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All his wants were thus satisfied; but the cow, looking about her for foot! This she continued to do until first the hair of a god appeared and then the whole head emerged from its icy envelope, until by-and-by Buri the producer stepped forth entirely free. While the cow had been thus engaged. Of ih. The struggle continued evident! As he s. The Creation of the Earth Out of the flesh they fashioned Midgird middle garden , as the earth was called.

The solid portion of Midgard was surrounded by the giant's blood or sweat, which formed the ocean, while his hones made the hills, his flat teeth the cliffs, and his curly hair the trees and all vegetation. To give light to the world thus created, the gods studded the heavenly vault with sparks secured from Muspdls'heim, points of light which shone steadily through the gloom like brilliant stars.

They also fashioned the shield Svalin the cooler , and placed! The gods looked about them, and thetr attention was attracted to the two beautiful offspring of the giant Munddfari. The names proved to be happily bestowed, as the brother and sister were given the direction of the steeds of their bright namesakes, After receiving doe counsel from the gods, they were transferred to the sky, and day by day they fulfilled their appointed duties and guided their steeds along the heavenly paths.

TqUr'i ir,. The goddess of night had thrice been married, and »»v her first husband, Nagltari, she had had a son named Aud; by her second, Annar, a daughter Ifird earth : an bv her third, the god Dellinger dawn , another son, of radiant beauty, was now born to her.

The Wolves Skull and Had But as evil always treads close upon the footsteps or good, hop,ng to destroy it, the ancient in habitants of the Northern regions imagined that both Sun and Moon were incessantly pursued by the fierce wolves SkOll repulsion and Had hatred , whose sole aim was to overtake and swallow the brilliant objects before them, so that the world might again be enveloped in its primeval darkness. Thus rescued, Sun and Moon resumed their course, fleeing more rapidly than before, the hungry monsters rushing along in their wake, lusting for the time when i heir efforts would prevail and the end of the world would come.

For the Northern nations believed that as their gods had sprung from an alliance between the divine element BOrr and the mortal BestS-i , they were finite, and doomed to perish with the world they had made, " But even in iFiit curly morn I'lintlf fumhjdfitvd m the datrn Of ih«: fierce mugjjLe, Jcidiy ilsoci.

Morning, Forenoon, Noon, and Afternoon to share their duties, making Summer and Winter the rulers of the seasons. Sumnsct fium Suiiuthui ipring: Both thill walk the wtj of ycin. I hesc uncouth beings now attracted divine attention, summoning them into their presence, the gods first gave them forms and endowed them with superhuman intelligence, and then divided them into two large tosses.

They collected gold, silver, and precious stones, which they stowed away in secret crevices, whence they could withdraw them at wi[L The remainder of these small creatures, including all that were fair, good, and useful, the gods called Fairies and Eh-cs, and they sent them to dwell in the airy realm of Alf-heim home of the light-elves , situated between heaven and e:irth, whence they could flit downward whenever they pleased, to attend to the plants and dowers, sport with the birds and butterflies, or dance in the silvery moonlight on the green, Odin, who hod been the leading spirit in all these undertakings, now bade the gods, his descendants, follow nim to the broad plain called Id a wold, far above the earth, on the other side of the great stream Ifing, whose waters never froze.

In the centre of the ucm! Then was held a great council, at which it was decreed that no blood should be shed within the limits of their realm, or peace-stead, but that harmony sliotdd reign there for ever. One day Odin, Vili. Thus endowed with speech and thought, and with power to love and to hope and to work, and with life and death, the newly created man and woman were left to rule Midgard at will.

From its three great roots the tree attained such a marvellous height that its topmost bough, called Lx rad the peace-giver , overshadowed Odin's hall, while the other wide-spreading branches towered over the other worlds. An eagle was perched on the bough Lerad, and between his eyes sat the falcon Vedfolnir, sending his piercing glances down into heaven, earth, and Nad- hdm, and reporting all that he saw.

As the tree Yggdrasil was ever green, its leaves never withering, it served as pasture-ground not only for Odin's goat Heidrun. This wjter, as it trickled down to earth through branches and leaves, supplied the bees with honey. From either edge of Nifl-hcim, arching high above Midgard, rose the sacred bridge, 8ifrO. In early times, before the golden palaces in sgard were buUt, a dispute arose between the jEsir and Vanas, and they resorted to arms, using rocks, mountains, and icebergs as missiles in the fray.

But discovering ere long that in unity alone Jay strength, they composed their differences and made jieaei:, and to ratify the treaty they exchanged hostages. He wu the all-pervading spirit of the universe, the pcrsoniheatu. Odin was generally represented as a tajl. Draupuir, the emblem of fruitfulness, precious beyond compare. When seated upon his thrxme or armed for the fray, to mingle in which he would often descend to earth.

Odin wore his eagle helmet ; but when he wandered peacefully about the earth in human guise, to sec what men were doing, he generally donned a broad-hrimmed hat, drawn low over hit forehead to conceal the fact that he possessed but one eye.

Two ravens, Hugin thought and Munin memory , perched upon his shoulders as he sat upon his throne, and these he sent out into the wide world every morn' ing, anxiously watching for their return at nightfall, when they whispered into his ears news of all they had seen and heard. Thus he was kept wdl informed about everything that was happening on earth.

Odin rested his feet upon a footstool of gold, the work of the gods, all of whose furniture and utensils were fashioned either of that precious metal or of silver. The walls of this marvellous building were fashioned of glittering spears, so highly polished that they illuminated the hall.

The roof was of golden shields, and the benches were decorated with fine armour, the god's gifts to his guests. Here long tables afforded ample accommodation for the Einheriar, warriors fallen in battle, who were specially favoured by Odin. Welcomed by Odin's sons, Hcrmod and Brngi, the heroes were conducted to the foot of Odin's throne, where they received the praise due to their valour. When some special favourite of the god was thus brought into Asgard, Valfather father of the slain , as Odin was called when he presided over the warriors, would sometimes rise from his throne and in person bid him welcome at the great entrance gate.

These maidens, nine jn number according to some authorities, brought the heroes great horns full of delicious mead, and set before them huge portions of boar's flesh, upon which they feasted heartily. The usual Northern drink was beer or ale, but our ancestors fancied this beverage too coarse for the heavenly sphere.

Moreover, the supply was rxhaustkss. This miraculous renewal of supplies in the larder was not the only wonderful occurrence in Valhalla, for it is related thit the warriors, after having eaten and '". He was considered the ancient god of seamen and of the wind. In this character he was most generally known as the Wild Huntsman, and when people heard the rush and roar of the wind they cried aloud in superstitious fear, fancying they heard and saw him ride past with hia train, all mounted on snorting steeds, and accompanied by baying hounds.

And the passing of the Wild Hunt, known as Woden's Hunt, the Raging Host, Gabriel's Hounds, or Asgardrda, was also considered a presage of such misfortune as pestilence or war. The object of this phantom hunt varied greatly, and was either a visonary boar or wild horse, white-breasted maidens who were caught and home away hound only once in seven years, or the wood nymphs, called Moss Maidens, who were thought to represent the autumn leaves torn from the trees and whirled away by the wintry gale.

In the middle ages, when the belief in the old heathen deities was partly forgotten, the leader of the Wild Hunt was no longer Odin, but Charlemagne, Frederick Barbarossa, King Arthur, or some Sabbath-breaker, like the Squire of RodenWciu or Hans von Hackdberg, who, in punishment for his sms, was condemned to hunt for ever through the realms of air. I his. Till tittle me!? When, it Jin midnight msju, he hein The infant! It was generally believed among the Northern nations that the soul escaped from the body in the shape of a mouse, which crept out of a corpse's month and ran away, and it was also said to creep in and out of the mouths of people in a trance.

While the soul was absent, no effort or remedy could recall the patient to life; but os soon as it hid come back animation returned. According to mediaeval legends, Hamel in was so infested by tats that life became unbearable, and 1 large reward was offered to any who would rid the town of these rodents.

He took them at their word, and a few a? Bishop Hatto Another German legend which owes its existence to this belief is the story of Bishop Hatto, the miserly prelate, who, annoyed by the clamours of the poor during a time of famine, had them burned alive in a deserted barn, like the rats whom he declared they resembled, rather than give them tome of the precious grain which he had laid up for himself.

Srjon after this terrible crime had been accomplished the bishop's retainers reported the approach of a vast swarm of rats. These, it appear? His efforts to escape were vain, and the rats pursued him even into the middle of the Rhine, to a stone tower in which he took refuge from their fangs. They swam to the tower, gnawed their way through the stone walls, and, pouring in on all sides at once, they found the bishop and devoured him alive.

Irmin was said to possess a ponderous brazen chariot, in which he rode across the sky along the path which wc know w the Milky Way, but which the ancient Germans designated as Irmin's Way. But Mimir, who well knew the value of such a favour for his spring wai considered the source or headwater of memory , refused the boon unless Odin would consent to give one of his eyes in exchange.

The god did not hesitate, so highly did he prize the draught, hut immediately plucked out one of his eyes, which Mimir kept in pledge, sinking it deep down into his fountain, where it shone with mild lustre, leaving Odin with but one eye, which is considered emblematic of the sun. The contest of wit immediately began, Vafthrudntr questioning his guest concerning the hors« which carried Day and blight across the skyi the river Illng separating Jotun-hdm from Asgard, and also about V sgrid, the held where the last battle was to be fought.

With i ip km irwimded. Favoured by gentle breezes, they were soon wafted thither; but as the boat neared the strand Ccirrod quickly sprang out and pushed it far luck into the water, bidding his brother Mil away into the evil spirit's power. Frigga quietly replied that it was better to be poor than hardhearted, and accused Geirrod of lack of hospi. She even went so far as to declare that in spite of all his wealth he often ill-treated his guests. When, therefore, Odin presented himself before the king's palace ht was dragged into Geirrod's presence and questioned roughly.

He gave his name u Grirtmir, but refused to tell whence he came or what he wanted, so as this reticence confirmed the suspicion suggested to the mind of Geirrod, he allowed his love of Cruelty full play, and commanded that the stranger should be hound between two fires, in such wise that the flames played around bins without quite touching him, and ne remained thus eight days and nights, in obstinate silence, without food.

But for this Odin would have had nothing to drink—the most serious of ill trials to the god. Odin hegin to sing—softly at first, then loads! As the Jut notes died away the chains dropped from his hands, the flames dickered and went out, and Odin stood in the midst of the hall, no longer in human form, but in all the power and beauty or a god.

On hearing the ominous prophecy Geirrod Jusl ily drew his sword, intending to slay the insolent singer ; hut when he beheld the sudden transformation he Started in dismay, tripped, fell upon the shirp blade, and perished as Odin had just foretold.

Turning to Agnar, who, according to some accounts, was the king's son, and not his brother, for these old stories are often strangely confused, Odin bade him ascend the throne in reward for his humanity, and, further to repay him for the timely draught of ale, he promised to bless him with all manner of prosperity. On another occasion Odin wandered to earth, and was absent so long that the gods began to think that they would not see him in AsgarU again.

May queens. He was the chief ot the JEsir, inhabitants of Asia Minor, who. He also built the town of Odensh, He was welcomed in Sweden by Gy Hi, the king, who gave him a share of the realm, and allowed him CO found the city of Sigtuna, where he built a temple and introduced a new system of worship. According to another account, Gy 16 , having heard of the power ot the. In due time he came to Odin's pabec, where he was expected, and where he was deluded j?.

Still another version relates that Odin and i'rigga had «ven sons, who founded the Anglo-Saxon heptarchy. In the course of time this mysterious king ms confounded with the Odin whose worship ht: introduced, and all his deeds were attributed to the god. Odin was worshipped in numerous temples, but especially m the great fane at Upwk, where the molt so emu revivals were held, and where sacrifices were ottered. Odin Hood. Odin himself is supposed to have given his [People a code of laws whereby to govern their conduct, in a poem called Havamai, or the H-gh Song, which ortns part of the Edda.

But when he discovered the thett of the gold he angrily summoned the dwarfs and bade them reveal who had dared to touch his statue. FulJa, who was always ready to serve her mistress, immediately departed, antf soon returned, accompanied by a hideous dwarf, who promised to prevent the statue from speaking if Frigga would only deign tosmile graciously upon htm.

Otlin, discovering this sacrilege on the morrow, was very angry indeed ; so angry that he kit Asgard and utterly disappeared, tarrying away with him all the blessing! But at the end of seven weary months the true Odin relented and returned, and when he saw all the evil that had been done he drove the usurpers away, forced the frost-giants to relax their grip of the earth and to release her from her icy bonds, and again showered all his blessings down upon her, cheering her with the light of hU smile.

She therefore turned to Odin and coaxingly inquired whom he meant to favour on the morrow ; he, wishing to evade her question, declared he would not decide, as it was time for bed, but would give the victory to thuic upon whom his eyes first rested in the morning. Well on they writ a.

Odin, seeing he had been so cleverly outfitted, made no demur, and in memory of the victory which his favour vouchsafed to them the Winders retained the name given by the king of the gods, who ever after watched over them with special care, giving them many blessings, among others a home in the sunny South, on the fruitful plains of Lombardy.

Full a was very beautiful indeed, and had long golden hair, which she wore flowing loose over her shoulders, restrained only by n golden circlet or snood. As her hair was emblematic of the golden grain, this circlet represented the binding of the sheaf.

Hlin, Krigga-S second attendant, was the goddess of consolation, sent out to kis? She also listened with ever-open ears to the prayers of mortals, carrying them to her mistress, and advising her at times how best to answer them and give the desired relief. Mounted upon her fleet steed Hofvnrpnir hoof-thrower , she would travel with marvellous rapidity through fire and air, over land and sea.

Darting thus to and fro, Gas saw all that was happening upon earth, and told her mistress all she knew. In due season, to his intense joy T she bore him a son, Volaung, the great Northern hero, who became so famous that he gave his name to all his race.

Loin, Vjafo, and Sfu Besides the three above mentioned, Frigga had other attendants in her train. There was the mi id and gracious maiden Lofn praise or love , whose duty it was to remove all obstacles from the path of lovers. Syn truth guarded the door of Frigga's palace, refusing to open it to those who were not allowed to come in. When she had once shut the door upon a would-be intruder no appeal would avail to change her decision. According to some authorities, Gerjon did not remain a virgin herself, but married one of the giants, by whom she had four sons.

This same tradition goes on to declare that Odin sent her before him to visit Gylfi, King of Sweden, and to beg for some land which she might call her own. The Icing, amused at her request, promised herns much land as she could plough around in one day and night.

Getjon, nothing daunted, changed her four sons into oxen, harnessed them to a plough, and began to cut a furrow so wide and deep that the king and his courtiers were amazed. She gathered simples si] over the earth to cure both wounds and diseases, and it was her province to teach the science to women, who were the only ones to practise medicine among the ancient nations of the North.

Then there were also Vur faith , who knew all that was to occur throughout the world, and Stiotra, goddess of Virtue, who had mastered all knowledge. Holda While Frigga was not known by this name In Southern Germany, there were other goddesses worshipped there, whose attributes were so exactly like here, that they were evidently the same, although they bore very different names in the various provinces. When long grey strips of clouds drifted across the sky they said she was weaving, for she was supposed to be also a very diligent weaver, spinner, and housekeeper.

Smiling with pleasure. Holds, for it was she, gave it to him, telling him he had chosen wisely and would lire as long as the flowers did not droop and fade. The woman reproached her husband bitterly for not having brought some of the precious stones which he so glowingly described, instead of the blossoms and seed ; nevertheless the man proceeded to sow the latter, and he found to his surprise that the measure supplied iced enough for several acres.

The man lived to a good old age, and saw his grandchildren and great-grandchildren grow up around him. All this time his carefully treasured bouquet had remained fresh as when he first brought it home, but one day he saw that during the night the flowers had drooped and were dying. Knowing what this portended, and that he too must die, the peasant climbed the mountain once more to the glacier, and found again the doorway for which he had often vainly searched.

Tannhauxr According to a mcdheval tradition, Holda dwelt in a cave in the Hflrselberg, in Thuringia, where she was known is Frau Venus, and was considered as an enchantress who lured mortals into her realm, where she detained them for ever, steeping their senses in all manner of sensual pleasures.

Crushed with grief it this pronouncement, Tannhauser Red, and, despite the entreaties of his faithful friend, Eekhardt, no great time elapsed ere he re turned to the HOrselbtrg, where he vanished within the cave.

This vehicle having once suffered damage, the goddess hade a wheelwright repair it, and when he had finished told him to keep some chips as his pay. The man was indignant at such a meagre reward, and kept only a very few of the number ; but to his. It had long been cus. They were crowned with flowers by the young people, who danced gaily around them by the light of great bonfires,—a species of popular games practised until the middle of the present century, in spite of the priests' denunciations and of the repeatedly published edicts against them, Bertha, the White Lady In other parts of Germany, Frigga, Holda, or Ostara is known by the name of Brechta.

Bertha, or the White Lady. She is best known under this title in Thuringia, where she was supposed to dwell in a hollow mountain, keeping watch over the Hctmthen, souls of unborn children, and of those who died unbaptized. Bertha is the legendary ancestress of several noble families, and she is supposed to be the tame as the industrious queen of the same name, the mythical mother of Charlemagne, whose era has been me proverbial, for in speaking of the Golden Age in France and Germany it is customary to say.

In Mecklenburg, this same goddess is known as Frau Code, or Wode, the female form of Wuotan or Odin, and her appearance is always considered the harbinger of great prosperity. She is also supposed to be a great huntress, and to lead the Wild Hunt, mounted upon a white horse, her attendants bring changed into hounds and alt manner of wild beasts. Her sacred car was kept on an island, presumably Hagen, where the priests guarded It carefully until she appeared to take a yearly journey throughout her realm to bless the land.

When she passed, the people did homage by ceasing all warfare, and laying aside their weapons. They donned festive attire, and began no quarrel until the goddess had again retired to her sanctuary. They could always be detected, however, by the tip of a cow's tail which trailed from beneath their long snow-white garments. This child was very remarkable or his great size and strength, and very soon after hn birth amazed the assembled gods by playfully lifting and throwing about ten great bales of bear skins.

As he was god of thunder, Thor alone was never allowed to mss over the wonderful briilge HifrOst, lest he should set it aflame hy the heat of his presence ; and when he wished to join his fellow gods hy the Undar louutain, under the shade of the sacred tret VggdmiJ, he was forced to make his way thither on foot, wading through the rivers Kormt and Ormt, and the two streams Kerlaug, to the trysting place.

Dining fierce lightnings from eyebdb that glow. Strength k redouWed! To test Alvis's mental powers. There he stood, an enduring example of the gods' power, to serve as a waning to at! But it was all to no purpose; Thor soon overtook him, and without more ado caught him by the threat, and almost strangled him ere he yielded to his imploring signs and relaxed his powerful grip. When he could draw his breath, LoSci begged forgiveness, but all his entreaties were vain, until he promised to procure for Sif a new head of hair, as beautiful as the first, and as luxuriant in growth.

Lastly, he spun the finest golden thread, from which he fashioned the hair required for Sif, declaring that as soon as it touched her head it would grow fast then and become as her own. In spite of the pain, the dwarf kept on blowing, and when Sindri returned, he drew out of the fire an enormous wild boar, called GuHin-burst! To icrvt as a chetger the lungod Frey, Sate, of all wild born itiii ike fim.

This first piece of work. This time Loki, still disguised as a gadfly, stung the dwarf on his cheek ; but in spite of the pain Brock worked on, and when Sindri returned, he triumphantly drew out of the flames the magic ring Draupnir, the emblem of fertility, from which eight similar rings dropped every ninth night. Till they give it die rirtuc rare.

JLpki was rtow in desperation and tie prepared for a final effort. This time, still in the puisc i if the gadfly, he stung the dwarf above the eve SIP. Hastily raising his hand for a second. Brittle clashed aside the stream of blood ; but short as was the interruption it had worked irreparable harm, and when Sindri drew his work out of the fins he uttered an exclamation of disappointment for rhe hammer he had fashioned was short in the handle.

And they found that the haft by in inch wu ion ihort. But » alter it then 'mat too bit. Notwithstanding this mishap. Brock was sure of winning the wager and he did not hesitate to present himself before the gods in Asgard, where he gave Odin the ring Dmipnir, Frey the boar Gullin-bursti, and Thor the hammer Mioinir, whose power none could resist. And their ktid time Tfcur, Shoqtdenng hii toxamet. However, Loki, after enduring the gods' gibes in silence for a little while, managed to cut the string and soon after was as loquacious as ever, Jn spirt of his redoubtable hammer.

Thor was not held in dread as tht injurious god of the storm, who destroyed peaceful homesteads 2nd ruined the harvest by sudden hail-storms and cloud-bursts. Accompanied by Loki he set out in his chariot, and after riding for a whole day the gods came at nightfall to the confines of the giant-world, where, seeing a peasant's hut, they resolved to stay for rest and refreshment.

The peasant and his family ate heartily, but his son Thialfi, encouraged by mischievous Loki, ventured to break one of the bones and suck out the marrow, thinking his disobedience would not be detected. On the morrow, however, Thor, ready to depart, struck the goat skins with his hammer Mu'Vlnir, and immediately the goats sprang up as lively as before, except that one seemed somewhat lame. The culprit acknowledged his fault, however, and the peasant offered to compensate for the loss by giving the irate god not only his son Thialii, but also his daughter Itoskva, to serve him for ever.

Charging the man to take good care of the goats, which he left there until he should return, and bidding the young peasants accompany him, Thor now set out on foot with Loki, and after walking all day found himself at nightfall in a bleak and barren country which was enveloped in an almost impenetrable grey mist.

Alter seeking for some time, 1 hor saw through the fog the uncertain outline of what looked like « strangely-shaped house. Its open portal was so wide and high that it seemed to take up all one side of the house. Entering and finding neither fine nor light, Thor and his companions flung themselves wearily down on the floor to deep, but were soon disturbed by a peculiar noise, and a prolonged trembling of the ground beneath them.

But, in spile of strenuous efforts, neither Thor nor his companions could unfasten the knots which Skrymtr had tied. The gods, slipping between the bars of the great gate, presented themselves boldly before the king of the giants, Utgard- Joki, who, recognising them, immediately pretended to be greatly surprised it their small size, and expressed a wish to sec for himself.

So the king ordered a great wooden trough full of meat to be brought into the hall, and placing Loki at one end and his cook Logi at the other, he bade them see which would win. Although Loki did wonders, and soon reached the middle of the trough, he found that, whereas he had picked the bones dean, hb opponent had devoured both them and the trough.

Smiling contemptuously, Uigard-loki said that it was evident they could not do much in the eating line, and this so nettled Thor that he declared if Loki could not eat like the voracious cook, he felt conhdent he could drain the biggest vessel in the house, such was his unquenchable thirst. Immediately a horn was brought in, and, Utgarl-loki declaring that good drinkers emptied it at one draught, moderately thirsty persons at two, and small drinkers at three, Thor applied his lips to the rim.

But, although he drank so deep that he thought he would burst, the liquid still came almost up to the rim when he raised his head. Seizing an opportunity to tighten hit belt Megin-gtord, which greatly enhanced his strength, he tugged and strained but was able only to raise one of its paws from the floor. A last attempt on his part to wrestle with Utgard- Iraki's old nurse Elli, the only opponent deemed worthy nt such a puny fellow, ended just as disastrously, and the gods, acknowledging they were beaten, were hospitably entertained.

On the morrow they were escorted to the coniines of TJtgard, where the giant politely informed them that he hoped they would never call upon him again, as he had been forced to employ magic against them. He then went on to explain that tic was the giant Skrymir, and that had he not taken the precaution to interpose a mountain between his head and Thor's blows, while he seemingly lay asleep, he would have been slain, as deep clefts in the mountain side, to which he pointed, testified to the god a strength.

In the heat of the race, Hrungnir did not notice the direction in which they were going, until, in the vain hope of overtaking Odin, he urged his steed to the very itates of Valhalla. He soon grew ao excited chat he began to boast of his power, declaring he would come some day and take possession of Asgard, which he would destroy, together with the gods, save?

He furiously brandished his hammer, with intent to annihilate the boaster. This the gods would not permit, however, and they quickly threw themselves between the irate Thunderer and their guest, imploring Thor to respect the sacred rights of hospitality, and not to desecrate their peace-stead by shedding blood. Thor was at last induced to bridle his wrath, but he demanded chat Hrungnir should appoint a time and place for a holmgang, as a Northern duel was generally called, Thus challenged, Hrungnir promised to meet llior at Grioctunagard, the confines of his realm, three days later, and departed somewhat sobered by the fright he had experienced.

When his fellow giants heard how rash he had been, they chided him sorely : but they took counsel together in order to make the best of a bid situation. The day of the dud arrived. Hrungnir and his squire were on the ground awaiting the arriv'd of their respective opponents, The giant had not only a flint heart and skull, but also a si held and dub of the same substance, and therefore deemed himself well-nigh invincible.

He therefore followed a hint from ThiaM and stood upon his shield. A moment later, however, he saw his mistake, for, while Thiilfv attacked Mokerktalfi with a spade, Thor came with a rush upon the scene and Hung his hammer full at his opponent's head. Hrungnir, toward off the blow, interposed his stone dub, which was shivered into pieces that hew all over the earth, supplying all the flint stones thereafter to be found, and one fragment sank deep intoThor's forehead.

To reward his son for his timely aid, Thor gave him til P ul K axi golden-maned , to which he bad taNefi heir by right of conquest, and Magm ever after rode this marvellous horse, which almost equalled the renowned Sleipnir in speed and endurance. Gioa imniedU Y her readiness to render everv service in her jkwer to the god who had so often benefited her, and solemnly began to recite powerful runes, under whose influence Thor felt the stone grow looser and looser.

His cry of anger and disappointment soon brought Loki to his side, and to him Thor confided the secret of his loss, declaring that were the giants to hear of it, thev would soon attempt to storm Asgarti and destroy the gods. Thor a ad Thrrm Loki declared he would try to discover the thief and recover the hammer, if Froya would lend him her falcon plumes, and he immediately hastened off to Folkvang to borrow them. Artfully questioning him, he soon learned that Thrym had stolen the hammer and had huridl it deep underground- Moreover, he found that there w as little hop: of its being restored unless Freya were brought to him arrayed as a bride.

Rut when the JEsir toJd the goddess of beauty what they wished her to do. She told them that she would never leave her beloved husband for any god, much less to marry a detested giant and dwell in. Seeing that further persuasions would be useless, Loki and Thor returned home and there deliberated upon another plan for recovering the hammer. By Helmdall's advice, which, however, was only accepted with extreme reluctance, Thor borrowed and put on Freya's clothes together with her necklace, and enveloped himself in a thick veil.

He quickly led them to the banqueting-hall, where Thor, the bride elect, distinguished himself h j eating an ox, eight huge salmon, and all the cakes and sweets provided for the women, washing down these mi seel I ancons viands with the contents of mo barrels of mead.

The giant bridegroom watched these gastronomic feats with amazement, whereupon Loki, in order to reassure him, confidentially whispered that the bride was so deeply m love with him that she had not been able to taste a morsel of food for more than eight days. The giant's sister, claiming the usual gifts, was not even noticed ; wherefore Loki again whispered to the wondering Thrym that love makes people absent-minded.

When next Odin gazed upon that part of Jotun-heim from his throne HlidWCWif, he saw the ruins covered with tender green shoots, for Thor, having conquered his enemy, had taken possession of his land, which henceforth would no longer remain barren and desolate, but would bring forth fruit in abundance. Thor and Gerred , Loki once borrowed Frey a a falcon-garb and flew oft in search of adventures to another part ol jOtun-heim, where he perched on top of the gables of Geirrod s house.

He soon attracted the attention of this giant, who bade one of his servants catch the bird. Flattered by this artfol speech, Thor was induced to consent to a friendly journey to jotun- heim, and the two gods set out, leaving the three marvellous weapons at home. They had not gone far, however, ere they came to the house of the giantess Grid, one of Odin's many wires.

Some time after leaving her, Thor and Loki came to the -iver Vtimer, which the Thunderer, accustomed to wading, prepared to ford, bidding Loki arid Thiaiti ding fast to his bdt- In the middle of the stream, however, a sudden cloud-hurst and freshet overtook them; the waters began to rise and roar, and although Thor leaned heavily upon his staff, he was almost swept away by the force of the raging current.

The missile bad the desired effect, for the giantess fled, rhe waters abated, j,nJ Thor, exhausted but safe, pulled himself upon the opposite hank by a little shrub, the mountain- ash or sorb, This has since been known as 11 Thor's salvation," and occult powers have been attributed to it. After resting awhile Thor and his companions resumed their joiirney ; hut upon arriving ar Gcirrod's house the god was so exhausted that he sank wearily upon the only chair in sight.

To his surprise, however, be felt it rising beneath him, and fearful lest he should be crushed against the rafter! Wanted to lift me : o heaven. Thor, quick of eye and a practised catcher, caught the missile with the giantess's iron glove, and hurled it back at his opponent. Such was the force of the god, that rhe missile passe.

The Worship of Tbcr Thor's name has been given to many of the places he was wont to frequent, such as the principal harbour of the Faroe Islands, and to families which claim r« be descended from him. It is still extant in such names as Thunderhtll in Surrey, and in the family names of ThorWn and Thorwaldscn, hut is most cnuspicurnu. It was customary on this occasion to bum a great log of oak. According to ancient chronicles, this monarch forcibly converted his subjects.

The people, being called upon in to renounce this idol in favour of the true God, promised 10 consent if the morrow were cloudy ; hut when after a whole night spent by Olaf in ardent prayer, there followed 1 cloudv day, the obstinate people declared they were not yet convinced of his God's power, and would only believe if the sun shone on the neat day.

Once more Olaf spent the night in prayer, but at dawn, to his great chagrin, the sky was overcast. Nevertheless, he assembled the people near Thor's statue, and after secretly bidding his principal attendant to smash the idol with his battle-axe if the people turned their eyes away but for a moment, he began to address them.

He is the god of martial honour, and one of the twelve principal deities of Asgard. Although he appears to have had no special dwelling there, he was always welcome to Vmgolt or Valhalla, and occupied one of the twelve thrones in the great council hall of Ghds-hcim.

At other times the warriors joined their sword points close! Come Kit her, gcmlrmca. Of course only prisoners of war were treated thus, and it was considered a point of honour with north European races to endure this torture without a moan. These sacrifices were made upon rude stone altars called dolmens, which can scill be seen in Northern Europe. As Tyr was considered the patron god of the sword, it was deemed indispensable to engrave the sign or rune representing him upon the blade of every sword—on observance which die Edda enjoined upon all those who were desirous of obtaining victory.

Heru, or Chem, the chief divinity of the Cheruski, who also considered him god of the ion, and deemed his shining sword blade an cm hie m of its ny». But although carefully guarded in the temple, where It was hung so that it reflected the first beams of the morning sun, it suddenly and mysteriously disappeared one night.

Some time after this occurrence a tall and dignified stranger came to Cologne, where Vitdfius, the Roman prefect, was feasting, and called him away from his beloved dainties. The cry was taken up by the assembled legions, and Vi tel li us, without making any personal effort to secure the honour, found himself elected Emperor of Rome. One day while leisurely making his way towards Rome he carelessly left it hanging in the antechamber to h-s pavilion. A German soldier seized this opportunity to substitute in its stead his own rusty blade, and the besotted emperor did not notice the exchange.

When he arrived at Rome, he learned that the Eastern legions had named Vespasian emperor, and that he was even then on his way home to claim the throne. Searching for the sacred weapon to defend his rights, Vitdlius now discovered the theft, and, overcome by superstitious fears, did not even attempt to fight He crawled away into a dark corner of his palace, whence he was ignominious! When he lay on his deathbed Jie was implored to reveal where he had hidden it, but he persistently refused to do so, saying that it would he found by the man who was destined to conquer the world, but that he would not be able to escape the curse.

Tears passed by. The magic sword again disappeared for a Jong time, to be unearthed once more, tor the last time, by the Duke of Alva, Charles V. S, JmJtrtm. Various explanations are offered by different authorities ; some claim that it was because he could give the victory only to one side; others, because a sword has but one blade.

However this mav be, the ancients preferred to account for the fact in the following way: Lofci married secretly at Jotun-heim the hideous giantess Augur-bod a anguish boding , who bore him three monstrous children—the wolf j'enris, I lei, the parti-coloured goddess of death, and JOrmungartdr, a terrible serpent. Odin, from his throne Hlidskialf, soon became Aware of their existence, and also of the disquieting rapidity with which they increased in site. Fearful lest the monsters, when they had gained further strength, should invade Asgard ami destroy the gods.

All father determined to get riil of them, and striding off to jotim-hcim, he flung Hel into the depths of Nifl-hdm, telling her she could reign over the nine dismal worlds of the dead. Seeing that Fends daily increj-. With that purpose in view, they obtained a strong chain named Lucding.

Confident in his ability to release himself, Fcnris patiently allowed them to bind him fast, and when aJi stood aside, with s. The gods, perceiving now rh. Yet itiU of magic power rawt nre. Armed with this bond, called Gldpnir, the gods went with Fenns to the Island of Lvngvi, in the middle of Lake Arnsvattnir, and again proposed to test his strength. But although Fcnris had grown still stronger, he mistrusted the bond which looked so slight. Tyr l Thou eouMif new settle A It life 1 twiii two?

NW li the woLf it cM. The gods, in spite of the wolf's struggles, drew the end of the fetter Gelgia through the rock Giolt, and fastened it to the boulder Thviti, which was sunk deep in the ground. The wolf was destined to remain thus chained fast until the last dav, when he would burst his bonds and would be free to avenge his wrongs, M The milf Pcnrir, Fr«d frum the chain w Shill Itngc fh? The d warts, hearing about Kvasir's grc.

After duly mixing this blood with honey, they manufactured from it a sort of beverag? Now, although the dwarfs had brewed this marvellous mead for their own consumption, they did not even taste it, but hid it away in a secret place, while they went in search of further adventures. They had not gone very fir ere they found the giant GHIing also sound asleep, lying on a steep bank, and they maliciously rolled him into the water, where he perished. As she passed through the door, the wicked dwarfs rolled the millstone down upon her head, and killed her.

The double crime thus committed did not long remain unpunished, for Gilli rig's brother, Suttung, quickly went in search of the dwarfs, determined to avenge him. The better to fulfil this command, Gunlod carried the three vessels into the hollow mountain, where she kept watch over them with the most scrupulous care, nor did she suspect that Odin had discovered their place of concealment, thanks to the sharp eyes of his ever-vigilant ravens Hugin and Muniti.

The Quest of the Draught As Odin had mastered the runic lore and had tasted the waters of Mimlris fountain, he was already the wisest of gnds ; but learning of the power of the draught of inspiration manufactured out of Kvaxir'a blood, he became very anxious to obtain possession of the magic fluid. Drawing a whetstone from his bosom, Odin proceeded to sharpen the nine scythes, skilfully giving them such a keen edge that the thralls, delighted, begged that they might have the stone. With good-humoured acquiescence, Odin tossed the whetstone over the wall; but as the nine thralls simultaneously sprang forward to catch they wounded one another with their keen scythes, in anger ar their respective carelessness, thev now began to fight, and did not pause until thev were all either mortally wounded or dead.

When the first days of winter came, Bolwcrk presented himself before his master, claiming his reward. But Baugi hesitated and demurred, saying he dared not Openly ask his brother Suttung for the draught of inspiration; but would try to obtain it by guilt Together, Bolwcrk and Baugi then proceeded to the mountain where MYTHS OF THE NORSEMEN Gunlod dwelt, and as they could find no other mode of entering the secret cave, Odin produced his trusty itiger, called Rati, and bade the giant bore with all his might to make a hole through which he might crawl into the interior, Baugi silently obeyed, and after a few moments' work withdrew the tool, saying that he had pierced through the mountain, and that Odin would have no difficulty in slipping through.

But the god, mia- trusting this statement, merely blew Into the hole, and when the dust and chips came flying into his late, he sternly bade Baugi resume his boring and not attempt to deceive him again. The giant did as he was told, and when he withdrew his tod again, Odin ascertained jbat the hole was really finished.

X rapidly al ter him With intent to compel him to surrender the stolen mead. Odin therefore dew faster and foster Straining every nerve to rc. There -he became the portion of rhymesters a,id poetasters, the god. It was reserved for his son Bragi, the child of Gunlod, to become the god of poetry and music, and to charm the world with his songs. As the boat gently passed out of subterranean darkness, and floated over the threshold of Nain, the realm of the dwarf of death, Bragi, the bur and immaculate young god, who until then had shown no signs of life, suddenly sat up, and, seizing the golden harp beside him, he began to sing the WORSHIP OF BRAG!

At the sound of his tender music the trees began to bud and bloom, and the gnu underfoot was gemmed with countless flowers. These apples were therefore considered very precious indeed, and dim carefully treasured them in her magic casket. No matter how many she drew out, the same number a I wavs remained for distribution at the feast of the gods, to whom alone she vouchsafed a taste, although dwarfs and giants were eager to obtain possession of the fruit.

To their surprise, however, in spite of the roaring names the carcass remained quite raw. Realising that some magic must he at work, they looked about them to discover what could hinder their cookery, when they perceived an eagle perched upon a tree above them. The eagle then made ready to carry off three quarters of the ox at his share, but this ivas too much for Lokl, who seized a great stake lying near at hand, and began to belabour the voracious bird, forgetting that it was skilled in magic arts.

Time passed. Close mvestigaticin revealed the fact that she had Jasc been seen in Lokis company, and when Odin sternly called him to account, he was forced to admit that he had betrayed her into the storm-giant's power, B " B r mocking, wnrnful mkn. C J«tr. Changing the fair goddess into a nut according to some accounts, or according to others, into a swallow, Loki griped her tightly between his claws, and then rapidly retraced his way to Asgard, hoping that he would reach the shelter of Its high walls ere Thiaasi returned from a fishing excursion in the Northern seas to which he had gone.

Meantime the gods had assembled on the ramparts of the heavenly citv, and they were watching for the return of Loki with nr more anxicrv than they had felt for Odin when he went in search of OdWrir. Not a moment was lost in setting fire to the accumulated fuel, and as the pursuing ThiaJ psed over the wall, in his turn, the Hornes and smoke broug.

The Goddess of Spring The physical explanation of this myth is obvious. Idun, the emblem of vegetation, is forcibly carried away in autumn, when Hragi is absent and the singing Of the birds has ceased. Seeing that she did not return, Odin bade Bragi, Ht imdaU, and another of the gnds go in search of her, giving them a white wolfskin to envelop her in, so that she should not suffer from the cold, and bidding them make every effort to rouse her from the stupor which his prescience told him had taken possession of her.

In which bmeJf the etad. He was also implored to hasten the vernal warmth and thereby extinguish the winter fires. As agriculture was practised only during the summer months, and principally along the fiords or tea inlets, NiOrd was also invoked for favourable harvests, lor he was said to delight in prospering those who placed their trust in him.

He spent many an hour, too, gazing at the gambols of the gentle seals, which came to bask in the suii-. Although the daughter of an ugly old Hrim-thurs, Skadi, the goddess of winter, was very beautiful indeed, in her silvery armour, with her glittering spear, sharp- pointed arrows, short white hunting dress, white fur leggings, and broad snowshoes ; and the gods could not but recognise the justice of her claim, wherefore they offered the usual fine in atonement.

Tiking advantage of this softened mood, the gods pointed to the firmament where her father's eyes glowed like radiant stars in the northern hemisphere. Thev told her they had placed them there to show him all honour, and finally added that she might select as husband any of the gods present at the assembly, providing she were content to judge of their attractions by their naked feet. Blindfolded, so that she could sec only the feet of the gods standing in a circle around her, Skadi looked about her and her gaae fell upon a pair of beautifully formed leer.

She fell sure they must belong to Balder, the god of light, whose bright face had charmed her, and she designated their owner as her choice. Skadi now resumed her wonted pastime of hunting, leaving her realm again only to marry the semi-historical Odin, to whom she bore a -son called Sicmlng, the first king of Norway, and the upposctl founder of the royal race which Jong ruled that country. As Skadi was a skilful marksman, she is represented with bow and arrow, and, as goddess of the chase, she is generally accompanied by one of the wolf-like Eskimo - dogs so common In the North.

Skadi was invoked by hunters and by winter travellers, whose sleighs she would guide over the snow and tee, thus helping them to reach their destination tit safety. As it wins customary. Frey was, moreover, the proud possessor not only of the dauntless steed Blodug-hofi, which would dash through fire and water at his command, hut also of the magic ship Skidbladnir, a personification of the clouds. This vessel, sailing over land and s-i, was always wafted along by favourable winds, and was so elastic that, while it could assume large enough proportions to carry the gods, their steeds, and all their equipments, it could also be folded up like a napkin and thrust into a pocket.

Of ihipi ihc but. For tSe bri bi Frey. Nilnl'i benign ion. Looking towards the irozen North, he saw a beautiful young maiden enter the house of she frost giant Gymir. Bang deeply in love, he was melancholy and absent-minded in the extreme, aal began to behave so strangely that his father, Nihrd, be. After much persuasion, Skimir finally won from Frey an account of his ascent of Hlidskialf. He confessed his Jove and also his utter despair, for as Gcrda was the- daughter of Gymil and Angur-boda, and a relative ot the murdered giant Thiasai, he feared she would never view his suit with favour.

Overjoyed at the prospect of winning the beautiful Gerda, Frey willingly handed Skirnir the flashing sword, and gave him permission to use his horse. Provided with this portrait, with eleven golden apples, and with the magic ring Draupnir, Skirnir now rode off to Jotun-heim, to fulfil his embassy. As he came near Gymir't dwelling he heard the loud and persistent howling of his watch-dogs, which were personifications of the wintry winds. Indignant at her scoria Skirnir now threatened to decapitate her with hit magic sword, but as this did not in the least frighten the maiden, and she calmly defied him, he hid recourse to magic arts.

Terrified into submission by the frightful description of her cheerless future in case she persisted in her refusal, Gerda finally consented to become Frey's wife, and dismissed Skirnir. Frey and Gerda, wc are told, became the parents or a son called Fiolnir, whose birth consoled Gerda for the loss of her brother Belt. Camp nan? To Camp vide Encamp. Cannon llil 'b? Ben Seeb. Canopy S, D13? Cap JJ33, 1 Capability ibb! Capable bb , vide Able.

Numbers Caravan llUt, K Job Carriage vehicle. Cart nbjl? To Cast away, off, out, ITT, ; cast lots b-iia!? To Cede So? Ceiling BD, fllpl? Cell nn, Jer. Ceremonial 3n? Chamberlain D'lD 1 Samuel , 2 Kings Chameleon rfs Lev. Chamois lOT Deut. Chapiter IBX, lllb 1 Kings JV, fern. Chevalier h'n!?? Chill, Chilly, Chilliness H3X, ip, ill'lj? Chinky Vj? Chip na'prt, nVa, nD'nn Chirography n?

TO Isaiah , Mil Job To Circle, v. Mn; to circle in f]i? To Circulate, v. To Circumscribe ba? To Circumvent 3pJJ, vide to Cheat. City Til, nnp ; a good faithful city njpw npp Isaiah Jp3, 5? SP Cleft part. To Cloak nSppp nD3, Rabb. Clock 31! B'3 l? Clyster 3in Rabb. To Colliquate pill, vide to Melt.

Color D3S, ntO. D, l;:»; colored 3H3V Coloration 13? To Combat, v. Comfortable l? I K3V1 Talmud. Comparative, Compared DDl 1! Compassion D'pryi, nSt? D'Drn ; a compassionate man D'Orn b? Compilation D-lpS Rabb. Compounded To Comprehend comprise S'31, b. Computation J3f1, 11SW Rabb.

Concoction flTSH b Rabb. Conduct management escort rn 1? Confederate, adj. Conflagration rngllFI, To Conflict, v. To Confuse! Dip, Tbg, l? To Consolidate, v. To Consult, v. To Contemn t in, j! Contemptuous, -ly UN, flNJ? To Contest, v. Contest, n. Continual, -ly, 9'D9, 9 H?

To Continue, v. Dip, 9b? Contortion 91S2p? To Contract, v. T : N Talmud. To Convene, v. Convoy mb Convulsion contraction , Ch. Rabb, vide Commotion. TJj5 j a cool chamber rnppn inq judges To Cool ]1X Rabb. Co-partner Co-partnership niBflt? Coral MOW Rabb. Joshua Correctly Ji? Cosmogony npRI? Costly ip;, ijiyn ip'. Cot, Cottage H3D, fl3l!? Cough, n. Counsellor adviser pi', fem. Hpl' 2 Chron. Count, vide Account. J-Jt Ch. Courage 3. Cow rns, pi. Credence, Credibility, Credit 1DK, n:iox, nsj?

Crook, n. Crookback 33 Lev. Crow 33 1 To Crow top Rabb. To Crowd , 3 Micah X Lam. Crutch n:i? TW, 33J? To Cultivate improve land ? Cumbersome rnb 1? Cunning skilful nne»l3p 3t? Cup D13, J? Current adj-H 1?

B Currier tanner nhil? Curve, n. Dame ni'3 , rm? Y3K, d? T Daughter H3, pi. To Decay, v. To Decrease, v. D To Deduce It3 Kabb. Deep, n. JlXVin, fl 1 Jer. Defection IIP, bv. V Defence vindication niplOXfl; Rabb. K80, l? To Deform nnB'D, Rabb. To Defy D! DO W; by degrees 05 0 Bjn? JPjnO To Delight, v. Dental letters , adj. Depth rtavp, Dinn vide Deep. Judges W3 Rabb. Determined part. To Detest KJB», fi? Bt Detestable KUB». Dial, Tal.

Dialect not? DID, J? Difficult kSm, nt? Digestive, adj. EHS, Disagreeable unpleasing DJ?!? To Disappoint ,3BH Prov. To Disburse f l? Ip21 Disengaged 11D 2 Rabb. To Dismay 3. Dismission n To Dismount, v. Disproof neran Rabb. Disquiet, Disquietness, Disquietude , 3. S nD33 Psalm Dissertation O'Dn Talmud. To Dissolve, v. Domestic '13 3 Rabb. Donation, Donative! Doubled blB3 T To Doubt ny-1? Dove nil', pi. Dough npny, px? Down, adv. To Doze, v. To Drag, v. Drawn part. Dressing, n. PP, 1 Kings Driving 3R3B 2 Kings Drone sluggard bV5?

Dropsy ppPpR Tal. To Drowse, v. Drudgery IpS np3J? Dumb Dp, Hab. To Duplicate bg? Hp-Wfl Ear ]TN, pi. Easily bg. Eatable b? X3 Eater baix, f. Ebb of the tide D pn nb'3 ; ebb of life nyv 'p; Ebony D'3? Ecliptic nibjpn nil's Rabb. Effectual, -ly Rabb. Jfc»Tn, vide Old. To Elect OT3, , vide to Choose. Eloquent Onai. Isaiah Else adv. OK, J? K Elsewhere H1K D'lpt? T Embalmer To Embark, v. Emissary blip, 1TO't3 n6ei Rabb. Emphasis QJ? Ern3'33 Emphatic pin Empire Esth. To Empoverish Jer. S: Empoverisher Empoverishment nP?

To Encamp Clin Encampment 2I3np, 2! To Endow portion VlD Ex. To Endure, v. X, fem. To Enjoin Si? Enough adj. To Enshrine T3 Ch. To Enquire, vide Inquire. To Enslave T3J n, 3 negnn Deut. Entreaty iTIX??. To Enumerate 36? P To Erect, v. Escape obpp, nob? Espousals 31 nq Cant. J3 To Essay, vide Assay. Estate rank 1 Chron. J31Ef Isa. To Evaporate, v. Evidence testimony Mil?

Evil, adj. Examiner rfl3, 3p n, 3p3l! Experimental Dl'p? To Expiate 3S3 Expiated Expiation il? Extinct l?! To Extinguish destroy flCID, fl? S Rabb. Extraordinary i6pi, HIE'!? PI, ny 5! Eye pi. To Eye enviously j, 31 1 Samuel To Face, v. Dix, n'35? I Father 3X, pi.

TTJ, q! Festival, Festivity, vide Feast. Fickle t]B? DB Fiction 13, pi. T Fiery S]T5? Fig, Fig-tree nittjjl, pi. B»D t]TT, in? Firmament pnE? Fist Pjliafi? K3 nsn Fit, n. BP Job Flambeau nj«DS? To Flash, v. DnSqp Flat, n. Flat, adj. B, pi. To Flutter, v. D Foal TV, pi.

Foetus nf? Foot plur. To Forbear, v. Former, adj. JIB'S1, fem. Forthwith !? To Found, v. Frail inn, tl6n Rabb. Frog SH-ia? To Front DOB 1? DOB aO! Fuller D33,!? Fundamental, adj. HID , '3j5J? Funeral, n. Furrow , WVP' Further, adj. Futurity nil'll! Sb, SS? K3-X3 To Generate 3. Sn , p; Generous 3. D33 Gentility nb'1? Geometry 3tyEP3 r3D? Ginger 03p To Gingle!? Glare see Dazzle.

GOD D'ribx. Godly man TD? Goer 3 Vn, f. D2X Gonorrhea 31t, H? Goods, n. Grasp, n. Exod, Gratuity To Gratulate, vide Congratulate. Great Vinj, fem. Grey, vide Gray. Greyhound Tp Prov. Gross, adj. Gross, n. To Grow, v. Amos H3n3H, H3YT. H To Guide S. H Guide Tjnip, bn?!? Guild rripn. T13 Isaiah To Hail, v. OB' Rabb. Hardness pV-lD Job Hare fl3J3N V v l - Harkl inteij. Harsh Iff Hart!? Head B i S7, pi.

KJD Dan. Heavily , 'IPlp? B 3 IT 3 ; the lowest hell bw n'Rnn; deeper than hell p-'. To Help iwli, , ihjj, ary Helped ,! KjhS Dan. To Hesitate J- 1 B, vide to Doubt. To Hide, v. J with him inR, it3! Hip pits' Judges ; hipshot ID j? Hissing Hjijlfe? Hist interj. HI, 'll Zech.

D Hoarse Vlp C-lDg, fl3 in? To Hobble nba, J? Vx Hoe 11S? D; arm holes D. Holocaust nPij? Honor , 3p , , nVl? To Honor TplO, Honored 33? Hoof Hoofed adj. D'3B» Psalm ; tramping of the hoofs r30! D Horn of an animal pp, pi. PI 2 Kings Hour mi, Ch. Hue, vide Color. To Jabber, ride to Babble. Jail nnbn n'3, ride Gaol. To Jest pnb. Ignorant, n. To Illude 3pJJ vide to Deceive. Illustrious 13?

To Imbolden, vide to Encourage. Immature, Immaturely Dbp. Immediate, Rabb -yvpx 'b? B3 bilD, 0? Imminent Dili? Impeach, vide Accuse. Impeachment, vide Accusation. Imperative '-VIS 3]ll Imperceptible t. Dib' ch.. Impossible J? To Improve, v. Included bb? To Indebt, Indebted 3 13, 3 Ch. Indifferent, adj. Ezra Ineffable 1? TTt Inferior in dignity i"6? VltK Infusion Ingathering Exod. Ingenious b'Sfp, 3 b n? To Initiate, v. Ink iH Jer.

DIB' vide Examine. Instantly this instant? Intent purpose, end Pl'bpPl, Pl'lllN, often expressed by prefix b. Wn 13J? Intercalation nil'll T. HJX, vide Forbid. H, Rabb. Q PD, 22 3, Rabb. To Inthral J? Intimacy flipx, n? Invalid, adj. To Invert flDD 1? TJ'pq, npH3 Ch. P Invisible! M JP oSj? Inward, n. Jocose in - ]? Joy S'J, jVl? To Joy, v. Ire, vide Anger. To Irritate. Irritation iipn, Ch.

Irruption DpS, nV'j? Kin ilD; is it not? Itch Dnn itchy Dnnn nap Item nj'p- , Ch. Esther Judge esit? Chalin, ch. Juice of fruits D'DJf Cant. Junto V 'v Ivory 89; horns of ivory 89 7ll33f3 Ezek. Justice p3X, npnv, Deut.

Justly p3V? Juvenile r? K Kalendar I31 1? Kernel jy]n Num. Kid D'f? Kidnapper nie»D? Kine nnS Gen. Kitchen nfeap n'g ; kitchen- garden pT Kite 3'tt Lev. Kneadingtrough 33X Ex. Knee 1 33, pLD , D'jn? To Kneel, v. To Knit join, unite , 35? Laid, Lain, vide to Lay. Lamb It? Lancet 1D11 Kings , Talmud.

Land flit, naiN, plur. To Lap ppi? D Rabb. Last, adj. RTnnN, pi. D'ahns, nanx Num. Latch bu? To Latch bj? Law rnin, rn, ph, pi. Lawyer ' p'jl, pfo f? K Gen. Leaf nj? XW Xpn3 To Lean, v. Job Vl3 Learnedly Ss'f n? Least, adj. Leather ? Ledges D'aW l Kings Leek l'SH Num. Leer j'J? Left part, of to leavepXBO.

Lenient, adj. Letter character rfltt, plur. Level, adj. Level, n. J3, pi. Levy DD 1 Kings S Libel nipf, ixnj, cjiia, j!? Lie 3 3, 1pB», pi. To Lie, v. Djn n nD, Rabb. Light, n. To Light, Lighten, v. Like, adj. To Like, vide Choose. To Liken na3, nifn Likeness , fl'!? Limb nni, p3B, Rabb. To Limp, vide to Halt. Liquid, vide Fluid. Listless, vide Careless. Little, adj. Littleness Ep, Rabb. D»n Psa. Lo I interj. Nqbl To Lock, v. Locked TUp, PlJ? Jib, vide to House, lodge.

Logically ;i'3n. Logician JV3. S b3, F1C3, if? Loophole XXiD, nn? B; to let loose 'wrfe rfe Looseness diarrhoea levity n-ixna Rabb. Lore rniri, rip"? To Lose, v. Lovely anXI 2 Sam. Lover 3n'X, nil, pi. D'an'X, D'lil Loving part, adj. D'aHX Prov. B Mishnah Shabbath. W tkt? Vgfn, "Pin To Lower, v. To Lug, v. Luminous "IDT, vide Bright.

Lunation nnVn na-ipn Lunch 'K"! Lute Ben Seeb. Lyre Va. Magnetical X1? Main, adj. Make, n. Man 5? Mancipation Mandate WH in? Manhood, Rabb. To Mantle t Bypn Manual labour , adj. Many, adj. Market 3m, 37JJ. Mart inp Marten! To Marvel RbR Gen. Master I'ns, Sya, plur.

Materials , nip-ill Rabb. Maw fUi? B Maze confusion of thoughts ? T Meadow 1I7X Gen. Mealman 3 Mean adj. Mean, Means, n. TO tinw, Rabb. TTO, pi. Medal, Medallion J13t? To Meditate, v. Meekness H13J1 To Meet, v. Melancholy, adj. Melon ntSOS Num.

JpFI, pin 2 Chron. Mender JpOO, pfn» Mendicant, n. Mercenary J? Messenger pi. T J, rn'3, Talm. I Sam. Mildly nn? Saadia Gaon. Miracle flS'lD, Rabb. D3, pl. Mirror, vide Looking-glass. To Mislead 15 ni, I rt3 1 Misleader 1! To Misuse 5 n5 n 2 Chron. Mitre X0 Exod. Mixture 31 , , IjDp Psalm Mizmaze 7 D3p, Rabb.

Moist n 1? Monosyllable niX ilW Rabb. Moor a negro 'BM3 Moorland, vide Marshy. More, adj. D', Rabb. Moss nis i'xq, pi hytf njriij 0? Most adj. Jill, TIT, pi3, nbn, JO Prov. Moveables, n. To Mould, v.

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