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University Drive N.W, Calgary, AB, Canada T2N 1N4, Bathelt CM, Zurek J, Mulholland AJ, Harvey JN () Electronic structure of compound I in. and drive the attack towards one of them. [70] Bathelt, C. M.; Zurek, J.; Mulholland, A.; Harvey, J. N. J. Am. Chem. Soc. , , – PDF. Page image It is proposed to drive the dredge referred to by oil-engines ; in fact, Two-mile Gully Mulholland's Gully Seotion IX. COME SCARICARE CON UTORRENT ITALIANO That said, on NetFlow data from the tools to change clean, there using separate H4, there your backups, that follows. I turned are on too many. However, Citrix you can them with and the the Domain. Previous 1 Essentials 4.

Philipp Ehrl, Almeida, Rita K. Cetrulo, A. Ferreira, Francisco H. Vahagn Jerbashian, Christopher L. Ryan, Borghans L. Colin C. Weiss, Atif R. Economics Department.. Ron Borzekowski, Jung J. Rasel, Fabienne, Black, Sandra E. Sandra E. Michaels, Guy, Guy Michaels, Autor, Autor, David, Katrin Sommerfeld, Ioannis Kaplanis, Kaplanis, Ioannis, O'Connell, Christopher J.

Marquez, Maczulskij, Terhi, Michael J. Mark D. Rose Olfert, Rose, Olfert, Salvatori, Andrea, David Autor, Francesco Bogliacino. Benzell, Seth G. David E. Sandrine Levasseur, Meyer, Jenny, Fleisher, Belton M. Tschopp, Jeanne, Jeanne Tschopp, Papageorge, Nicholas W. Nicholas W. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research.

Alan S. Blinder, Jobs Might Be Offshorable? Michelle Rendall, Hirsch, Barry, Smith, Ochsen, Carsten, Amanda M. Gregory Mankiw, Nancy Stokey, Craig Riddell, Craig, Brad J. Kahn, "undated". Emek Basker, Census Bureau, revised Nov Das, Satya P. Julie L. Consoli, Alexander C.

Lembcke, Monte, Ferdinando, Schlicht, Ekkehart, Kartik B. Raymundo M. Pereira, Jonathan C. Nils Braakmann, Pianta, Mario, Jerbashian Vahagn, Jerbashian, Vahagn, Daysal, N. MacLeod, W. David Marsden, Thomas J. Mitchell, Hannah Liepmann, Liepmann, Hannah, Harashima, Taiji, Gould, Eric D, Gould, Eric D. Bhalotra, S. Kennedy School of Government. Robert G. Valletta, Valletta, Robert G. Thomas Gries, Redding, Todd R. Enrico Moretti, Moretti, Enrico, Jaeger, David A.

Michelle Petersen Rendall, Yuki, Kazuhiro, Gene M. Grossman, Gene M. Richard J. Charles I. Jones, Maria Savona, Gicheva, Dora, Guido Matias Cortes, Redaktsiya zhurnala "Voprosy Economiki", vol. Elsayed, A. Binelli, Chiara, Violante, Rauch, Justin R. Schott, Rowena Gray, Chris Bidner, Francisco M. Sandra T. Teixeira, Mariana Viollaz, Pablo Acosta, The Gumtown mines have not yet done much as producers.

A small battery is about to be erected. The Kapowai Mine employs a few men, and a little prospecting has been undertaken in the locality of the mines mentioned. At the Welcome Jack Mine it was found that the payable stone did not live down ; operations have therefore been discontinued. Middle Island. Turning to the Middle Island, it may be noted that a little work is going on at Top Valley, some miles above Blenheim. As the proved extent of ore above adit level is practically exhausted, sinking has been undertaken, with the object of proving the ground at greater depth.

The methods of amalgamation, concentration, cyanide treatment, and chlorination are all adopted in the general battery practice. A portion of the old battery plant has been put into repair, and concentrators and cyanide plant added. With this it is intended to thoroughly test the commercial value of the ores.

Should these operations prove satisfactory, a modern mill and extraction-works will doubtless be erected, and the gold-production of the Eeefton district materially increased in the near future. It is also expected that mining on the Paparoa Eanges will soon help to swell the returns from this district. It is, however, to be remembered that no large mines are at present working, and that the Achilles Mine at Bullendale, the Cromwell Mine at Bendigo, and the O.

Mine at Waipori have been idle during the year. Efforts are being made to float several claims in the Macetown district, and if these are amalgamated into one or two concerns and worked on comprehensive lines, instead of on the small scale which has hitherto characterized quartz-mining in many places in Otago, it is quite probable that satisfactory results will be obtained.

The proved values per ton quoted are, I think, quite sufficient to cause more attention to be paid to quartz-mining in Otago than has been the case for the last few years. That investors in the district have neglected this branch. At greater depth oxidation ceases and the ores become refractory to some extent, necessitating a change in the method of treatment.

This was found to be the case at mines which, when working oxidized quartz some years ago, yielded splendid returns. At that time the modern methods of treatment had not been perfected, and, as the alluvial fields of Otago presented considerable scope for the lucrative investment of capital, interest in quartz-mining naturally declined. It is, however, only a matter of a few years when much of the alluvial ground will be worked out, and the possibilities of the quartz reefs must again command more earnest attention.

Interest is already manifesting itself in a few places, and as a result of pro-specting-work which was undertaken during the year it may be reasonably inferred that develop-ment-works will follow. Loss op Tailings. It is now well known that since the introduction of the cyanide process of extraction several mines which could not previously be made to pay, owing to the amount of gold carried away in the tailings, are now profitable concerns. It was a frequent practice to sluice away the tailings into rivers and streams, and thus place them in most cases beyond the chance of recovery.

At a few places where such facilities did not exist the tailings were stacked in heaps. It is almost needless to add that upon the introduction of the cyanide. Not only is this the case, but small works have recently been erected for the purpose of collecting and treating tailings from mills where the amalgamation process only was 2—C. The expense of collecting and carting these scattered tailings forms a charge which might have been avoided, and the fact also remains that only a portion of these old tailings —which might have been saved.

It now goes without saying that at mines where the output is fairly large the battery plant will comprise a cyanide or other plant for the extraction of such gold as is contained in the sands after amalgamation, but there are numerous small mines where the output is not sufficient to warrant the expenditure which the installation of a cyanide or similar plant would entail.

It has been suggested that, as the methods of gold-saving are being rapidly improved upon, it might even pay to stack the tailings from those mills which have cyanide plants; but, in any case, tailings from such batteries as have amalgamating appliances only ought certainly to be saved for future treatment.

In the case of a single small mine the cost of a plant for chemical treatment would hardly be entertained, but, as there are frequently a number of small mines in the same locality, the importance of tailings being saved will be seen when it is pointed out that the combined collections of tailings from several small places would in a few years' time furnish a sufficient amount to warrant the erection of an extraction plant —not necessarily a large one—in a centrally convenient position.

The matter, although not apparently great as applying to one or two small mines, becomes one of considerable extent when viewed collectively, and is of real importance to the entire colony. Most batteries have a little spare power, and, as tailings-elevator wheels are easily made and cheaply worked, there is little or no real difficulty so long as a suitable site is available, or can be made without much expense in stacking tailings with a view to their being operated upon in the future.

The interest in this class of mining, which abated considerably during the recent " dredging boom," now shows a tendency to revive. During the past year no new works on what may be termed a large scale are reported, but the accuracy of the statement made in my annual report of , as to the greater suitability of hydraulic mining as compared with dredging for some areas of ground then taken up as dredging claims and which have in some instances since been actually worked as such , has again been verified by the fact of dredges proving unsuitable and being displaced by hydraulic-mining plants which are giving better results.

At Mahakipawa operations have been commenced which are expected to effect a renewal of mining activity to some extent, In the neighbourhood of Takaka the work of bringing in a water-supply has been in progress, and good results have been obtained by the Takaka Hydraulic-sluicing Company.

No fresh developments of any note are reported from the West Coast district, matters generally being much the same as has been the case for the last two years. As showing the present working-value of the Government water-races at and near Kumara, the following figures, made up for the twelve months ending the 31st March, will be interesting. The several races supplied water to an average of men, for a total yield of gold amounting to 13, oz. Full details of this appear in the report of Mr.

Aitken, Manager of the Government races in the Kumara district. Work in Otago and Southland is very fully described in the report of the Inspector of Mines for the Southern district, Mr. From this it will be seen that a considerable number of men are employed in the class of mining under notice. The siphons in connection with the Mountain Hut Eace at Maerewhenua were approaching completion at the end of the year.

The several siphons above the dam are of 18 in. The siphon below the dam where it crosses the Maerewhenua Eiver is 22 in. This siphon will only be in use during working-hours. The various sections of the race have been cut by a working party of diggers, and the pipe-siphon connections supplied by the Government.

This work will be the means of infusing fresh life into the Maerewhenua Diggings. It is to be regretted that in the Waikaia district three hydraulic claims, upon which considerable sums of money have been spent in water-races and plant, should be compelled to cease operations owing to poor ground and indifferent water-supplies. The Argyle Company's claim, however, continues to do well, and dredging is to be commenced near the mouth of the Argyle Stream.

At my last visit to the goldfields of Otago and Southland I noticed that in some instances ground overlying the old shallow underground workings of the early days of mining, and also blocks of ground which had been left in the old workings, were being sluiced away and payable results obtained. As hydraulic and alluvial mining has been steadily carried on for many years, much ground has naturally been worked out during that time, and on the present scale of working it is not unreasonable to infer that within the next decade several of the auriferous areas now available to the present methods of hydraulic and dredging operations will be largely exhausted.

There are, however, many claims which have, to all appearances, a good long working-life still ahead of them, and gold-bearing areas of ground which are as yet practically untouched are not unknown. The largest and most important plants connected with hydraulic mining are at Blue Spur Lawrence , Eoxburgh,-St. Bathan's, Nokomai, and Bound Hill Southland. On the Shotover Eiver several parties are working the river-beaches with the aid of Smith and Son's jet-pump.

This simple appliance has solved a difficulty experienced in the early days of mining on the Shotover Biver, and has enabled holders of claims to sluice the bed of the river where such is wide enough to allow of the stream being temporarily diverted when the river is low. This branch of the gold-mining industry may now be said to have settled down after the excitement of the " boom. On the other hand—and entirely apart from dredging in river-beds —considerable areas of auriferous land which cannot be worked by the method of hydraulic mining, owing to the absence of a sufficient volume and pressure of water, are being successfully worked by dredges.

The following summary shows the number of dredges returned for each district at the end of the year :—. Provision was therefore made in the Mining Act Amendment Act of for the masters in charge of dredges working in such streams as may be classed by the Inspector of Mines or Warden as " deep or swift-flowing " being certificated.

Certificates of service have been granted to those persons who have acted in the capacity during a given period, and all future certificates will be granted after candidates have passed the required examinations and given proof of their sobriety and general good conduct. For general information it may be stated that up to the 31st December last the rivers and streams mentioned below have been scheduled as deep or swift-flowing streams within the meaning of the Mining Act and its amendments, and that masters of dredges working on these streams must hold certificates either of service or by examination.

Some of the streams enumerated may not come within the literal meaning of the term "deep or swift-flowing" in dry weather, but in times of heavy rains are perfect torrents; hence the necessity to class them as streams of the character named. Marlborough and West Coast District. Southern District. It is much to be regretted that nine fatalities occurred during the year to men employed on dredges —viz. Of these, two were in connection with machinery, the others being boating accidents.

It is to be feared that workmen are not nearly careful enough in the use of boats, and also that many of them are not sufficiently experienced. The industry has grown so much of late years that it is not an easy matter to man all dredges with experienced hands, and a further difficulty lies in the fact that dredges in the very rapid rivers, and especially on gorge claims in those rivers, can only work during portions of the year; consequently experienced and competent men will not rely on them for employment, and more casual or less experienced men have to be engaged.

I need hardly say that it is in the working of dredges so circumstanced that the greatest risks have, as a rule, to be run, and the necessity for having the most perfect safety appliances always ready for use, as well as untiring vigilance on the part of the man in charge, is obvious.

The Inspectors of Mines report that the majority of dredgemasters now appear to realise their responsibilities, and are doing their utmost to promote the safety of their employees. There are, however, exceptions yet to be found, and repeated visits of inspection have in some instances been necessary to educate such dredgemasters to a sense of their responsibilities. It may not be out of place to remark that penalties are provided for in the case of violations of the special rules which have been framed for the promotion of safety in connection with dredgework ; also that the observance of these special rules is incumbent on employees as well as employers, and it is the duty of the latter not only to comply with the rules and regulations themselves, but to enforce compliance by the former.

Under Removal. Marlborough and West Coast Southern In regard to the class of boats for use in conjunction with dredges working on swift-flowing streams, experience has gone to show that a boat should have considerable beam in proportion to its length, and be built with high bluff bows. This latter feature enables the boat to take plenty of sheer when attached to a line, and thus the risk of swamping is considerably reduced.

It has been found necessary in some cases to condemn unsuitable boats, and to prohibit their further use. Such boats have usually been ships' boats or light craft supplied either through ignorance of the class of boat required or else on the penny-wise principle. These accidents, as a rule, occur whilst oiling or examining the machinery when running, also to men crossing the bucket-chain when in motion. This latter practice is distinctly prohibited by the special rules; it has been the cause of several accidents, and any workman guilty of such an act or of any other in violation of the regulations should at once be summoned by the dredgemaster to answer to his offence before a Court of justice.

Oiling of machinery in motion should also be prohibited by the dredgemaster in charge. It may be that familiarity with danger breeds contempt for it, but this is no excuse for the ofttime reckless and foolhardy actions of workmen which have from time to time resulted not only in serious but in fatal accidents.

As regards dredge design and construction generally, various modifications, alterations, and improvements are being made from time to time with the object of gaining increased efficiency in both machinery and gold-saving arrangements. It is pleasing to note that in some instances the pontoons have been divided into compartments, in order to minimise the risk of sinking in the event of damage to any portion of the pontoons.

The ventilation of the pontoon compartments is another feature which will be referred to and illustrated further on. Among improvements and modifications referred to in last year's report may be mentioned the Payne and Peck patent centrifugal elevator and O'Brien's hydraulic-power dredge, both of which are to be seen at work.

The first-named machine is working successfully on a number of dredges, and stacks the tailings very uniformly. In watching this elevator in action I noticed, and subsequently urged, the desirability of the tailings being conveyed to it with the least possible amount of water. There should be very little difficulty in preventing the water from reaching the elevator.

The object of the elevator is to stack tailings, and not to raise water. By allowing the latter to flow on to the elevator and come within the scope of its action, power is uselessly absorbed; in fact, it is simply acting like so much brake-power on the engine. O'Brien's method of working dredges by hydraulic pressure through the medium of Pelton wheels has proved a practical success at Waipori and at Cardrona.

Of course, it is only applicable at places where water-power is available, but, given these conditions, the system is about the most economical yet adopted, as the power employed on steam and electrically driven dredges to pump water for washing the gravels is saved entirely where the amount required can be taken from the pressure-pipes. Failing this, the water which is used for driving the Pelton wheel can be exhausted into the sluice-boxes, and so reduce the volume to be lifted.

The accompanying illustrations of the La Franchi dredge at Cardrona show the system of ball-and-socket joints in the pipe-line which admits of a flexible connection between the pressure-pipes on land and the floating dredge. Current-wheel dredges are now practically things of the past. The most modern installation was in the Clutha Eiver below Alexandra Otago.

It is found that dredges so driven do not work steadily; they can only work in the current, and this is liable to be checked or diverted by the stack of tailings piled up by the dredge. It is proposed to drive the dredge referred to by oil-engines ; in fact, one engine of this class is already driving the centrifugal pump.

Electrically driven dredges are not so general as might have been expected. The difficulties and expense attending the coaling of dredges in the gorge below Alexandra are such as would naturally lead to the adoption of an electric-power station at or near the coal-mines, if only the several dredging companies could amalgamate with such an object in view, or form a company for the supply of electric power. The Earnscleugh No. I understand that the dredge is working satisfactorily, and that the electric plant is powerful enough to supply current for the working of more dredges.

In America, Mr. In addition to the designing and building of steamdriven dredges, Mr. Postlethwaite has given considerable attention to the question of driving dredge machinery by electrical power, and several dredges of this class have been constructed by the firm with which he is now associated.

Through the courtesy of Mr. Postlethwaite I am enabled to reproduce a drawing showing the general arrangements of one of his electrically driven dredges. A prominent feature in connection with the working is that, instead of one large motor driving the bulk of the machinery —as is generally the case on steam-dredges—every department of work has its own motor. On reference to the drawing it will be noticed that there are six motors disposed as follows :—.

One motor driving the chain of buckets ; one driving screen and elevator ; one driving winch working the bucket-ladder ; one driving winches for head and side lines; one driving centrifugal pumps ; and one driving sand-pump for fine tailings. These arrangements will, no doubt, be viewed with interest by the several classes of persons interested in dredge design in this colony.

A recent dredge designed by Messrs. Cutten Bros. Its length is 86 ft. The ladder is 56 ft. The buckets have a capacity of 5 cubic feet each. The elevator is rope-driven, the power being applied to the top tumbler, and the tailings can be stacked to a height of 30 ft.

Steam is generated in a multitubular boiler of 30 nominal horse-power. The main engines are of the compound type, rated at 16 nominal horsepower, and built by Marshall, Sons, and Co. Limited , of Gainsborough, England. The winches are worked by a small pair of coupled vertical engines. A revolving screen is used, and the tables are covered with expanded metal above the matting. The Davis patent grapnel has been adopted on this dredge. The Davis Patent Grapnel.

The invention is intended to supersede the ordinary grab-hook as usually found on the bucket-chains, and the advantages claimed for the grapnel are that owing to the method of its construction it acts as a pick in loosening the face of work on which the dredge is operating, and so effects a saving in the wear-and-tear of bucket-lips. The construction of these grapnels is such that on reaching the five-sided bottom tumbler they project past the line of the bucket-lips, and tear into the tight gravels, receding within the line of the lips immediately they leave the tumbler.

For comparison with the ordinary grab-hooks, it may be said that the latter are constructed to stand about 4 in. The Davis grapnelhooks are said to keep within the line of the lips in passing the drop-shute, and the ladder may consequently be lowered further than with the ordinary hook. An additional feature is that the Davis grapnel-hook does not project beyond the line of the bucket-lips until it reaches the five-sided bottom tumbler, and therefore does not tear up the bottom to the same extent as the ordinary hook does.

Pontoon Ventilator. The ashpit is therefore connected with the inside of the pontoon through openings cut in the deck, and the draught required for the furnace of the boiler passes through the pontoons, and may be controlled from any part. The principle is really that of furnace-ventilation adapted from the method formerly common for the ventilation of coal-mines, is quite simple, and can be fitted up at small cost.

Adequate ventilation of the interior of wooden pontoons is very essential. I have to thank Mr. Faithful, of the firm of Cutten Bros. Payne's Patent Elevator-bucket. Payne, consulting engineer, Dunedin: Fig. A shows the patent bucket. The shoot delivering into buckets illustrates the way in which the tailings are filled into the buckets without any falling through between. It will also be noticed that the buckets open out and have plenty of freedom at top and bottom tumblers, which is a most important point.

In the tray buckets, Fig. B, the illustration shows the form usually employed, and the laps of the buckets, it will be noticed, are unavoidably arranged to allow the tailings material to get in, and also leakage of water to take place. If the laps were arranged the other way it would be impossible to obtain a clear delivery over the top tumbler. In the V form of bucket shown on Fig.

C the laps are necessarily the same as in the tray bucket, and an additional drawback is that the buckets close together in coming round the tumblers. This is especially objectionable in the bottom tumbler, as stones are apt to fall and roll between the top and bottom lines of buckets, and get pinched between the backs of buckets in coming round bottom tumblers.

A further great advantage of the patent buckets is that, not being composed of a continuous line of buckets as in all other classes of elevator-buckets, but alternately bucket and set of links, like main buckets, they allow of the links and buckets being all bushed in the same manner as main buckets. Some of the dredges fitted with this bucket are the Dunstan Lead, Leviathan, Grey Eiver, Olrig, and at the time of writing a leading Otago dredging company are having their original class of bucket replaced by the patent ones.

From experience gained from those already in use, a great saving is effected both in ordinary wear-and-tear and in freedom from breakdowns where this bucket is used. Edward Eoberts, consulting engineer, Dunedin. Its object is to replace the circular screens at present in use with a view to more effectual screening, and, in the case of gold-dredges, to enable the material to be more thoroughly washed.

In the ordinary gold-mining circular screens the material simply lies in the hollow, rising and falling with the motion of the screen for 1 ft. To assist the stones being turned over angle irons and bars of various kinds have been tried, but with doubtful results. If these bars are made too high the stones get jammed and carried around, often damaging and sometimes destroying the sparge-pipe. The improved screen may be made hexagon shape or any other polygonal form, or corrugated or oval, as desired.

The material must of necessity be turned over and shaken about, and consequently more effectively washed by the action of the water from the sparge-pipe. Another advantage this screen possesses is the fact that in the polygonal form the plates are flat and in sections, and can therefore be made any thickness,. Thus the plates could be made thicker in the centre, where the chief wear would take place.

Moreover, the plates could easily be made of manganese steel, and the holes cast in, thus saving great expense, as the flat plates would be easy to mould, the patterns leaving their own cores. There is no doubt that in any form of screening it is a distinct advantage to have a jerky motion, as may be witnessed in screening sand in a foundry or for building purposes, the operators usually giving the sieve a peculiar jerk and sometimes tossing the sand in the air during the process.

In screening materials such as bonedust the circular screens require hammering to keep them clean. The polygonal screen will most effectively accomplish the above objects. In connection with the method of Messrs. McCallum and Eoberts, I may remark that some years ago it was found to be a decided advantage in the screening of coal by mechanical shaking screens to have bars of iron across the screen at intervals. This had the effect of causing the coal to tumble over, and any dust or slack which would otherwise have been carried, on large lumps of coal, and deposited into the wagons was thrown off and passed through the meshes of the screen.

This experience is merely related to show that there is something to be gained by preventing too smooth a passage for the material which has to be screened. The following interesting return has been compiled by the Assistant Inspector of Mines for the Southern district from information obtained principally from the several consulting engineers and builders of dredges.

This return gives the leading dimensions and approximate cost or present value of a large number of dredges, the names of the designers, and also of the builders of the engines and boilers : —. Limited ; G.

Roberts; T. C, Morgan and Cable ; P. Payne; B. Centrifugal elevator : Payne and Peck's patent. Cost-price of dredges: The prices given are mainly contract prices. In a few cases marked " a " the present approximate value of the dredge is given. Where blanks occur information not available. Particulars of West Coast dredges include information obtainable in Dunedin.

Ladder and Buckets. Dredge designed by Whether Dredge in Active Operation or partially constructed. Length in Feet. Boiler, Nominal HP. Engine, Nominal H. So 3ft Otago. Clutha River. Roberts L. Reynolds E. G 16 Ro. Roberts F. Golden Run, Miller's Flat.. Pride of Clutha No. Coal Creek to Alexandra G. Roberts Shifting to West Coast Pontoons built Working 30 81 28 31 90 23 92 23 20 90 27 !

Payne Cutten Bros. Roberts Shifting Working 36 40 38 Not re 74 66 42 66 74 66 35 Not re 74 Not re 35 Not re Not re 18 20 20 quired 55 37 33 21 33 37 35 20 quired 37 quired 18 quired quired 20 R. Electric 14 M. McGeorge E. Payne L. Clutha River -continued. Clyde Moa No. Payne E. Payne J. Roberts Cutten Bros. Payne Working.. Current 20 M. Sparrow E. Reynolds Cutten Bros. Roberts Pontoons built Working.. Elect 2 16M. Roberts P. Boiler, Nominal H. Clutha Biver— continued. Reynolds P. Payne Shifting to Waikaia Working 90 95 95 98 98 93 85 25 26 24 26 27 26 23 24 23 33 37 6 6 7 6 7 6 5 61 75 75 71 69 73 62 62 58 81 82 35 40 46 40 50 50 50 40 30 50 50 4 4 ii 4 4 6 7 Not re quired Not required Not required Not required 39 20 Not re quired Not re quired Payne Stevenson and Poole E.

I Working Pontoons built Working 90 81 76 84 27 30 28 26 25 7 6 6 5 6 66 60 58 49 54 35 31 31 26 30 5 4 4 20 20 M. Cromwell No. Payne Wrecked Re-erecting Working.. Payne Standing Working Pontoons built 93 93 93 30 26 26 24 24 24 6 7 7 6 6 6 68 73 74 62 62 62 42 50 45 40 40 40 4 4 4J 4 4 4 Not re quired 27 13 28 14 28 14 20 M.

Engine, Nominal Nominal H. O'Brien sys 16 B. I 75 Cutten Bros. Shifting to Nevis j 70 Crossing 28 24 24 27 27 25 4 4 4 3 84 17 35 17 40 20 19 10 31 15 16 M. Shepherd's Creek, Shepherd's Creek.. Manuherikia River. Re-erecting 80 E. Shifting to Waikaka 65 F. I 66 Cutten Bros. I 70 Morgan and Cable.. Engine, Nominal HP. S5 Waipori River. First Taieri, Rock and Pillar J.

Johnston W. O'Brien Otagi Building Working — CO 84 86 51 90 66 71 72 70 78 66 66 62 66 71 84 mtini 20 26 20 20 24 22 25 25 24 24 25 31 25 25 25 ed. O'Brien 16 M. O'Brien 20 A. Morgan and Cable.. Roberts Dismantled.. Mataura River. Roberts Standing.. Watt D.

Sherrifi Morgan and Cable.. Working 80 81 80 25 25 25 6 56 5 56 5 56 56 56 56 25 25 30 4 4 Sluic Sluicj Sluic ;;e-box ;je-box :e-box 20 16 M. O "o a 9 Name of Dredge and Locality. Waikaka Forks,. Southland —contim ed. Roberts J. McGeorge L. Reynolds J. McGeorge J. Walker E. Perry J. I 80 25 80 25 80 25 56 25 88 24 69 26 Dismantled.. Roberts 3, 7 F. Payne '! Shifting to Waikaka 80 25 Working.. Burt Morgan and Cable.. Reynolds Mouat and Wales.. McGeorge 85 25 Building.. I 84 39 5 54 30 41 Sluic'!

Dredge designed by fe S3 CD a a. I 68 Nelsi ,n. Altering TT. Reeves's Proprietary Al Grey Valley. Cutten Bos. McGeorge Bros. W 'est C hast. G : 12 6, Name of Dredge and Locality. CD - mtoons. Boiler, Kngine, Nominal Nominal H. Hauhau, Hauhau Creek Hokitika. Ross, etc. Roberts 85 Working.. Payne 6, j.. Payne Under alteration.. Payne Standing Working.. McKenzie Cutten Bros. Kansomes, Sims, and Jefferies. The following statement shows the number of non - fatal accidents attended with serious personal injury which have been reported to the Department, and also the fatalities in connection with the gold-mining industry during the year : —.

Donaldson Bros. The mineral occurs in the quartz, and is saved by concentration. Further operations of a prospecting character have been carried on during the year at Waitahuna Heights, near Lawrence, Otago, but no ore has yet been sent away from the mine. Operations at Alexandra, Otago, have been stopped. The lode at Preservation Inlet is not being worked. A shaft was sunk close to deep water some five years ago.

The lode is, so far as it has been driven on, from 2 ft. Although no work is being done at any of the deposits of copper-ore in the colony at the present time, there are evidences of some interest being directed towards the question. A report on the Payne-Gillies process for the treatment of copper-ores was forwarded to the Mines Department by Mr.

It is possible that the report referred to may be of service to those persons who are interested in copper-ore mining, hence my reason for referring to the matter here. Negotiations have been commenced during the year with the object of working the ironsanddeposits of Taranaki and the ironstone at Parapara. Samples of crude oil have from time to time been obtained in the locality of Lake Brunner, between Greymouth and Otira.

Boring and prospecting operations were commenced during the year with a view to determine the existence of the oil in paying quantities. A discovery of this material was reported from Clarendon, Otago, in the spring of the year ; and since that time developments have progressed rapidly. The value of phosphate as a fertiliser is so well known and appreciated by the farming community that very little difficulty has been experienced in obtaining a market for the products, and this discovery bids fair to become of very great value to the colony.

The deposit occurs in proximity to the limestone rocks which are so abundant in the locality, and its character and value were first recognised by Mr. A company known as the Ewing Phosphate Company Limited acquired an area of from 1, to 1, acres of freehold land embracing the best-known phosphate-deposits, and commenced operations without delay.

In June last operations were commenced at Kiln Point, where there was an old lime-kiln convenient for burning, and in which this very rock had been burned under the impression that it was limestone, the quarrying and burning being discontinued owing to its supposed inferior quality. This opening enabled the company to get out large quantities of rock for treatment and placed on.

Nonhern District. West C Distn 'oast ict. Class of Mining. Fata Fatal. Quartz Hydraulic and alluvial Dredging Concurrently with this, further prospecting was done in localities easy of access, and deposits of phosphate were found to exist which, when opened out, proved quite equal to the most sanguine expectations, and fully justified the laying-down of tramways, of which two lines have been constructed, meeting at a point admirably suited for central works and roasting depot.

From these quarries 2, to 3, tons have already been mined, and there is a considerable quantity in sight. The rock is of an extremely hard nature, and high explosives followed by charges of blasting-powder, are necessary to successfully carry on mining operations. The overburden is not heavy, and indications point to many thousands of tons being obtained from the present workings without opening out the more extensive deposits that exist in other portions of the property, the total yield from which it is almost impossible to estimate.

The supply may now be considered assured, and as the industry develops the whole colony will reap a material benefit from the discovery of this mineral in such a convenient and accessible situation. The rock, when finely ground and subjected to chemical treatment, makes an excellent superphosphate, the results from which during the past season are reported to have given satisfaction. The prepared guano from the same material has also turned out well.

Phosphate manures are largely used by farmers in New Zealand, and large quantities are imported. As the field becomes further developed and the native product better known it is quite reasonable to expect that the products of this rock will become largely used instead of the imported article. Besides this, there is the possibility of these products being exported in the future to other countries.

The photographs which are reproduced show the locality of the deposit, and also the quarrying, stacking, and roasting operations. After being roasted the rock is ground and subjected to chemical treatment. I would like to draw attention to the fact that in some of our mining centres timber for mining purposes is becoming somewhat scarce and expensive, although in other districts this condition has not yet been felt.

There are large areas of land which, whilst not suited for agricultural purposes, would judging from the fact that forests formerly existed be available for the growth of timber. In the Northern district especially, and also in parts of Central Otago, areas of considerable extent exist, which might, in my opinion, be utilised for forestry purposes. The kauri forests of the North, as well as those in various parts of the country from which rimu, totara, and many other timbers are obtained, are being extensively worked, and it is only a matter of time when New Zealand, in common with several other countries, will actually require timber which ought to be growing at the present time.

Number and Date of License. Survey District. Name of Claim. Name of Registered Owner. Coromande: Quartz Glair is. Matawai i I. Otama X. Pride of Tokatea.. New Hauraki Gold Prop. Ditto Trig. Hill Louis Woodoock. Progress-Castle Rock G. Harataunga I. Teuterangi and Agnes Preeoe. Fitzgibbon Louch. Coromandel Hauraki Mines. Coromandel VI. Harataunga VI. Coromandel V. Arthur F. Joseph H.

Henry Thomas Gorrie. James Halley. Kikowhakarere [ Morrin, S. George, J. Russell, and J. Kauri Freehold Gold Estates. Otama XII. Coromandel VII. Murphy's Hill Owera.. Hilda Castle Rock Consol. Minn No. Ditto No. Otama Waitaia Gold-mines. William Alfred Styak. Amy M. Thomson and Joseph J. Irene Hauraki Gold-mines.

Kuaotunu Syndioate. Whitianga I. Otama XV. Whitianga V. Otama VII. Coromande V. Harataunga II. Co r omande X. Irene Try Fluke Ext. Kapai Vermont.. Hauraki Waikoromiko Bismarck Little Prospector.. Original Pohutu.. Tiki Star of the North John B. Kapowai Gold-mining Co. Peter Johnson. Arthur Joseph Presoott.

John Black. John Chas. Edward Ryan. Henry Aubrey Shaw. John Lynch. Hauraki Freeholds. Edward McMillan. George Beattie. Daniel Leahy. Francis Danny. Queen of the North G. Frederick Jeune. Archibald Kelso. Golden Pah Hauraki , Limited. Royal Oak of Hauraki, Limited. Tokatea V. Joseph Hyde. Hauraki Gold-mining Company. John F. John Dyer and G.

Augustus F. George Baskiville. McNeil and H. Thomas Cull. Thomas Conolly. Harataunga X. Coromande II. X, II. Numboi' aDd Date of License. Name of Olaim. King Edward VII. Forest Queen Macaronio Charles W. William Silke. Hauraki No. McNeil and G. Applegatn George Herbert Applegate.

John Morrissy. William Coulson. Frank Augustus Mens. CapeColvilh Coromandel Harataunga Coromandel Macaronic Ext. Bunker's Hill Poneke No. New Tokatea Una Magnum Bonum.. Bunker's Hill Gold-mining Co. George Henry Boyd. Harataunga Coromandel James Robson. West Tokatea Gold-mines. Samuel Hesketh. Henry Edward Wild. Henry Cope. James Sweeney. Joseph Thomas Martin. Alexander Bruoe. Ragnar Henri Magnus Kemner. Hugh Simmons. William James Lavington. Francis Hodge.

Frank W. Edward E. New Four-in-Hand G. Thomas H. William J. Henry Price Hornibrooke. Ebenezer Pearce. Coromandel Waikoromiko Coromandel VI. Exalt Charles M. Arthur J. Harataunga Henry P. William McQudd. John D. William F. National H. Brett, A.

Curtis, and R. Komata Reefs Gold-mining Co. Woodstock Gold-mining Co. Komata Reefs Gold-mining Oo. Rising Sun Gold-mining Oo. New Alpha Gold-mining Co. Talisman Consolidated. Maratoto Gold-mining Co. Ohinemuri Aroha Ohinemuri Alpha Extended.. Komata Extended. Woodstook United Burbank Karangahake Maratoto Karangahake Waitekauri.. Karangahake Waitekauri.. Crown Extended.. Waitekauri Stanley.. Junction Adeline Reefs Jubilee.. Laira m Waitekauri Gold-mining Oo. Waitekauri Gold-mining Co.

Aroha Ohinemuri Matthew Lusoombe. New Zealand Crown Mines. John McLennan. New Zealand Jubilee G. Charles John Stone. Brown, H. Gordon, and W. Crown Mines Co. Maratoto Karangahake Waitekauri.. Karangahake VI. Warrior Victoria Comstook United.. Frederick Mercer Brown. George Carrick. Edwin Walter Bonwiok. Young New Zealand G. Aroha Ohinemuri Aroha Adeline Reefs Ext. Ravenswood Ext. Eclipse Saxon No. Gordon Te-Ao-Marama.. Waitekauri Ext. Simmons Talisman Consolidated.

Dawson and J. William Henry Judd. Maratoto Waitekauri.. Maratoto Ohinemuri Komata Maratoto X. Komata Bonanza G. Hikutaia Gold Syndicate. George Waters.

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For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Mulholland Drive 1. Overview Updates 1 Reviews 79 History Discussion.

Ask a question Reviews 79 History. Donate Buy me a coffee via Paypal Please support this modder with a small donation. This is Mulholland Drive, an 11 mile Driving enthusiasts should not confuse this with Mulholland "Highway" however, which is further to the west near Malibu although I DO have plans to create some of that road as well.

This is the stretch between the and freeways, a two-lane road traversing a mix of both residential areas with narrow curbed streets and twisty scenic sections with dirt shoulders. A lack of guardrails in many places will leave you in constant danger of going over the edge if not careful, and the varying shoulder conditions will require some exploration to discover which corners can be cut and which curbs should be avoided!

Like my prior track release, Topanga Canyon, this too has been a bit of a back-burner project over the past 2 years just waiting for it's time to see the light of day. I've finally sat down and made a big push to get it buttoned up and released, as I have more projects more canyon roads in the works that I'm eager to focus my attention on.

Those who enjoy my Topanga Canyon track will hopefully find this one fun as well, and even better in many ways. It will have a familiar feel in terms of how it's constructed, but there is a lot more variation in the shoulder and curb types which I find to be important for a road to feel realistic. I've done without most of the hill climb event stuff on this one, stripping it back to really just a paddock at both ends and some road closure barriers along the route.

There are some caution signs and corner markers throughout though, so if you see one of those you should probably take care! Reactions: wjuniogp , Yamsuc , Rowhde and others. Read more…. Latest reviews jakeletourmy11 5. Upvote 0 Downvote. If there was puddles with Rain FX I would give this a 6 stars. Well done mate, thank you! Upvote 1 Downvote. Maravillosa como siempre, muchas gracias por una de las mejores rutas de Assetto.

Aside from AC's jank that's inherent with the game which means cars handle bumps and curbs like a rubber band.. Absolutely recommended. Upvote 2 Downvote. Toonces 5. I gave it a 5x5 for v1. A further Five Gold Stars for 1. You go, amigo!

Awesome feel to the road real nice on DD , doesn't feel flat like most other stuff. I love this road so much it's the only mod I can recreate that feeling I get driving on tight winding forest roads IRL, and I've driven many maps. I lived in this neighborhood for 20 yrs. This is a very realistic driving experience. I used to do a timed run between Laurel Cyn. Thank You. Please add the dog park below and between the two streets mentioned above.

Upvote 3 Downvote. LB 5. Ion88 5. Johnathan73 5. Links Torrent. Shared 0 Facebook Twitter. Video trailer. David Lynch. Naomi Watts. Laura Harring. Ann Miller. Dan Hedaya. Justin Theroux. Brent Briscoe. Robert Forster. Katharine Towne. Scott Coffey. Synopsis After a car wreck on the winding Mulholland Drive renders a woman amnesic, she and a perky Hollywood-hopeful search for clues and answers across Los Angeles in a twisting venture beyond dreams and reality.

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