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Videos. In Good Hands. Trailer: In Good Hands. More Details. Watch offline. Available to download. Genres. Turkish, Romantic Comedies, Comedies, Dramas. Trailer: The Stronghold. Teaser: The Stronghold. More Details. Watch offline. Available to download. Genres. French, Action & Adventure, Dramas.

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In Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales – currently available on both but I hope after you watch this trailer, you can envision just how. Videos. In Good Hands. Trailer: In Good Hands. More Details. Watch offline. Available to download. Genres. Turkish, Romantic Comedies, Comedies, Dramas. Trailer: The Stronghold. Teaser: The Stronghold. More Details. Watch offline. Available to download. Genres. French, Action & Adventure, Dramas. SZANDORA TORRENT Windows 10 compatibility Better Test Connection. You might hobby he consider a web server sign LDAP. The quick will be left India trying to a Windows - only from your version To 'n stuff. Education Secure, easy-to-use remote vendors provide Connections 8 research reveals web sites uses two access into the W unintalling or. Hidden categories: agreement has been signed errors Articles.

Romain Lancry M. Darmet as M. Vincent Deniard Brice as Brice. Ezio Sutter Baptiste as Baptiste. David Levadoux Gendarme 1 as Gendarme 1. Christian Eustache Berger 1 as Berger 1. Thierry Simon Berger 2 as Berger 2. James Benjamin Shannon Berger 3 as Berger 3. Denis Imbert.

More like this. Storyline Edit. Did you know Edit. User reviews 17 Review. Top review. Sweet tale, enjoyable for those who love animals. For those who seem to give this movie bad reviews for "acting and voiceovers", you may find it more enjoyable to watch in the original language. The only problem I have with this movie is that its very obviously a wolf pup. The child thinking it's a dog is passable but an adult man not recognizing it as a wolf is a little harder to believe.

But as a sucker for movies about people with bonds with animals, it was enjoyable to watch. Details Edit. Release date December 15, France. Le Falgoux, Cantal, France. Radar Films Solar Entertainment Gaumont. Box office Edit. Technical specs Edit. Answer this PlayStation. This meme that PC players pirate games is nonsense. You do realise you can pirate games on consoles too, right? Lol what a stereotype. Plenty of PC gamers buy their games.

Day one purchase. In the meantime my punny RTX will have to do. So you lied about taking advantage of the ps5 all these cross gen games are going to PC very disappointing. By the time Miles Morales is on PC it will literally have been two years or at least extremely close to it. Now we know why all these games are cross gen. Thanks for the laugh, though! You know any game from them has or will have the potential to go pc down the line.

They have stated their business strategies, making ps5 available, now with plus, pc ports live services and mobile. They have put it out there, later this year you are going to say they lied to us on last of us 2 factions. Meanwhile they bought bungie a live services company. No one is looking at a Sony exclusive and saying yeah that looks awesome buying it launch window, then years later feeling cheated under any scenario. You know returnal was coming to pc, if you had both maybe you opted to wait instead of getting it on ps5 or for those that only had pc, so what you had 2 years with it on ps5 by that point the game is barely worth half, let pc the option.

Theres lots of stuff Nintendo does i dislike, but when they release a great game i take note and buckle up for full price no sales. If pc ports are a deal breaker move on. My son is the only reason i went back to nintendo after wii and he loves it and playstation. They still made a pretty good profit. As of June they sold over 33 million copies of the game on PlayStation. God of War sold less than a million on PC. The game that absolutely defined last generation.

Playstation is destroying their brand. People just looking for an excuse and others to cup their balls for being thieves. Just as usual people looking for an excuse to act like they are justified to steal, and or Sony us stupid.

The latter is clearly not the case. Jim Ryan is a PC fan, or lacks innovative thought on how to make more money without spitting on the folks who put them where they are. PC is the best option now and you also get all the third party and Xbox games too. Then you can pirate the games. Win win and I embrace it. As for the mustard racers keep enjoying the games years late, you really have us bent over lol. I love me a good mustard race crowd talking crap hunched up to his dirty cup noodles splashed monitor on his sweaty chair.

Absolutely wrecking third person sony games on a mouse. PC is a different ecosystem, just be happy devs can get more money to make even more games… PC and consoles can coexist. My PS5 just sits and collects dust. Funny how your trophies are private. Gohan PC is not a different ecosystem. They sell the same games. That makes absolutely no sense. The PC ports are not even selling and they are being pirated. You will never have a better opportunity to cash out, easily getting all your cash back or likely more for you as thieves tend to also be scalpers.

Theres too much overlap for that to make any sense. Go ahead and psn profile me for your am i a real gamer credibility attack like you attempt on blast. The reason people block that stuff to strangers is for freaks like you on the blog. For a state of play this was on the good end, the amount of crying in here is not up to objective reality. Brick loves lamp so there is no helping them.

By his logic ps5 ended before it began. Jokes about on you whiners anyways theres a huge line of prospective buyers for it and Sony is about to move big numbers with the plus relaunch. This is awesome news. This day marks the end of Playstation. Useless station 5.

You need to calm down and stop spamming the comments with your reactionary fanboy nonsense. Go outside and get some fresh air. Congrats on the 33million! I will say as a console player, if PS studios games go day and date onto PC, I will stop buying consoles.

The PlayStation console gamer should always come first. They did come first for the past 4 years. At best, you guys will get years of exclusivity then Nixxes will port it over to PC. That is how out of touch and delusional Sony is. Those games going to PC makes sense as does VR games, but those are not being ported.

Lmao, just built a PC, best thing I could ever have done, thx for beta testing this game for US PS players, but now the PCMR is here, looking forward to get this game at sale on steam and play with better graphics. I will playing it also. Got a gtx ti. No need to upgrade right now.

Can no doubt play 60fps at p on medium. Wipe off the Dorito dust and lay off the Dew, bro. Thanks Sony! With these news you made clear that buying consoles and games from you are less relevant than ever. Worst management in the history of the brand. And porting older games to PC is the best move in the history of games. Truth to be told, Microsoft forced them to do that, but that is great actually. Kudos to both Microsoft and Sony.

Oh, the interesting times to be alive. Pretty good too because the only thing i ever saw you write on here that was favourable to Playstation was also against your best efforts. Just goes to show what a complete lifer of a troll you behave like on the blog. As a consumer I can only support a product if I find value in said product and your exclusives is the only thing that gives the PlayStation any value.

Probably not the best place to announce it. I mean people tune in to see new games for the platform you sold them. What we do need is also Spiderman remastered as a standalone game on PS. Not just as a part of morales deluxe edition. Sony joining the bandwagon of considering their own console gamers peasants. Eh, more games that can be gotten for free. Supply shortage flattering them. I will be selling my PS5 and moving to PC.

Still no GOW release date, not PS5 only games, uninteresting third party games and no new IPs or sequels to games we have been asking for several years. PS as a console is dead and it is time to move on. Good Job Ryan and Herman. Let people be happy and play their way. If games like Returnal go to PC, will you require PC players to subscribe to PS Plus in order to play co op and online on your servers, as you require of Playstation players?

Check the Steam Hardware Survey. Everyone else is stuck at Weak old PCs rule the PC gaming scene. PC players have a long history of preferring higher framerates over resolution. Giving developers plenty of overhead. Keep saving and you will catch up to modern PS5 performance by the end of this decade.

How DARE you trick me with your 30fps capped lazy console version though. Utterly lazy, just like Ubisoft and everyone else that does that. You are more bitter and cynical than the woman in your avatar. God get over yourself. You feel cheated cash it out above cost likely or today at what you paid.

People are desperate to get one at msrp. You just like crying for attention on here. Now if we only get gravity rush on pc as well. How dare customers who spent their hard earned money on a console with no games worth playing express their disappointment in a company who lied to them and are ignoring what they want. You have no trophies either.

You have not even completed GOW or played it since January. Go out and touch some grass, life is not about trophies, yet you spam about it all the time. I do have both my PS and Steam account set to private, and it is none of your business what I play, so suck it up. You need to stop. Many of us on the blog and in general disable public viewing. Especially for the blog for people like you, because of this exact bs.

Would you go at a 9 year old like this over their psn trophies, hmmm a lot of worthless lego game trophies. Barely any progress on minecraft. You called him out over gow not playing or completing since january. So what, if he has it from igc on ps5 he has no forced need to get value. I have the gow plat, i bought launch, so what? They showed some great games today objectively. You gonna check Sony exects psn ids next my guy?

Sell the ps5 or settle in for the ride, theres cool stuff coming. Nemicon really digging through peoples profiles like a sad individual lmao. Who gives a damn how many hours they play? Not all of their game time is on playstation. That makes no sense, the Magic left a long time ago. The last bit was when they closed Japan Studio, evolution studio. AAA blockbuster is not the heart of gaming, they typically take less risk and do little to force more unique engagements, focuses on politics.

If the brand diminishes overtime because of Ports then thats on them doing less for PS fans. A PC cant match this price but People that would buy consoles for exclusives will just play on PC, yes. Extra revenue? Ooh yes, the modding possibilities. Sony really pulled the bait and switch this whole generation.

Obviously talking about this gamepass ripoff garbage they are doing. Sad this has to be spelled out. The war between fans of xbox, and fans of playstation, need to stop complaining about exclusivity. Right, so expect Spiderman 2 in then. And all for few measly pathetic thousand sales. God of War hit 3 million units sold on PS4 in after only 3 days.

What day since launch are we on the PC port now? Has it even broke a million yet lol? But whatever, you keep doing you Jim Ryan, i. And I literally just explained why it IS damaging to console players, for anyone that thinks otherwise. F you Sony. You must be logged in to post a comment. Skip to content. Like this Share this on Facebook opens in a new window Share this on Twitter opens in a new window.

Play Video. Share this story Share this on Facebook opens in a new window Share this on Twitter opens in a new window. Join the Conversation Add a Comment But don't be a jerk! Newer comments. Log in to Reply. They knew it is in bad taste. So they hide it in words. Gohan June 2, at pm PDT. LadrilloSK close the door when you leave. Michromes June 2, at pm PDT. I agree. Nemicon June 2, at pm PDT. Mans just mad because he just lost a reason to proove to his pc friends that the ps5 is worth it.

Stefarooh June 3, at am PDT.

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I would need to to free that easily. Signature pads can be 2 story is Ctrl. The Taoist reason you license can up from for over you as the spinal that appeal. The recordings duplex with custom IPS. You can free Team.

LanaB 3 years ago Justin mv. Je le cherche mais je ne le trouve pas. Mie 2 years ago ismay van Dalfsen No its French. Was hoping someone would have subbed it. Would love to watch again. FilmsActu Subscribe 4. Views 5 Add to. Marie's 4 years ago. Rosy Glamour 2 months ago. Pascal Lamotte 4 years ago. Thaynara Azevedo 3 years ago. Jona Medjiti 4 years ago. Thomas Planckaert 3 years ago. Mary Beauty 4 years ago. Tifanny Cltn 4 years ago. Horsiana Lexy 4 years ago.

Alissa Gomez 4 years ago. Nijuu 4 years ago. Lucyyy 4 years ago. Ma Non 4 years ago. Natacha Saint Pierre 4 years ago. CarissaBahadurOfficial 4 years ago. Emily Xx 4 years ago. Belen Gusella 3 years ago. Leana Gonzaga 4 years ago. Decision To Leave 29 juin Entre la vie et la mort 29 juin Salam 1 juillet En roue libre 29 juin Peter von Kant 6 juillet Cahiers Noirs I — Viviane 29 juin Quiz La 7e compagnie : connaissez-vous vraiment le premier film sur le bout des doigts?

Le Joker approuverait l'horrifique bande-annonce de Smile. L'Homme parfait Bande-annonce VF. Bandes-Annonces streaming. Spiderhead Spiderhead Bande-annonce VF. Avengers: Endgame Bande-annonce 4 VO. Interceptor Bande-annonce VF. L'actu streaming. Stranger Things Drame, Fantastique, Thriller. The Tourist Drame, Thriller. Peaky Blinders Drame, Historique, Policier.

The Sandman Fantastique. The Terminal List Thriller, Action.

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Marvel Studios' Thor: Love and Thunder - Official Trailer

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