of his act. For example, in Animal Crackers his character was ironically dubbed "The Professor".

In The Cocoanuts, this exchange occurred:. In later films, Harpo was repeatedly put in situations where he attempted to convey a vital message by whistling and pantomime, reinforcing the idea that his character was unable to speak. The Marxes' film At the Circus contains a unique scene where Harpo is ostensibly heard saying "A-choo! It is unclear, however, whether he actually voiced the line, or if he mimed it while someone said it off-camera. In , following U.

His tour was a huge success. Harpo, having no knowledge of Russian, pronounced it as "Exapno Mapcase". At that time Harpo and the Soviet Foreign Minister Maxim Litvinov became friends and even performed a routine on stage together. During this time he served as a secret courier; delivering communiques to and from the US embassy in Moscow at the request of Ambassador William Christian Bullitt, Jr.

In Harpo Speaks! The Russia trip was later memorialized in a bizarre science fiction novella, The Foreign Hand Tie by Randall Garrett, a tale of telepathic spies which is full of references to the Marx Brothers and their films The title itself is a Marx-like pun on the dual ideas of a "foreign hand" and a style of neckwear known as a "four-in-hand tie. In , he was one of a number of performers and celebrities to appear as caricatures in the Walt Disney Production of Mickey's Polo Team. Harpo was part of a team of polo-playing movie stars which included Charlie Chaplin and Laurel and Hardy.

His mount was an ostrich. Harpo is playing the harp, and wakes up Popeye's baby, and then Popeye punches and apparantly "kills" him. After Popeye hits him, a halo appears over his head and he floats to the sky. When he first appears, he is chasing a woman, but the woman later turns out to be Groucho. Harpo also took an interest in painting, and a few of his works can be seen in his autobiography.

In the book, Marx tells a story about how he tried to paint a nude female model, but froze up because he simply did not know how to paint properly. The model took pity on him, however, showing him a few basic strokes with a brush, until finally Harpo fully clothed took the model's place as the subject and the naked woman painted his portrait. Harpo made television appearances through the s and 60s, including a episode of I Love Lucy, in which he and Lucille Ball re-enacted the famous mirror scene from the Marx Brothers movie Duck Soup Harpo and Chico played a television anthology episode of General Electric Theater entitled "The Incredible Jewelry Robbery" entirely in pantomime in , with a brief surprise appearance by Groucho at the end.

In , he appeared in an episode of The DuPont Show with June Allyson entitled "A Silent Panic", playing a deaf-mute who, as a "mechanical man" in a department store window, witnessed a gangland murder. A visit to the set inspired poet Robert Lowell to compose a poem about Marx. Harpo's two final television appearances came less than a month apart in late Harpo married actress Susan Fleming on September 28, The wedding became public knowledge after President Franklin D.

Roosevelt sent the couple a telegram of congratulations the following month. Harpo's marriage, like Gummo's, was lifelong. Groucho was divorced three times, Zeppo twice, Chico once. The couple adopted four children: Bill, Alex, Jimmy, and Minnie.

So when I leave for work, I want a kid in every window, waving goodbye. Harpo was good friends with theater critic Alexander Woollcott, and became a regular member of the Algonquin Round Table. He once said his main contribution was to be the audience for the quips of other members. Kaufman and Moss Hart based the character of "Banjo" on Harpo.

Harpo later played the role in Los Angeles opposite Woollcott, who had inspired the character of Sheridan Whiteside. In Harpo published his autobiography, Harpo Speaks!. Because he never spoke a word in character, many believed he actually was mute. A reporter who interviewed him in the early s wrote that "he [Harpo] According to those who personally knew him, Harpo's voice was much deeper than Groucho's, but it also sounded very similar to Chico's.

His son, Bill, recalled that in private Harpo had a very deep and mature soft-spoken voice, but that he was "not verbose" like the other Marx brothers; Harpo preferred listening and learning from others. Sherman burst into tears when Harpo announced his retirement from the entertainment business. Comedian Steve Allen, who was in the audience, remembered that Harpo spoke for several minutes about his career, and how he would miss it all, and repeatedly interrupted Sherman when he tried to speak.

The audience found it charmingly ironic, Allen said, that Harpo, who had never before spoken on stage or screen, "wouldn't shut up! Harpo Marx died on September 28, , his 28th wedding anniversary , at age 75 in a West Los Angeles hospital, one day after undergoing heart surgery.

Harpo's death was said to have hit the surviving Marx brothers very hard. Groucho's son Arthur Marx, who attended the funeral with most of the Marx family, later said that Harpo's funeral was the only time in his life that he ever saw his father cry. In his will, Harpo Marx donated his trademark harp to the State of Israel. His remains were cremated, and his ashes were scattered at a golf course in Rancho Mirage, California.

In the original cartoon, Jasper was one of the bumbling crooks who along with his cohort Horace, kidnapped the dalmatians for Cruela Dev Vil. Paul Walter Hauser will be playing Horace in the upcoming film. Emma Stone is portraying Cruella De Vil, the villain who is obsessed with capturing the titular puppies. The cast also includes Emma Thompson. Tony McNamara penned the most recent version of the script, with Dana Fox having written a previous draft.

His song is stuck in my head. Cinderella on Broadway is a musical revue in two acts by Bert Grant music and Harold Atteridge book and lyrics. She loses the book and the Prince with it. She must pursue him from the Moon and back to Broadway. While camped in Connecticut, some rambunctious Romeos raised a ruckus! Instead headed to the Jersey Shore for one final round of fraught fixes.

Next stop -- The Winter Garden. The original production was produced by the Shuberts and opened at the Winter Garden Theatre on June 24, and ran performances, closing September 25, It was staged by J. Huffman, with musical staging by Allan K. The large cast was headed by Eileen Von Biene as Cinderella.

Her elusive but charming Prince was Stewart Baird. Shean was the Uncle of the Marx Brothers. Shubert, and we know you can do them, so why not? Cinderella on Broadway included several male characters played by women. Courtesy of Shubert Archive. Cinderella returned to Atlantic City, albeit in different forms like the Cinderella Ballet and Cinderella the rock band.

Beloved peasants! I am now officially the Tsar of Marinovka Russia. I always knew deep inside that I was the Tsar of Marinovka, but tried to deny it and live the life of a non-nobility that I was assigned at birth. No longer! While this title was bought online, I identify as a real Tsar of ancient and nobel pedigree.

I demand you respect that and my lived experience as having the divine right of Kings. S We thank our subject Shean L. Even I myself will magnify the pyre. Eze mbkr hxan lqok vgm dur hyxmim tktih rtk rtkih gm-bwlu yxmih btoch gm yxm The chosen of the flock, take, and also the pyre of bones under it. Churn, churn it, even boil her bones in her midst. The king answered and said to Daniel, Your God whom you revere in your generation, he will liberate you.

The king answered and said to Daniel, Daniel, servant of the living God, your God whom you revere in your generation, has he been able to liberate you from the lions? Field-grass like bulls they will make you taste, and seven times will be renewed about you, until that you know that the authority is of the Supreme in the kingdom of mortals, and to whom he pleases he will give it. Dan umilta di-mlca wail iqirh vaokrn la aitii di ikvvinh qvdm mlca lhn alhin di mdrhon ym-bwra la aitohi di ym And the thing that the king asks is rare, and no other there is that can divulge before the king, except the gods whose tenancy is not with flesh.

You are that head of gold. Dan nbucdnaxr mlca lcl-ymmia aumia vliwnia di-diirin bcl-arya wlmcon iwgi di cl Nebuchadnezzar the king, to all peoples, clans, and tongues that are tenants in all the earth, peace be augmented to you. Dan badiin drivvw mlca ctb lcl-ymmia aumia vliwnia di-diirin bcl-arya wlmcon iwgi di cl Then Darius the king wrote to all peoples, clans, and tongues that tenant in all the earth, Peace be augmented to you.

And with the animals of the field will be your tenancy. And field-grass as a bullock will be your taste. And from the dew of the heavens you will be wet. And seven times will be renewed over you, until you know that the authority is of the Supreme in the kingdom of mortals, and to whom he pleases, he will give it. Dan vcl-diiri arya clh kwibin ucmxbiih ybid bkil wmia vdiiri arya vla aitii di-imki bidih viimr lih mh ybdt cl arx And the tenants of the earth are reckoned as nothing.

And as he pleases, he does with the wealth of the heavens, and the tenants of the earth. And none there is that can impale his hand, or say to him, What are you doing? Dan yopiih wpir vanbih wgia umzon lcola-bih tkotohi t'tlil kivvt bra ubynpohi idurn xipri wmia uminih iitzin cl-bwra ynp xpr Its leaves glistened, and its greenness augmented, and it was plump for all in it. Under its awning, the animals of the field, and in its boughs the birds of the heavens tenanted. And a portion of its plumpness was for all flesh.

Dan vcl-diiri arya clh kwibin ucmxbiih ybid bkil wmia vdiiri arya vla aitii di-imki bidih viimr lih mh ybdt wmim arx And the tenants of the earth are reckoned as nothing. Dan vyopiih wpir vanbih wgia umzon lcola-bih tkotohi tdur kivvt bra ubynpohi iwcnn xipri wmia tkt kih And its leaves glistened, and its greenness augmented, and it was plump for all in it. Under it the animals of the field tenanted, and in its boughs the birds of the heavens roosted.

In these settled the children of Joseph child of Israel. RJos val-hmlcim awr mxpon bhr ubyrbh ngb cinrot ubwpilh ubnpot dor mim nvp im And to the kings that were northward on the mountain, and on the steppe south of Harps, and in a lowly place, and on the elevation of Dor seaward. And his servants said to him, Behold a woman, a superior of necromancy, at Endor. Psa vla ihiu cabotm dor sorr umorh dor la-hcin libo vla-namnh at-al ruko ab srr and not become like their ancestors, a rebellious and provocative generation, a generation not preparing its heart, and whose spirit did not believe God.

Psa zry iybdnu isupr ladonii ldor advn A seed will serve him. It will be recounted of my Lord for a generation. Lev amor alihm ldoroticm cl-aiw awr-iqrb mcl-zrycm al-hqvdwim awr iqdiwu bni-iwral lihvh v'tumato yliv vncrth hnpw hhia mlpnii ani ihvh al cl Say to them, For your generations, everyone who will approach from all your seed to the holy things, that the children of Israel will sanctify to Yahweh, and his uncleanness is over him, then that being will be cut off from my presence.

I am Yahweh. Jos vnamr vhih ci-iamru alinu val-dorotinu mkr vamrnu rau at-tbnit mzbk ihvh awr-ywu abotinu la lyolh vla lzbk ci-yd hua bininu ubinicm al akr So we said, And it will be that when they say to us or to our generations tomorrow, that we will say, You see the manner of the altar of Yahweh that our ancestors made, not for burnt offerings and not for sacrifice, but a witness it is, between us and you.

Deu am-irah aiw banwim halh hdor hry hzh at harx h'tobh awr nwbyti ltt laboticm alh ryy It will not be that anyone will see, among these incurables, this evil generation, the good land that I swore to give to your ancestors. Psa wm pkdu pkd ci-alohim bdor xdiq alvh xdiq There they dread dread, because God is in the generation of one who is righteous.

Psa zcr lyolm brito dbr xivvh lalf dor alp He remembers forever his covenant, the word he commanded to a thousand generations,1Ch zcru lyolm brito dbr xivvh lalf dor alp Remember forever his covenant, the word he commanded to a thousand generations, RDeu vamr hdor hakron bnicm awr iqumu makricm vhnocri awr iboa marx rkoqh vrau at-mcot harx hhia vat-tkluaih awr-kilh ihvh bh amr akr And he said, The generation following of your children who will arise after you, and the foreigner that will come from a land far off, and see the defeats of that land and the diseases with which Yahweh has made her ill,Psa haps lnxk ksdo gmr aomr ldor vdor amr dvr Is it ended in perpetuity, his kindness?

Obliterated, a promise from generation to generation? Will you draw out your anger from generation to generation? Gen viamr alohim zat aot-hbrit awr-ani notn bini ubinicm ubin cl-npw kih awr aitcm ldorot yolm at ylm And God said, This is the sign of the covenant that I give between me and you, and every being that has life that is with you for generations evermore.

Lev vam la-iigal yd-mlaot lo wnh tmimh vqm hbit awr-byir awr-lo komh lxmitut lqonh aoto ldorotiv la iixa biobl at la And if it is not redeemed during the fulfillment of its complete year, then the house that is in the city that has a wall will be upheld in finality to the one who bought it for his generations. It will not come out in the Jubilee. Isa myoxr ummwp't luqk vat-doro mi iwokk ci ngzr marx kiim mpwy ymi ngy lmo at mi From coercion and from judgment he is taken, and who will ponder his generation?

Because he was disconnected from the land of the living, from the transgressions of my people, their contagion. Num dbr al-bni iwral vamrt alihm vywu lhm xixit yl-cnpi bgdihm ldorotm vntnu yl-xixit hcnf ptil tclt bgd ntn Speak to the children of Israel, and say to them that they make for themselves tassels on the hems of their garments for their generations, and let them position over the tassels of the hem a lace of amethyst. Jos ci yd hua bininu ubinicm ubin dorotinu akrinu lybod at-ybodt ihvh lpniv byolotinu ubzbkinu ubwlminu vla-iamru bnicm mkr lbninu ain-lcm klq bihvh bin akr But a witness it is between us and you and our generations after us, to serve the service of Yahweh in his presence with our burnt offerings and with our sacrifices and with our peace offerings, and your children will not say afterwards to our children, There is no share for you in Yahweh.

Joe ylih lbnicm spru ubnicm lbnihm ubnihm ldor akr bn akr About it, to your children recount, and your children to their children and their children to a generation following. Psa la nckd mbnihm ldor akron msprim thilot ihvh vyzuzo vnplaotiv awr ywh bn akr We will not conceal from their children in the generation to follow, recounting the praises of Yahweh, and his strength and his wonders which he did.

Deu la-iboa mmzr bqhl ihvh gm dor ywiri la-iboa lo bqhl ihvh gm ywr A stranger will not enter the congregation of Yahweh. Even tenth generation will not enter for it, the congregation of Yahweh. SDeu la-iboa ymoni umoabi bqhl ihvh gm dor ywiri la-iboa lhm bqhl ihvh yd-yolm gm ywr Ammonite or Moabite will not enter the congregation of Yahweh.

Even tenth generation will not enter for them, the congregation of Yahweh, for evermore. Exo viamr yod alohim al-mwh ch tamr al-bni iwral ihvh alohi aboticm alohi abrhm alohi ixkq valohi iyqob wlkni alicm zh-wmi lyolm vzh zcri ldor dor dvr And God said further to Moses, Thus you say to the children of Israel, Yahweh, the God of your ancestors, the God of Abraham, the God of Yitschaq, and the God of Jacob, sent me to you.

This is my name forever and this is my memorial to the generation of the generation. Exo viamr ci-id yl-cs ih mlkmh lihvh bymlq mdor dor dvr And he said that a hand on the throne of Yah, is a war for Yahweh against Amalek, from generation to generation. Understand the years of generation upon generation. Ask your father and he will make it clear to you, your elders, and they will say to you: RIsa la-twb lnxk vla twcon yd-dor vdor vla-ihl wm yrbi vroyim la-irbixu wm dvr la It will not be inhabited in perpetuity, nor will it be dwelt in ever, generation by generation, nor will an Arabian tent there, nor will shepherds recline there.

Isa lilh viomm la tcbh lyolm iylh ywnh mdor ldor tkrb lnxk nxkim ain yobr bh dvr krb Night and day not quenched, forever her smoke will ascend. From generation to generation, deserted, in perpetual perpetuity, none will pass through her. Isa vhua-hpil lhn gorl vido kilqth lhm bqv yd-yolm iirwuh ldor vdor iwcnu-bh dvr wcn And he has let fall for them the lot, and his hand has divided for them by line.

For evermore they will possess her, from generation to generation, they will dwell in her. SIsa ci cbgd iaclm yw vcxmr iaclm ss vxdqti lyolm thih viwuyti ldor dorim dvr For like a garment, a moth will eat them up, and like wool, a louse will eat them, but my righteousness will be forever, and my salvation to the generation of generations.

From the foundations, generation by generation, you will raise up, and you will be called: fencing for a breach, a restorer of pathways for settlement. Isa ubnu korbot yolm wommot rawonim iqommu vkidwu yri korb wommot dor vdor dvr And they will build the ruins of eras past, the desolations of former times they will raise up.

And they will make new the deserted cities, desolations of generation through generation. Jer lcn iiwbu xiim at-aiim viwbu bh bnot iynh vla-twb yod lnxk vla twcon yd-dor vdor dvr Therefore wild things will inhabit with howling jackals and the daughters of the ostrich will inhabit it.

And it will not be inhabited further in perpetuity, nor will it be dwelt in ever, generation by generation. As dawn spreads over the hills, a people abundant and numerous, such as has never been and after it will not be again for years, generation upon generation. Joe vihudh lyolm twb viruwlim ldor vdor dvr And Judah will sit forever, and Jerusalem from generation to generation.

Psa amr blibo bl-amo't ldor vdor awr la-bry dvr awr It said in its heart, I will not be moved, from generation to generation, in which there is no evil. Psa yxt ihvh lyolm tymod mkwbot libo ldor vdor dvr The counsel of Yahweh forever will stand, the devices of his heart from generation to generation.

Therefore peoples will thank you forever and ever. Psa qrbm btimo lyolm mwcnotm ldor vdor qrau bwmotm yli admot dvr qra As far as they are concerned, their houses are forever, their dwellings from generation to generation. They call dust-bowls by their names. His years are as the generations. Psa haps lnxk ksdo gmr aomr ldor vdor dvr Is it ended in perpetuity, his kindness? From generation to generation, we will recount your praises. From generation to generation I will make known your faithfulness with my mouth.

Psa tpilh lmwh aiw-halohim adonii myon ath hiit lnu bdor vdor dvr A prayer of Moses the man of God. My Lord, a habitation you yourself have become for us, from generation to generation. Psa ci-'tob ihvh lyolm ksdo vyd-dor vdor amunto dvr amn For good is Yahweh, forever is his kindness, and ever, generation to generation, his faithfulness.

In the generation of generations are your years. Psa vtikwb lo lxdqh ldor vdor yd-yolm dvr yd And it was reckoned for him as righteousness, from generation to generation for evermore. You established earth and she stands. Yahweh your remembrance from generation to generation.

Note that faithful is Yahweh in his words, and merciful in all his deeds. Hallelu Yah. Pro ci la lyolm kosn vam-nzr ldor vdor dvr For not forever is invincibility, nor is consecration from generation to generation. SDan atohi cmh rbrbin vtmhohi cmh tqipin mlcutih mlcut ylm vwol'tnih ym-dr vdr dvr His signs, how great, and his marvels, how energizing.

His kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and his authority is from generation to generation. Dan vlqxt iomia anh nbucdnaxr yiinii lwmia n'tlit umndyi ylii itub ulyilah brcit ulki ylma wbkit vhdrit di wol'tnih wol'tn ylm umlcutih ym-dr vdr dvr And at the culmination of the days, I, Nebuchadnezzar, my eyes to the heavens I took up, and my knowledge to me returned, and the Supreme I blessed. And the Ever Living, I commended, and I honoured, for his authority is everlasting authority, and his kingdom is from generation to generation.

Noah, a righteous man, was complete in his generations. With this God walked Noah. Num at cl-awr xivvh ihvh alicm bid-mwh mn-hiom awr xivvh ihvh vhlah ldoroticm hlah All that Yahweh commanded to you by means of Moses, from the day that Yahweh commanded and thereafter for your generations.

Lev vla-izbku yod at-zbkihm lwyirim awr hm zonim akrihm kuqt yolm thih-zat lhm ldorotm hm And they will no offer longer their offerings to hairy goats that they play the harlot after them, A statute everlasting, this is for them for their generations. Deu bnim awr-iivvldu lhm dor wliwi iboa lhm bqhl ihvh hm wlw Children who are born to them, third generation, will enter for them, the congregation of Yahweh. Psa tictb zat ldor akron vym nbra ihll-ih zat akr This will be written for a generation to follow, and a people to be created will praise Yah.

Exo uwmrtm at-hmxot ci byxm hiom hzh hoxati at-xbaoticm marx mxriim uwmrtm at-hiom hzh ldoroticm kuqt yolm zh kq And you will keep the unleavened bread, for in this selfsame day, I brought your hosts out from the land of Egypt, so you will keep this day for your generations, a statute forever. Exo viamr yod alohim al-mwh ch tamr al-bni iwral ihvh alohi aboticm alohi abrhm alohi ixkq valohi iyqob wlkni alicm zh-wmi lyolm vzh zcri ldor dor zcr dvr And God said further to Moses, Thus you say to the children of Israel, Yahweh, the God of your ancestors, the God of Abraham, the God of Yitschaq, and the God of Jacob, sent me to you.

Exo vrkxu idihm vrglihm vla imutu vhiith lhm koq-yolm lo ulzryo ldorotm zry And they will wash their hands and their feet so they do not die, and it will be for them a statute evermore, for him and his seed, for their generations. Days of the upright will be blessed. Lev lmyn iidyu doroticm ci bsucot howbti at-bni iwral bhoxiai aotm marx mxriim ani ihvh alohicm idy ci So that your generations will know that in booths I made the children of Israel to settle when I brought them out from the land of Egypt.

I am Yahweh your God. Jdg rq lmyn dyt dorot bni-iwral llmdm mlkmh rq awr-lpnim la idyum idy bn Solely so that the generations of the children of Israel may know the teaching of battle, solely that to their faces it was not known. Psa lmyn iidyu dor akron bnim iivvldu iqumu vispru lbnihm idy akr so that the generation to follow will know.

The children to be born, will arise and recount to their children,Exo vhih hiom hzh lcm lzicron vkgotm aoto kg lihvh ldoroticm kuqt yolm tkoguhu ihvh kq And this day will be for you a memorial, and you will make it a festival, a feast to Yahweh, for your generations, a statute forever.

You will make it a festival. Exo ubhylot ahron at-hnrot bin hyrbiim iq'tirnh q'tort tmid lpni ihvh ldoroticm ihvh And when Aaron trims the lamps between the evenings, he will burn incense on it, continual incense before Yahweh for your generations. Joe vihudh lyolm twb viruwlim ldor vdor irvwlm dvr And Judah will sit forever, and Jerusalem from generation to generation.

Isa vhua-hpil lhn gorl vido kilqth lhm bqv yd-yolm iirwuh ldor vdor iwcnu-bh irw dvr And he has let fall for them the lot, and his hand has divided for them by line. SLev uqratm byxm hiom hzh mqra-qodw ihih lcm cl-mlact ybodh la tywu kuqt yolm bcl-mowboticm ldoroticm iwb And you will proclaim this selfsame day, a holy convocation it will be for you.

All the lines of work for service you will not do, a statute forever in all your settlements, for your generations. Isa ci cbgd iaclm yw vcxmr iaclm ss vxdqti lyolm thih viwuyti ldor dorim iwy dvr For like a garment, a moth will eat them up, and like wool, a louse will eat them, but my righteousness will be forever, and my salvation to the generation of generations. SExo lil wimurim hua lihvh lhoxiam marx mxriim hua-hlilh hzh lihvh wimurim lcl-bni iwral ldorotm p iwral A night of those keeping watch it is, for Yahweh, for bringing them out from the land of Egypt.

It is this night for Yahweh, those keeping watch for all the children of Israel, for their generations. PDeu viamr astirh pnii mhm arah mh akritm ci dor thpucot hmh bnim la-amun bm s ci hpc And he said, I will hide my face from them. I see what their aftermath will be, for a wayward generation they are, children without faithfulness in them. SExo vimt iosf vcl-akiv vcol hdor hhua cl hva And Joseph died, and all his brothers, and all that generation. Num viikr-af ihvh biwral viniym bmdbr arbyim wnh yd-tom cl-hdor hyowh hry byini ihvh cl ywh And the anger of Yahweh burned in Israel, and he made them vagabonds in the wilderness forty years, until completed was all the generation that did evil in the eyes of Yahweh.

Deu vhimim awr-hlcnu mqdw brny yd awr-ybrnu at-nkl zrd wlowim uwmonh wnh yd-tom cl-hdor anwi hmlkmh mqrb hmknh cawr nwby ihvh lhm cl aiw And the days that we walked from Qadesh Barnea until we passed through the wadi Zered were thirty eight years, until all was completed of the generation of the warriors from within the camp, as Yahweh had sworn to them.

Jdg vgm cl-hdor hhua naspu al-abotiv viqm dor akr akrihm awr la-idyu at-ihvh vgm at-hmywh awr ywh liwral cl hva And moreover, all that generation were gathered to their ancestors, and a generation arose following after them who did not know Yahweh and the deeds that he had done for Israel.

Psa ihi-akrito lhcrit bdor akr iimk wmm crt akr Let his followers be cut off. In the generation to follow, let their name be wiped out. Exo val-bni iwral tdbr lamor wmn mwkt-qodw ihih zh li ldoroticm l And to the children of Israel you will speak, saying, An anointing holy oil this will be for me, for your generations.

Psa tpilh lmwh aiw-halohim adonii myon ath hiit lnu bdor vdor l dvr A prayer of Moses the man of God. Psa yxt ihvh lyolm tymod mkwbot libo ldor vdor lb dvr The counsel of Yahweh forever will stand, the devices of his heart from generation to generation. Deu wikt lo la bniv mumm dor yiqw uptltol r mavm yqw It became impaired for him. Not his children, their spot, a generation devious and tortuous.

Sonic Ollie as Ollie. Miranda Wilson Mary as Mary. Olivier Raynal Neil as Neil. Michael Damian. More like this. Storyline Edit. Did you know Edit. Trivia All the subway scenes are filmed in Bucharest where the old trains run filled with graffiti except the windows. Quotes Johnnie : [Dancing tango] Yes, I've been humble since our last meeting which I want to apologize for.

User reviews 34 Review. Top review. Yaawwnnnn fest. At all. As another review said, these "poor" dance school kids live in ridiculous lofts in Manhattan. I mean gorgeous. And even the ones with multiple teens living in them are spotless.

Seriously, they would be cramped dark and filthy if this were true to form. There's a scene with a West Side Story wannabe dance "fight". Even the subway platform that this took place on had floors so clean and shiny, there's no way anyone ever urinated on them.

The acting was atrocious, the music playing was truly horrifying at time. The only reason I am giving this 4 stars and not 1 is because I think the downstairs dancers were pretty good. Final note: this may just be an homage to the fact the the main female character, ruby, can pull her leg past her head.

Because she does that gratuitously and often. Chxface May 21, Details Edit. Release date April 8, United States. United States Romania. Official site Japan official website. Bucharest, Romania. Box office Edit. Technical specs Edit. Runtime 1 hour 36 minutes. Dolby Digital. Related news. Contribute to this page Suggest an edit or add missing content.

Top Gap. What is the Spanish language plot outline for High Strung ?

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Love you dad aka my Ride or die. Get a taste of what went down during Comforts showcase. Always bringing great energy and knowledge. It was not an easy day to be a judge with all the talent that was in the house! Happy Birthday to my good friend jjrabone and Congratulations on Motherhood! Forever love and blessing to you and your family.

Chico was the sweetest lil boy, all he wanted was love and when he wanted it he demanded it. He knew how to use those long legs waaay too well , he would grab my hands with his paw and make me pet him, It was so annoying but I would always give in. These tears are uncontrollable.

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Roger Williams Getting Started Contributor Zone ». Edit page. Top Gap. See more gaps ».

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