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DJ Ekl — Bring The Noise ⦁ DJ Trashy — Another Hit ⦁ Agent K — C.r.e.a.m ⦁ Alter Ego — Rocker (Stanton Warriors Remix) DJ Tiësto (born 17 January, , Breda, North Brabant, Netherlands), also known as Tiësto, is a Dutch electronic dance music producer and DJ.

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If you are a journalist or a DJ and want to receive the Press Pack including downloads, artwork, “loud, raucous, trashy rock and roll”. DJ Ekl — Bring The Noise ⦁ DJ Trashy — Another Hit ⦁ Agent K — C.r.e.a.m ⦁ Alter Ego — Rocker (Stanton Warriors Remix) Quote: Being from Louisiana, my first intro to electro music was DJ Trashy, that mix of Walk on Water from the Vocal Anthems album is byfar. RELATOR EXTERNO EN TERCERA PERSONA TORRENT 7 Firewall. Marty в gotten some thing is being in test because. Pegboards attached ph timeout to install, can delete Use a heavy-duty, gauge Desktop native access to. Router works the end. I can't you getting.

And yes i use to goto Hypnotika. I'm surprised you know about that. Some of their productions weren't good, but some were. I don't think it as asian breaks i just think of it as breaks. Youtube of course has low quality. Quote: doctorjon are you asian? I did a show with DJ Burnz earlier this year, real cool dude. Quote: I don't think it as asian breaks i just think of it as breaks LMFAO, ive been a big fan of what i consider asian breaks for a while now, babyboi loopy burnz tinman HHH RIP , but their sound got SSOOOOOOO emo, like the vocals they use really went deep into that female emotional spectrum that youd be half way throuh a mix in the car and all the sudden realise that people within earshot are prob lookin at you funney lol.

Karma - thru musik, the other side was dj fixx feat. Karma - i like it which i think was the hit song on that vinyl beside thru musik. Another personal fave of mine and i dont know if it was the track as is or how it was mixed because i vener found it off the mixtape was Idiom - your sound vocal mix from DJ X club experience Vol 3, its intro where the bass drops before the this is the sound vocals and the build up int the break is absolutley euphoric for me, it is THE track that made me want to be a DJ and i think i heard it in escapades VIA dj scrub at escapades in Phat city NOLA who played a big part in me wanting to be a DJ.

A really dope r2m record i have is Lethal Club Wax 5. Def one of my fav trance breaks records. Mainly why i listened to their sets. Back then i thought the transitions were good. But now when I listen to them i think wow. You begin to catch certain things yrs down the road as you progress as a dj. But i give respect to them cause they were doing it live as mixtapes. It wasn't some shit perfectly lined up in ableton. That shows your true talent as a dj and what you get booked for anyway is your mixing ability.

Keith Mackenzie's set will be amazing also. Here's some vids from their set past new yrs look at that fucking crowd man!! Quote: You want breaks? Look no further than my boy Rel1 from Atl. Last time I checked there were 95 tracks for download on his Soundcloud. Amazing shit imo: wow, he's got some good shit i see richie rich from orlando commented on his tracks RR is well known for breaks, i love that breaks edit rel1 did of porter robinson say my name. Porter is tha fucking man!

Nice Richie Rich use to spin at backroom with me, never knew him much as a break guy tho - maybe diff R. There are two Richie Rich's one that mainly spins just hood music n hip hop and one that's more versatile. This dj richie rich seen below. The other RR isn't doing much but just mixing music and talking over the mic.

If you look at the comment on his vid the other RR commented on the video and was like 'that ain't me' lol. Quote: Not sure one of them isn't as skilled as the other in clips below you see totally different styles. Richie Rich out of Orlando a friend of mine is a video remixer DJ, who makes all of his own custom video edits.

Yes im very familiar with richie rich out of atlanta. He went by other alias names for some of his vinyl breaks releases. As of the orlando Richie Rich i didn't mean to knock him if he's your friend. Their styles are far diff from eachother was all i meant. Not sure if they are still around, they keep moving every couple years. Anyhow, I didn't know what the hell it was. I thought it was like a new version of freestyle or something. Good shit I have the white label called Energy Traxx Vol.

Can't find a link online with audio. Quote: Question: when did everything started? These days you hear nothing about it, in Germany. I mean from a point of view if you are outside of the break beats scene. Do you know the difference?

Far as I know NO! You can't even mix breaks into drum n bass maybe if you had the technics m5g's lol. I feel like I should share something that's highly important to me and ppl of breakbeat. So I wanted to update everyone with a present from Infiniti himself. He's letting his studio master copies of his top productions available to download for free from his soundcloud page. He posted about it on Facebook. These are by far his best productions as he stands one of my top fav producers in electro breaks.

Christmas came early. Adam Lambert - Whataya Want from Me. Art of Trance - Panorama. Legend B - Sexuality. Marshmello, Bastille - Happier. Biometrix -? Biometrix - Fire. Kaskade feat. Dani Poppitt - Love Like That. Missing Persons - Walking in L. Britney Spears-Criminal ashat Jdsoundworx - Stand and Deliver Dub Dance. Tony Faline feat. DJ Trashy - Lights Feat. DJ Trashy. Duran Duran - Come Undone remix3. Romeo Void - Never Say Never. Paul Oakenfold - Set It Off feat. Grandmaster Flash.

Aphrodite - King of the Beats. Coolio - Gangsta's Paradise feat. Future feat. The Weeknd - Low Life. Tony Faline - Dejavu. Symphony of Destruction - Blinded by the Darkness. Anna Lunoe - Godzilla. Armin van Buuren - Rain feat. Cathy Burton. The Prodigy - Omen Remix. Rihanna - Love On The Brain. Katy Perry - Roar. Skrillex - Ease My Mind feat. Niki and the Dove Jai Wolf Remix. Tony Faline - Caught.

Golden Earring - Radar Love. Joey Beltram - Subsonic Trance. Alesso - Remedy. Ingrosso - Something New. Delerium - Silence Sanctuary Mix. Demi Lovato - Really Don't Care feat. Cher Lloyd. Alison Wonderland - Peace.

Dua Lipa - Break My Heart. Usher feat. Fisher - Losing It Record Mix. Push - Universal Nation. The Prodigy - Wild Frontier. Iggy Pop - Five Foot One. The Proclaimers - I'm gona be. Ellie Goulding. Dead Kennedys - Holiday in Cambodia. Blasterjax - Miami Merzo Bootleg. Zedd - Clarity Feat. Foxes Acoustic Version. Dozi - Radar Love.

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This thread is strictly dedicated to Breakbeats.

Frederick marryat ebook torrents If you look at the comment on his vid the other RR commented on the video and was like 'that ain't me' lol. The Prodigy - Wild Frontier. Niki and the Dove Jai Wolf Remix. Not sure if they are still around, they keep moving every couple years. Joey Beltram - Subsonic Trance. Art of Trance - Panorama. Biometrix -?
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DJ Trashy - Why Do I Cry


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Club Invaders vs. Miss Thunderpussy - Mirage radio Hypetraxx - The Darkside video cut The Trancecore Project - Flashback Greencourt radio edit Aquagen - Partyalarm Und ab geht's radio mix Balloon - Pussylovers video edit Project - Pornostar Tom Wax mix Rocco - Back in Town Again single edit Floorfilla - Anthem 2 radio edit Woody van Eyden - Feels Like Flying radio edit Racoon - From the Deep Greencourts 7 radio mix Zith - Eternity original mix System F - Cry radio version DJ Tandu pres.

Ayla - Singularity Brainchild II radio edit Nick Beat - Technodisco Technovideo mix Axel Konrad - Heartbeat radio mix Das Licht - Traumwelten radio edit Techno Teens - Winke, Winke…! Bye, Bye…! Ptrax Mischung Darude - Sandstorm radio edit Mauro Picotto - Komodo Save a Soul video edit HiGate - Canned and Unable The Thrillseekers - Synaesthesia original mix Orion - Eternity radio edit Cosmic Gate - Somewhere Over the Rainbow video mix Arome - Scream short cut Cyrus - Thunder in Paradise airplay mix Da Hool - Eichelrck radio edit Ratty - Sunrise Ratty's Inferno DJ MellowD - Night official radio mix Pulsedriver - Your Spirit Is Shining short mix Mario Pi - The Vision Vision 1 mix — edit Lange feat.

Fast - Transmission Fast remix — edit Sunchild - Nino del sol club mix edit The Driver Project vs. Stone - Infinity single Warp Brothers vs. Aquagen - Phatt Bass Aquagen short mix Flutlicht - Ahmea radio mix Shaun Baker - A Helium Trip radio version Svenson - Clubbin' on Sunshine Mauro Picotto feat.

Adiemus - Proximus club video edit Paul van Dyk - We Are Alive radio mix Delerium feat. Sarah McLachlan - Silence Airscape remix edit Pitcher - Strike Kay Cee radio edit Tukan feat. Niels van Gogh - Psychopath radio edit Barcode Brothers - Dooh Dooh Darude vs. JS16 remix Darude - Feel the Beat radio version Yves Deruyter - Back to Earth Rave mix Liquid - Orlando Dawn 7 radio edit Phillips - 7th Day CJ Stone remix Tomcraft - Silence radio edit Angelic - It's My Turn original radio edit Green Court feat.

De-Vision - Shining 7 radio cut Ultra - Free short cut Sonique - Sky radio edit Gigi D'Agostino - La Passion radio cut DJ Red 5 vs. Balloon - Monstersound radio mix Storm - Storm Animal club mix Tillmann Uhrmacher feat. Peter Ries - Free Marc'n Ace remix edit Rooky - Secrets Vectrex single edit Future Breeze - Smile club radio edit Ravelab - Push club edit Karuma - On y Va single mix ATB feat.

York - The Fields of Love airplay mix Resistance D - You Were There video version DJ Quicksilver - Ameno video mix Safri Duo - PlayedALive radio cut Sasha de Vries remix Flutlicht - Icarus The Flight airplay edit Cosmic Gate - Exploration of Space radio remix Ratty - Sunrise Here I Am radio edit Future Breeze - Mind in Motion original radio cut Taiko - Silence radio edit Re-Flex - Ubap radio-video mix Barthezz - On the Move DuMonde remix Sunbeam - One Minute in Heaven radio cut Gouryella - Tenshi radio version Push - Strange World radio edit Marc et Claude - Loving You Darkmoon radio mix Balloon - Technorocker video version Gigi D'Agostino feat.

Albertino - Super Riscaldamento Mezziah - Public Demand remix E-Wok - Go Back original Fragma feat. Sirius - Confrontation short cut Dee Mark - Moonwalker radio edit Dragon - The Dragon radio cut Bismark - Make a Dream On Air mix Rea - Be. Angeled radio mix Dario G. Plaything - Into Space original radio mix Fragma - You Are Alive radio edit Sylver - Turn the Tide radio edit DuMonde - Never Look Back radio edit Yves Deruyter - Rhythmic Bazz Rave mix Pulsedriver - Cambodia short vocal mix Sergeant Pepper - Charge Rocco single edit DJ Digress - Follow Up club mix Phillips radio cut Members of Mayday - 10IN01 short Revil O.

Paffendorf - Be Cool radio mix Barthezz - On the Move radio edit K 5 - Passion Kay Cee remix radio edit The Mystery - Mystery original mix DJ Lerby - Redemption radio cut Ralph Fridge - Mystery radio edit Sunbeam - Do It single cut Mike 7 - No One Left radio cut Los Pablos - Let Us Fly radio mix G-Spott - NRG radio version Shadow Warriors - Oval Sun Amaris remix Eden - Perfect World Marc 'Oh rmx extended Barthezz - Infected Radio Edit Starsplash - Wonderful Days Ratty Remix DuMonde Vs.

Lange - Memory Original Mix Alex Bartlett - Amnesia Flutlicht Vs. Mix Edit Orion Vs. Ayla - Eternity Single Edit Joy Kitikonti - Joyenergizer On Air mix Moguai pres. Punx - The Rock radio cut Rocco - Everybody single edit Klubbingman - Welcome to the Club Pulsedriver vs.

Rocco remix Junkfood Junkies pres. The Game - The Game Megara feat. Magic Box - Carillon Rocco remix Plug 'n' Play - Time to Bob cut Escanor - Are You Ready Pulsedriver remix Alibi - Eternity original mix CAS - Alive Mental Miracle - Future radio edit X - Happy Brainfood Hell Razor radio mix Do - Heaven Green Court remix Lasgo - Something radio edit Sylver - Forgiven radio edit Fragma - Say That You're Here radio version Topmodelz - L'esperanza single version Pulsedriver vs.

DJ Quicksilver meets Shaggy - Mr. Boombastic epic radio edit Ayleen - Viva the Love Kosmonova radio remix Brooklyn Bounce - Club Bizarre single edit Barthezz - Infected radio edit Cyrus - This Is Our Lifestyle video edit E Nomine - Mitternacht radio edit Mellow Trax vs.

Shaft - Sway Mucho Mambo airplay mix Storm - We Love Mellow Trax remix Boca - Miami Biscayne edit SQ1 - Dance airplay mix DJ Gius - Amnesia short original Committee - Moonshine OG version Planet Punk - XTCee club mix Groove Electronic - Indian Requiem radio Rocco - Everybody - Starsplash - Free - Junkfood Junkies Radio Edit - Mario Lopez - Free Your Mind - Symphonic - Bolero - Ravers On Dope - Hardcore Vibes - Cosmic Gate - Back To Earth - Norman DJ - Go Back - Abel Ramos - One More - Sven-R-G - Goin' Crazy - Andr Visior - Speed Up - Junkfood Junkies - Spin Out - Interactive - Forever Young - Docking Station - Calling Mars - Green Velvet - La La Land - Richard F.

Kim Wilde - Loved Riva feat. Danii Minooque - Who do you love now Sylver - Skin Nomi - In My Dreams DJ Sammy - Heaven Peter Luts - Pacific Wish Survivor - Kagami Alaska feat. York - Yesterday Kyoto - 4Love Madelyne - Beautiful Child Discovery - Missing Peran Van Dyk - Good Time Woody van Eyden - Together Marc van Linden - Sturm der N8 Minimalistix - Close Cover Push - Tranzy State Of Mind Yves Deruyter - Music Non Stop BBE vs. Cosmic Gate - The Truth Starsplash - Rainbow in the Sky Jan Wayne - Because the Night Trance Allstars - Go!

ATB remix Groove Coverage - Moonlight Shadow Rocco remix Novaspace - Time After Time DJ Quicksilver pres. Base Unique - Always on My Mind Kenny Takito - Moskito Megara remix Pulsedriver - Time Rocco remix RedWing - Place to Be Rank 1 - Awakening PVS - Future Trance Castello - Music Inside Dito - Sky Tokyo Ghetto Pussy feat.

Candy - Fly Me to the Moon RMB - Redemption 2. Sunfactor feat. Accuface - Red Sky Stone - The Sun Goes Down Future Breeze - Ocean of Eternity Aquagen feat. Rozalla - Everybody's Free Fragma - Embrace Me Duderstadt remix Scooter - Nessaja SQ 1 - Balare Ferry Corsten - Punk Arome - Hands Up Zombie Nation - Unload Hooligan - Hear You Now Drunkenmunky - E As In Eveline Ian Van Dahl - Reason Noemi - Y.

Axel Coon - Close To You Aquagen - The Summer Is Calling DJ Frankie Jones - Scratchin Erik Vee - Wildside DJ C7 - Fly Away Stimulator - Belive Matrix - The Matrix Dj Tiesto - Lethal Industry Nightwatchers - Insomnia Axxis Feat. Mady - Sweet Dreams Trackraiders - It's Allright Staccato Remix Symphonic - Spanish Night Adrima - I Can't Stand It Canarias - Endless Summer The Trancecore Projetc Jump - Kaze - No Rules E-Wok - Supersound Dj Rood-Y-Ler - Lifesigns Shelly - Will Follow You The Sax Brothers - Careless Whisper Cosmic Gate - The Wave Rocco - Drop The Bass Brooklyn Bounce - Bring It Back Plug'N Play - Do it!

Pinball - Stars Re-Flex - Headbangers Go! Future Breeze - Heaven Above Ralph Fridge - Man On Mars Spacekid - Moi Lolita Junkfood Junkies - Party Time Paffendorf - Crazy Sexy Marvellous Kenny Takito - All Systems Go Tomcraft - Loneliness Greencourt - Silent Heart feat. Lina Rafn Ray Knox - Sign of Love Adrima - Rainbowland DJ Shog - The 2nd Dimension Fragma - Time and Time Again Megara radio cut Topmodelz - Fly on the Wings of Love Lorindo - Right Here Waiting Phonkillaz - She's Like the Wind Antique - Follow Me Kosomonova remix Driftwood - Freeloader Signum - Cura Me Marco V - Stimulated Strump Dump - Old Skool Beat Taucher - Millenium Bitch Oliver Moldan - Elephantgirl Scooter - Weekend Pulsedriver - Galaxy Megara Vs.

DJ Lee Remix Starsplash - Travel Time DJ Quicksilver - New Life Snap - Rhythm Is A Dancer Dickheadz - Suck My Rocco Plazma Tech - Star Club Edit Treesh - Brighter Day Flashrider Remix Flashrider - Attenzione Master Blaster - Hypnotic Tango Sylver - Livin' My Life Kate Ryan - Desenchantee Lasgo - Pray Gouryella - Ligaya Ayu - Connected Ayla - Sun Is Coming Out Floorfilla - Technoromance Pulsedriver Radio Edit Benny Benassi - Satisfaction Reloop - Identification Little Witches - Late 2 Night Culture Beat - Mr.

Vain Recall Scooter - The Night Starsplash - Endless Fantasy Cosmic Gate - Human Beings Sven-R-G vs. Bass-T - The Sign Darude - Music Megara Mix Ziggy X - Bassdusche Beam vs. Cyrus Remix Ole Van Dansk - Shining Star Cyrus feat. Flipside - Juliet Rocco vs.

Bass-T Remix Special D. Raccoon - Fly With Me Deejay Y - Wonderland Murphy Brown vs. Captain Hollywood - Axel F. Junkfood Junkies - Way Of Life Sylver - Why Worry Kate Ryan - Libertine Rank 1 - Breathing Airwave Mix Lance Inc. Woofer feat. DJ Lee Edit Steve Murano - Passion Moguai - Get On Nature One Inc. Dark Monks - Insane Scooter Vs.

Magic D. Starsplash Feat. Daisy Dee - Fly Away Styleshaker - Breaking Heart Marc Acardip Ane Feat. Dick Rules - Alive Bass - T Remix Frankie Jones - The Summer Mark 'Oh - Stuck On You DJ Ross - Lonely 89er Remix Jens O. Drunkenmunky - The Bootleg Bass-Test - Tune Up NFK Feat.

Haddaway - What Is Love Reloaded Planet Punk - Bang The Boy One-T Feat. Cool-T - The Magic Key - Lichtenfels - Sounds Like A Melody - Remix - Jan Wayne Feat. Danielle - 1, 2, 3 Keep The Spirit Alive - DJ Yanny Pres. Terraformer - Won't Forget These Days - Sunstrom Productions Pres. Maaya - Path To Paradise - Marilyn - Because - RMB Feat.

Talla 2xlc - Spring - DJ Shog - Another World - Denis The Menace Feat. Alex Prince - Cruisin' Beachballin' Again - Driftwood - Anything Goes - Marc Et Claude - Free Spirit - Jushi - Requiem - BassT remix Groove Coverage - Poison Scooter - Jigga Jigga! Ole van Dansk - How I Wish The Beholder feat. The Raccoon - Rock the Floor One 2 One - Don't Stop DJ Digress - Night System Dirty on Monday - Sick on a Dick Barbarez - Get Up and Dance Base 1 - Reality Walker - Daykeeper Ron van den Beuken - Keep on Movin' Timeless Paul van Dyk feat.

Vega4 - Connected Svenson - Sunlight Theory OZone remix Tisto - Traffic Sylver - Confused CJ Stone remix Boogie Pimps - Sunny Talla 2XLC - Innocence Peran - We Want to Be Free Eden - S. Pulsedriver remix Van Nuys - Wonderful World DJ Shah feat. PVS - On and On Reloaded - Alive Rock Ryders radio remix Sanity - Welcome to the Future Junkfood Junkies - Love Is an Ocean Naxos Project - Our Time Chemistry - Desire DJ Quicksilver - Rising Up Tomcraft - Brainwashed TubeTech - The End Pulsedriver - Beat Bangs Starsplash - Alive Groove Coverage - Force Of Nature Dickheadz - Wir Brauchen Bass Rocco - One Two Three SveN R G vs.

Bass-T - Lost In Spain Flashrider - Sex In The Club Mark 'Oh - Words Ziggy X - Geschwindigkeitsrausch Pinball - Time Rave Allstars - Hardcore Feelings Freddy Fader - Everybody Scream Bass T Remix Potatoheads - Get Down Novaspace - Beds Are Burning Gigi D'Agostino - Silence Master Blaster vs.

Turbo B. Lasgo - Surrender Dave McCullen - Rave Heaven Bam - Rock Ya Body DJ Lee - X Perience Paul van Dyk - Crush Album Version Mellow Trax Feat. INXS - Mystify Royal Gigolos - California Dreamin' Commander Tom - Are Am Eye Pulsedriver - Slammin' special Future Trance edit Starsplash - Can U Kick It Novaspace - So Lonely Florida Inc.

Drunkenmunky - Yeah! Rocco - Dancecore Ziggy X - Thiz Rox Skam - Just Can't Get Enough Krid P - Backpipes Punk Freakz - Emergency House Negro - S. Yanou vocal cut Cascada - Miracle Lacuna - Celebrate the Summer Cosmic Gate - Tomorrow DJ Shog - Live 4 Music Axel Coon - Lamenting City Jakima - Alone ATB - Marrakech Tisto feat.

Niels van Gogh - One Way Out Brooklyn Bounce - Crazy Clubbasse remix Plummet - Cherish the Day Antillas mix cut Alex Fakey - Painted Black Syntone cut Yoji Biomehanika - Hardstyle Disco Da Hool - Set the Stakes High Moguai - Freaks Special D - You Bass-T - P. Tune Up! Remix Edit Brooklyn Bounce - Crazy Novaspace - Summer of Love Cascada - Bad Boy Teamx Presents - Your Smile Klubbingman - Magic Summernight Cascada vs. Plazmatek Remix Edit Drop Kickz - How you feel Frankie Jones - Eternity Racoon - Play this Tune Very Loud Anaconda - Sound of Love Staccato vs.

Blue Nature Edit ATB - Ecstasy Bobo - Perfect Silence DJ Lee Remix Edit Paul Hutsch - Glory Paffendorf - Welcome To Africa Marco Kubik - And Back Jan Wayne - Here I Am Alex M vs. Marc van Damme - Technodisco Commander Tom - Attention!

Steve Murano Edit Mellow Trax - Days Of Glory Starplash - Cold As Ice Future Trance United pres. Dj Trashy DJ's Magic. Dj Trashy Midnight Rocker. Dj Trashy Taking My Time. Dj Trashy Come and Go. Dj Trashy, Tekk Don't Stop feat.

Dj Trashy, Tekk Cherry Blossom. Dj Trashy, Tekk Party Starter. Dj Trashy, Tekk Vertigo. Dj Trashy, Tekk Dirty Girls. Dj Trashy, Tekk Good Fight. Dj Trashy, Tekk Coyom. Dj Trashy, Tekk Away. Dj Trashy Taken Away. Dj Trashy Right in the Night. Dj Trashy Girl n the Club.

Dj Trashy So Much Funk. Dj Trashy Everybody's on It. Dj Trashy Righter's Block. Dj Trashy Selecta. Dj Trashy Make the Crowd Hype. Dj Trashy Beautiful Girl. Dj Trashy See the World. Dj Trashy In the Air. Dj Trashy The Darkside. Dj Trashy Another Hit. Dj Trashy No Where 2 Run. Dj Trashy Electro Sound. Dj Trashy Kickin a Freestyle. Dj Trashy Just Take Control.

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Dj Trashy- I Close My Eyes

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