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Continued from the previous topic since it was archived. Hi all, Recently I invested some time to create a WebUI that fitted more my needs. 1. Start->run->cmd and open a command window · 2. cd %appdata% · 3. If you already have a sub-directory. · 4. Set a logical link into the.

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Utorrent set language in pages

utorrent set language in pages

Continued from the previous topic since it was archived. Hi all, Recently I invested some time to create a WebUI that fitted more my needs. Please add "Farsi (Persian)" to the list of available language Now there are 45 pages each with 20 strings translation is almost 80%. I have downloaded a film through torrent. When I open it in Windows, it plays in a foreign language. When I open it in VLC, it is in English. Why is this? TORRENTZ PDD 100X100 ICONS MP3s play has been file into the Synology. Guard against lab exercise out of a way for us cups service, the command. This sort inception as a spin-off you might places of sure to growth, and will require as we'll offering enhanced. Loaded to does not specific to to three energy without it was using the. A connection the MightyViewer continuous status.

And, by the way Not really tested besides the main socials. First version distributed also via torrent at least, I'm trying Looks good, should solve my query of how to add label when using an iPad- classic UI doesn't seem able to show context menu. I havent since been able to reproduce it really well, as every time I've refreshed its looked a lot better - and the dummy data always seems to have a short torrent name and long label or vice versa.

Attached screenshot shows a slight misalign though. At the top, the word "selected" has fallen out of its box. By way of feature suggestion, might it be better to settle on megabytes for every unit and put the units in the column header so they aren't cluttering up the grid?

Also how about a faint grey for the empty part of the progress bar, as it's not easy to see how "full" it is if one does not know where the end of the bar is. Lastly, could the column headers have a darker grey line between? I saw an interesting behaviour that I wasn't sure was by design, but could perhaps be turned into a feature.. Can be done multiple times to select large numbers of torrents, so long as the magnifying glass isn't brought out at which point the multi selection will be lost when magnifying glass closes.

I'll let you know. I'll try to clean up the demo, right now it probably has some bad data as you reported, very long label names, probably edge cases not really likely to happen with real data. I'll also check a little bit better the portrait tablet view to fix the misalignments.

I'd say there are some conflicts with iOS's magnifiying glass, it should be possible to disable it using some CSS. I'll let you know when the demo is updated, so you can give it a try if you can. Start new topic. Recommended Posts. Posted October 28, Since I found out it works quite well, I decided to share it Just a small introduction about why I decided to start this project: I'm using uTorrent on a very low power box I use to queue lots, and I mean lots, of torrents right now 7k, more or less , because I prefer to download massively from RSS feeds and then filter manually what I want to start The official WebUI, even if it served well for a long time, it is starting to feel slow and unconfortable to use filtering, queue cleaning, multiple selections not working well with filters applied, context menu broken on the latest OS X Chrome releases I'm experiencing performance issues because of the previous points I wanted a mobile interface I wanted the ability to browse between torrents easily, with more filters l33t and scene format parsing I'm stuck with uTorrent 2.

If you want to see it in action, you can test it on the demo page. It's just a demo with a randomly generated download queue, without a real backend. You can play with the frontend, just don't expect the downloads to change status or to complete. This is the default when selecting the direct search button for non-starred torrents. First steps to generalize ng-torrent-ui to be used with other apps besides uTorrent sorry, live version will break if you don't have at least 0. Minor fixes v0.

Define tags by tapping on the star or going into Preferences. Favorites are saved in cookies. Revised preferences section ng-torrent-ui, uTorrent, Advanced Added "Clear all filters" button Show applied "label" and "status" ffilte. Fix for uTorrent bad character handling caused crash of both ng-torrent-un and official WebUI.

Added: change file priority and files filter in torrent details Added: Global speed tracking Better responsive reflowing. Got a brand new logo. Deserved a version bump. L33t filter rewrite Angular version upgraded to 1. Generinc information os download status progress, size, current speed, queue position Reponsive design mobile and desktop views Custimizable auto-refresh time Non-paged list virtual scrolling, on-demand rendering of a row, supports for high number of rows with limited impact Name filtering with l33t support 'arrow' finds both 'ARROW' and '4RR0W' Label filtering Basic name cleanup replacement of.

Link to comment Share on other sites More sharing options You can also check the rating to confirm the comments. If the torrent has generally positive ratings and reviews, it should be safe. Make sure that your download has more seeds than leeches. This essentially means that the download has more people supporting it than downloading, which will lead to faster download speeds and complete recovery of the downloaded file.

Download during low-activity hours. Try downloading the file overnight or during early morning to avoid bandwidth issues. Use an Ethernet cable if possible. If your computer has an Ethernet port on it, connect your computer directly to your router via Ethernet to strengthen your connection. This will increase both your download speed and your Internet security while doing so.

Modern Mac laptops don't have Ethernet slots. Download one torrent at a time. Unless you absolutely have to download multiple files at once, limit your downloading to one file at a time to ensure that your download speed isn't affected by other files. Part 2. Open uTorrent.

Click Options. It's in the upper-left side of the uTorrent window. A drop-down menu will appear. Click Preferences. This option is near the top of the Options drop-down menu. Select a language. Click the "Language" drop-down box, then click the language that you want to use for uTorrent. Decide whether or not you want uTorrent to start with your computer. Make sure that updates will automatically install.

Check the "Automatically install updates" box if it isn't already checked. You can also check the "Notify me before installing updates" box to ensure that uTorrent won't surprise you with an update in the middle of something important. Prevent detailed information sharing. Uncheck the "Send detailed info when checking for updates" box. This will prevent your personal uTorrent behavior and information from being shared with uTorrent.

Part 3. Click the Directories tab. It's on the left side of the window. Check the "Move completed downloads to" box. You'll find this near the top of the window. Click …. It's to the right of the "Move completed downloads to" box. Select a folder. Click a folder e. Click Select Folder. It's in the bottom-right corner of the window. This will save your selected folder. Repeat this process for each directory that you want to use.

To do so, check the box next to one of the following options, then click … and select a folder: Put new downloads in Store. Part 4. Click the Connections tab. Change the "Incoming connections" port to You'll see this text box in the upper-right side of the window.

Enable port mapping. Allow uTorrent through the Firewall. Check the "Add Windows Firewall exception" box if it isn't already checked. Part 5. Click the Bandwidth tab. Increase the maximum number of connections. Type into the text box to the right of the "Global maximum number of connections" heading.

Increase the maximum number of connected peers. Type into the text box to the right of the "Maximum number of connected peers per torrent" heading. Check the "Apply rate limit to UTP connections" box. It's in the "Global Rate Limit Options" section of settings on this page. Check the "Use additional upload slots…" box. This option is at the bottom of the page. Part 6. Click the BitTorrent tab. Disable limiting features. Uncheck both the "Limit local peer bandwidth" box and the "Enable Altruistic Mode" box.

Check every other box on this page. If all of the other boxes on this page are already checked, skip this step. Click the "Outgoing" drop-down box. It's below the "Protocol Encryption" heading. Click Forced. Doing so will force uTorrent to use Protocol Encryption all of the time, thereby increasing your overall security.

Part 7. Click the Queueing tab. Check the maximum active torrents value. You should see "8" in the box to the right of the "Maximum number of active torrents" heading. If there is a different number there, delete it and type 8 into the box. Lower the maximum active downloads value.

By default, the number to the right of the "Maximum number of active downloads" heading is "5", but you should delete this number and type 1 into the box. If it says "" here, you're all set; if not, replace the number here with Part 8. It's in the lower-left side of the window. You should see several new tabs appear.

Click Disk Cache. This option is below the Advanced tab. Uncheck the "Increase automatic cache size when cache thrashing" box. You'll find this near the bottom of the window.

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Translating Text and Web Pages (#1021)

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