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However, as Saint Peter said, for the Lord one day is like a thousand years. It will be in May! It will be in May next year. The devil is the only one who makes us worried about the future. As for the world and its future, the Lord said it would become even more industrialized; a godless world focused on the material. Religion will be a private activity that cannot be expressed publicly and will be monitored and controlled by governments.

The true Church will practically live in the underworld, as in the beginning of Christianity. The Jews are the ones who will prepare the way for the Lord when He comes again. The Lord has told me that the conversion of Israel must take place before Jesus comes again. He explained to me that the Jews are the elect of the Lord. Catholics are grafted into the tree of the elect as their adopted children, and the Jews are our older brothers. We must acknowledge the Jews, even though they do not yet believe.

He said that just as the Jews were chosen to incarnate Jesus, so they were also chosen for the Second Coming. Eventually Jews would convert to Catholicism en masse. The anointing of the Holy Spirit will call them back. It will happen almost overnight, in the same way that the Berlin Wall fell. When conversion begins, there will be great confusion among the Jews and many of them will kill each other. When the Jewish people, like a torrent, merge into Catholicism, it will be the last bell to announce "Jesus is coming.

These are the signs that the Lord said He would give. The Church will become smaller, but it will become the Church of True Believers In the next few years, however, many will deviate from the Catholic faith. The Lord cleanses His house and much dirt will be revealed; what is hidden will come to light.

The Church will become smaller, but it will become the Church of true believers. The times we face will not be able to endure without a faith that is radically centered in love and perfect obedience. It is absolutely necessary in this our time to learn how to truly love. Original text from medjugorje-news. To support this page please visit the site below! Familia Marino LLC. Este tema musica nos propone un estilo de adoracion clasico que sin duda nos lleva a la presencia de Dios. Sin importar religion cristiano, catolico, etc muchos han reconocido el impacto que este himno a tenido en sus vidas.

Hemos notado que muchos hermanos en Cristo procuran tocar este tema musical en el muneral de un ser querido. A Dios sea la gloria. Esta cancion nos presenta un estilo de adoracion un tanto inusual pero que sin duda nos lleva a la presencia de Dios. Sin importar religion cristiano, catolico, etc muchos han reconocido el impacto que este himno, escrito e interpretado por Stanislao Marino, ha tenido en sus vidas.

Stanilao Marino. En este Mix puede admirar una mezcla de canciones en apariencia de seleccion particular de clasicos que le alientaran a seguir adelante en la lectura de la Biblia y la busqueda de Jesucristo. Derechos reservados. Pointal Management LLC. De inmediato, responde con un rugido Es conocido, amigo nuestro. Suscribite a nuestro canal para no perderte ninguna de las noticias de Telenueve. Eurovision Song Contest. HL Tennis 2. Clasicos De Marino. JM Traspasando Fronteras. Quo Vadis.

Sin Anuncios Publicitarios. Marino — Las Se ales de Jesus Stanislao Marino — Mas Alla del Sol Marino — Donde Esta Tu Tesoro Marino — Como el Siervo Brama Marino — Por Que Te Abates Marino — Habla Por Mi Senor Marino — Hoy por la Noche Marino — Abrazate de Cristo Marino — Hechate en el Fondo Marino — Declarate Libre Marino — Jesus Saves Marino — Sobre la Roca Estoy Marino — Su Palabra Viva Marino — Da Testimonio de Mi Marino — Envia Tu Angel Marino — Hoy Mas Que Nunca Marino — Libre en Cristo Marino — Saca la Viga Marino — Como Jeremias Marino — Mujer de la Vida Marino — Tiempo de Luchar Marino — El Due o de la Vida Marino — Viva el Se or

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