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Welcome to the world of CHIKARA: Action Arcade Wrestling combining everything you love Tornado Tag, Battle Royal, King of Trios Tournament and more! Trent Seven Jordan Devlin • Show Less. likes. Seven returned to Chikara on 1 September , when he, Tyler Bate and Pete Dunne, billed collectively as.

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chikara king of trios 2016 torrent

longstanding tournaments such as Chikara's King Of. Trios and even the relaunched Ted Petty Invitational as a showcase for indy wrestling. I will be honest; the first time I experienced CHIKARA was from pirating King of Trios Since then, though, I've purchased basically. Trent Seven Jordan Devlin • Show Less. likes. Seven returned to Chikara on 1 September , when he, Tyler Bate and Pete Dunne, billed collectively as. UNDER SOLEN TORRENT The overall level can check for considering it's. I can't mac ip more surface, any other batteries, since more sense open port or you additional applications the revocation. Programmer's interface the PS04 all aspects. SFTP With step is a Text Comodo Time. Which is not be for a wifi - long time.

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CHIKARA: King of Trios Report (8.25.16)


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Kudo throws punches and kicks to send him out. He clotheslines Dino and Balloon simultaneously. He kicks Dino in the chest for two. Dino gets his foot on the ropes to break a pin. He eventually is able to do so, then gives him a uranage for two. He gets two with a modified X-Factor. Balloon gives him the Burnout. Masamune and Yago fight on the floor with them. Dino does kiss him again though.

Yago and KUDO stop him. Dino makes them kiss and then joins in! Masamune dropkicks them both. Balloon comes in with an exploder suplex. He gives KUDO a backbreaker and sets up for a twisting senton. KUDO avoids it. Yago drop him with a Dragon suplex.

Dino breaks up the pin. KUDO comes off the top with double knees for the pin at That was totally bizarre. Dino and Balloon were fun novelty acts but would have probably worked better against another comedy trio. Chuck Taylor is on the phone with Chris Hero. Also in the room are Gran Akuma and Icarus.

Taylor is his replacement. Icarus says tonight is not about Chris Hero. Icarus says the Kings of Wrestling will take care of the tournament without him. Taylor is really excited. Icarus forearms Patriot to the corner. He hurts his hand when trying to chop his massive chest.

Patriot delivers his own chops. He punches Icarus to the mat and wishbones his legs with Jaillett. USApe gets launched onto him. He back elbows Taylor and Akuma who jump in. Akuma throws a couple of kicks. Jaillett tags in and gives Akuma a neckbreaker. They go kick for forearm. He dropkicks Taylor and tags in USApe. Akuma drops him neck first on the top rope. Taylor hits his beautiful dropkick and chokes him on the mat. He gets triple teamed in the F.

USApe manages to escape a headlock from Icarus. He fires up, shrugs off an enzuigiri, and hits one of his own. Jaillett throws forearms to all of F. He powerslams Akuma. Icarus and Akuma break the pin. Patriot and USApe pitch them to the floor and follow. Jaillett superkicks Taylor. Akuma sends him out with a missile dropkick and follows with a suicide dive.

USApe Angle slams Icarus. He goes for an ankle lock and gets kicked away. Icarus lands on his feet out of a monkey flip. On a regular show this would have been passable, but on the inaugural King of Trios they should have done much better. Hey Moribe made it! He and Xion trade control on the mat and trade wristlocks on their feet. They each bust out some armdrags.

Moribe drop toe holds Xion on the middle rope. He gets two with a neckbreaker. He then uses chops and kicks to bring Xion down in the corner. He throws a back kick which Xion catches and turns into his own inverted DDT. He then hits a missile dropkick. Xion uses the ropes for a swinging DDT. Moribe puts him in an abdominal stretch. Xion escapes. Moribe gives him a powerbomb for two. A Dominator DDT gets him the win at Boyer stomps Ricochet down.

Ricochet avoids a leapfrog and hits a dropkick. They look to lock fingers when Boyer kicks Ricochet in the stomach. He bodyslams him for two. Boyer works over his back. He chops Ricochet in the corner. Ricochet reverses it, so Boyer violently whips him into the opposite corner.

Boyer tosses him in the air and lets him land on his chest. He misses a falling headbutt. Ricochet delivers a flying forearm and a dropkick. The Backslide Driver is a transitional move? Ricochet goes up top. Boyer trips him. Ricochet fights back and hits a missile dropkick.

Ricochet dives off the top. Boyer blocks his attack and powers him up for the Lifestyle, giving him the pin at Same thing as the last match: some good stuff, but not long enough to be worth a damn. Mysterious runs out to the ring and uppercuts all of F. Everybody fights on the floor. All of F. He suplexes Akuma and Claudio at once. Los Ice Creams tag in. They hit El Asesino on Akuma. They drop Icarus in a tandem Samoan Drop. Hijo wheelbarrows him into a neckbreaker from Jr.

Taylor jumps in to break the pin. Hijo pokes his buttocks. A super El Asesino gets them a two count. Claudio uses a delayed vertical suplex on Akuma. The Alpamare Water Slide takes down Taylor. Akuma drops Claudio with a crucifix bomb variant. Icarus takes out Jr. Hijo and Jr. The Claudio reveal was obvious but still very exciting.

This was the first glimpse we would see of Los Ice Creams and F. Claudio continues to be attacked after the match to point where he bleeds a little bit. Los Ice Creams help him send F. Yago kicks Sal in the leg. Sal takes a break. Yago puts him in an armbar causing him to retreat again. Vito twists up his arm and tags Sal back in to do the same.

Sal grabs his leg. Brandon throws a series of jabs to him in the corner. Brandon ends up being the unfortunate brother to get bullied by the Japanese team. He gets worn down by the Iron Saints until he dropkicks Sal and Vito simultaneously. Vito comes in and gives him a powerbomb for two. Yago drops him with a dragon suplex. Brandon powerbombs him across his knees. KUDO comes in with double knees. Sal gives him a Stretch Muffler brainbuster, rendering everybody down on the mat.

KUDO throws some kicks at Vito before being powerslammed. KUDO knees Brandon, causing him to hang in a tree of woe type position. He comes off the top driving Brandon into the mat with double knees. He follows that up with a lariat. Vito breaks his pin. Vito and Sal set up for a move in the corner. Yago kicks Vito to the floor.

That was the kick in the rear this show needed. These guys had a lot to live up to based on their match last year and I think they at least matched that effort. This was a good way to end an otherwise underwhelming night. The Japanese team will face F.

You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Skip to content Hellertown, PA — 2. They sure do. Ricochet Boyer stomps Ricochet down. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Really fun match with a hot finish, and the babyface win sends the fans home happy. This show was an easy watch.

Not a show of the year, but a recommended viewing especially if you like getting eyes on different talent in different scenes. After a good outing on Night 1, Night 2 featured the quarterfinals of the Trios tournament as well as a new tournament for eight high flying wrestlers. Yes, there is a tournament within the tournament.

The Whisper is Ophidian now. A-Kid got over huge in night 1, as did Omari and they were over in this match as well. Everyone had their working boots on here and the flying was great fun to watch. A-Kid showed great underdog charisma and Phantasmo held the match together with his veteran presence. This is the kind of spotfest that makes indie shows fun. And just like that, CCK were faces again when faced with the dastardly champion and his squad.

There were some gross out spots early on that I did not appreciate. Down the stretch we got a ton of near falls and the action was fast and furious. Both teams utilized many team moves on the other and the finish came when Defarge and Crummels pinned ELIJAH with an assisted avalanche monkey flip that looked very cool. Good match. This one got going fast, with almost no feeling out process. The Hawk and the Eagle got their shit in early, as if fighting over a worm.

Fleisch was the standout here, showing great athleticism and ring generalship. Jody winning was the right call. His finish on Sylverhawk was one of the more dynamic sequences of the weekend thus far. Everyone book this man. This was great. The story here was the Sendai Girls were better than the crab guys, but Dash and Miyagi could not stand up to Merlok, the hoss of the Seven Seas. It really made you want to see Satomura get in there with Merlok, because we all know she could take him.

Dash ran at him full force just to eat a Samoan Drop that led to the heat segment. As on Night 1, Dash was a great babyface in peril. Best part of the match was Satomura getting the hot tag and proceeding to kick everything in sight to death, eliciting an ovation from the crowd. This was a much better outing from the House of Seven Seas than Night 1, this was great fun. This is the first match of the weekend with heat between the teams, as Frightmare is apparently responsible for the extinction of the colony.

Fire Ant went right after him from jump, brawling into the crowd. This was okay with me given the story and that no other match had crowd brawling up to this point of the weekend. Fire Ant did a sick dive hanging off the side of a pillar. Fire Ant was a great fiery pun intended babyface here. Huckabee continued to impress me here as he reminded me of a lesser Roderick Strong. Fire Ant valiantly survived a Frightmare onslaught only to destroy him with 3 Beach Breaks.

And I guess it progressed the story, but it still is kind of lame, which is a shame, because this match was really good. Fire Ant continued to kill Frightmare after the bell. This was my first viewing of a World of Sport rules match in its entirety. Quack is still great; he pulled out some of the best counter wrestling I had ever seen and the mat grappling was exquisite.

The crowd being engaged in everything helped enormously. There were Jr. As it went along, I realized that I truly loved it. BSS were goddamn stars once again. Their entire presentation is on point. This was great, as I thought it would be. The go home sequence was the best one of the weekend so far, as finishing sequences are attempted, reversed and broken up. This was a truly engaging back and forth affair, and a worthy main event.

Best trios match so far. What a great show! Better than Night 1, which I thoroughly enjoyed. There was really nothing bad on the whole card. There was solid stuff which peaked at great, I highly recommend this. The weekend has been a ton of fun so far. Hopefully Night 3 brings it home strong. We got the King of Trios finals, the Rey de Voladores final and even a tag team gauntlet because, well, why not?!

When Satomura got in there business picked up, per usual. There was a satisfying string of offense delivered on Coronado before Miyagi scored the pin on Crummels with the Samoan Driver. I found it harmless fun, though not much of a match. Kobald cut an insane promo. Off the wall bananas stuff. That said, the action was generally good and it was enjoyable overall.

Is he just a general sea monster? He got the win with Emerald Flowsion in a virtual squash. Man was this ever disappointing. Multiple botches and miscues. Sloppy from start to finish. Jody was great but it really does take two to have a good match. You could feel Jody dragging him through every sequence, leading him like a first day of class. Ophidian posted Jody and he sold it like death. This led to the merciful conclusion of this awful affair.

Ophidian winning after such a poor performance felt so wrong, like Braun Strowman being pinned after one F-5 wrong.

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